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July 11 game chat

Sorry I couldn’t deliver a post worthy of Wednesday’s fairly epic Dodger victory. But here is a tidbit.

Following his pinch-walk, Zack Greinke currently has the sixth-highest on-base percentage (minimum 30 plate appearances) of any pitcher in major-league history.

Rk Player OBP PA Year Age Tm Lg
1 Jim Tobin .500 38 1937 24 PIT NL
2 Hal McKain .486 37 1930 23 CHW AL
3 Dan Schatzeder .484 31 1986 31 TOT NL
4 Jake Thielman .483 32 1908 29 TOT AL
5 Mickey McDermott .472 53 1950 21 BOS AL
6 Zack Greinke .469 34 2013 29 LAD NL
7 Dick Hall .464 30 1963 32 BAL AL
8 Earl Yingling .464 71 1913 24 BRO NL
9 Red Faber .462 30 1932 43 CHW AL
10 Ray Collins .459 38 1915 28 BOS AL
11 Walter Johnson .455 107 1925 37 WSH AL

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.


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  1. Red Faber went 4 for 53 at age 42. The next year, he went 4 for 18 with eight walks. His OBP was .500 until his final game of the season.

    • He was 2-11 with a 3.74 ERA that year.

      • Anonymous

        Imagine what he could’ve done had he hit against himself!

        • Anonymous

          In 1922, he pitched 352 innings. And won 21 games!

          • Anonymous

            The 1932 White Sox went 49-102. And they did not finish in last place. The Red Sox were 43-111.

  2. Anonymous

    This is much better than the history the Dodgers made in the first two months . . . a history of futility..

  3. Anonymous

    That WalterJohnson fellow was a pretty good pitcher, as I recall. Faber too. The other guys make Micah Owings look like a star.

  4. KT

    J.P. Hoornstra ‏@jphoornstra 30m

    Matt Kemp has been told not to swing a bat for 5-7 days. #Dodgers

  5. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Ellis 2B
    Puig CF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ramirez SS
    Van Slyke RF
    Uribe 3B
    Hairston LF
    Federowicz C
    Capuano P

    • Anonymous

      Ethier and Crawford both riding the pine… with Kemp out, the lineup really doesn’t look very good against left handers.

      • foul tip

        Right-handers Y. Puig and H. Ramirez wish to differ! ;-])

  6. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 1m

    Who is signing for who? @kaj33 and @TheRealMattKemp:

  7. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 14s

    It’s @AdrianTitan23 Bobblehead Night presented by State Farm:

  8. Well Puig in center field should be exciting, especially with Capuano pitching!

    • KT

      I remember watching during ST and cringed on almost ever route

  9. KT

    Nice Cappy

  10. KT

    Nice inning Cappy…Now let’s scratch boys

  11. KT


  12. KT

    Let’s raise that avg Yasiel

  13. KT


  14. Anonymous

    Has Federowicz caught Capuano before? Or is this the first ever Duke-UNC battery?

  15. Shoot, thought that had a chance!

  16. KT

    My friend from Colorado Springs is giving me shit about Puig’s GIDP and Hanley’s fly out…My reply:

    “Do you really want to do this…especially the way we’ve been playing since Yasiel Puig signed my authentic copy of his jersey…they are 15-3 since that game but this would be your game though since the next 3 pitchers are Kershaw, Grienke and Nolasco”

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Friend sounds desperate.

      • KT

        No he’s a little older and just want to interact…I interact with his wife who is my age more because he’s a busy guy

        • Anonymous

          I mean desperate to find something wrong with your 15-3 Dodgers.

          • KT

            His reply ” Not optimistic at all…despite facing the bottom of your (pitching) rotation. Just happy for an excuse to trade some barbs with an old friend….”

  17. KT


  18. Anonymous

    Uribe’s no good against lefties……

    • Anonymous

      Uribe raised his BA against lefties to 239 with that single so you are correct he is no good in that split.
      Hairston raised his to 255

  19. KT

    JH Jr!!

  20. Wow Uribear lucked out there!

  21. Anonymous

    Surprised he was sent (or ignored the sign).

  22. Hey… is it illegal for a player to slap at a glove in a situation like that?

    I know Arod did it a couple seasons ago and remember the hue and cry, but can’t recall if it’s actually illegal or bad sportsmanship.

  23. Anonymous

    Ned was sure right about Fed.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like to give Ned any credit I admit; I will give him credit for trading Trayvon R. but Ned wanted a catcher, he asked for Lavarnway, Boston said no; Ned took the AA catcher who was known to be a fine defender; he is still known to be a good defender-can he hit ML pitching is still the question.

      • Anonymous

        I think that Lavarnway fell out of the equation when Hiroki did.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve read Ned asked; it’s not important.
          I just don’t give Ned credit for Fedex’s being good enough to be the Dodgers back-up catcher since that is not much these days when hitting catchers are so rare.

          • Anonymous

            Given what we have had, I think he is an upgrade at a minimum with potential for more, and sold Trayon high.

          • Anonymous


  24. Anonymous

    Vin has learned how to pronounce “Yasiel” properly.

  25. KT

    Good Eye Mellis

  26. Anonymous

    Helton career road slash 288/388/473
    Gehrig 351/458/644
    don’t remember the other 3 Vin mentioned

  27. Enough with these DP’s…

  28. Is this the only team in the NL West the Dodgers haven’t rumbled with? Should I add ‘yet?’

  29. KT

    DP time

  30. KT

    Another nice inning from Cappy!

  31. Uribear doing it all!

  32. Anonymous

    Juan’s rabbit night.

  33. Anonymous

    LEt’s pad this lead!

  34. Anonymous

    Now’s the time to show another hittin’ Dodger pitcher!

  35. KT

    oh no they got us right where they want us

  36. Anonymous

    “How did a vegetable become baseball slang for an argument or fight? A rhubarb
    is baseball slang for a fight or argument among players and/or umpires.
    We do know that the term was popularized by famed baseball broadcaster
    Red Barber, but how rhubarbs became associated with altercations is not
    known with any certainty, but there are several explanations that merit

    The word rhubarb was used by radio actors to imitate the
    sounds of raucous crowd. The actors would murmur “rhubarb, rhubarb” in
    the background to simulate crowd noise. From radio plays to sports
    broadcasting is a short leap.

    Sportswriter Garry Schumacher may have coined the term in 1938.
    Schumacher claimed to like the term because “it suggested an untidy
    mess, a disheveled tangle of loose ends like the fibers of stewed
    rhubarb.” Schumacher claimed to have used it in the press box of a
    Dodgers-Reds game and Barber overheard and subsequently used it on the

    Rhubarb was often used as purgative and mothers would force
    their children to eat several doses a day. Children in the Greenpoint
    section of Brooklyn were often sent outside with rhubarb sandwiches,
    which became missiles and weapons in fights.

    The acting use of rhubarb is recorded from 1934. From Alan P. Herbert’s Holy Deadlock of that year:

    The chorus excitedly rushed about and muttered “Rhubarb!”

    The baseball use is attested to from 1943. From Baseball Magazine of January of that year:

    A “rhubarb,” which has become Brooklynese for a heated verbal run-in, especially between players and umpires.

    On 13 July of that same year, the New York Herald Tribune cites Barber using the term:

    Mr “Red” Barber,…who has been announcing the games of
    the Brooklyn Dodgers, has used the term”‘rhubarb” to describe an
    argument, or a mix-up, on the field of play.

    Rhubarb was also WWII fighter-pilot slang for a strafing mission.
    Whether this comes from Brooklyn-born fighter pilots who had heard
    Barber use the term or from the other possible sources is not known.
    From Time magazine, 22 March 1943:

    When a fighter pilot flies low over France, strafing whatever he finds—trains, troops, airdromes—he is “on a rhubarb.”

    • I don’t know where it comes from but it is in the dictionary: “3. a heated dispute or controversy.” For me if Vin says it, thats good enough.

      • Anonymous

        you did not take my post negatively, I hope
        I just wanted to know where it came from. I assumed it was from the 19th century; was surprised it came from Brooklyn

  37. Oh come on FedEx… what are you doing?

  38. KT


  39. Anonymous

    Mellis!!! HUGE! — this game had been feeling like Old Blue.

  40. foul tip

    Cap’s change great tonight so far. 4IP, 6 K, including Tulo and Cuddyer back to back on it last inning.
    He’s rung Tulo up on it twice.

  41. Anonymous

    C’mon, Agon!

  42. Anonymous

    If we can keep THIS Cappy, what a rotation!

    • KT

      I think his last two outings were bad because the 1st followed the short rest and the second was in Colo

  43. So we need to come up with some new running themed knick name for Uribear it seems…

  44. KT

    Juanito!! showing the speed tonight

  45. KT

    .402 Hanley

    .400 Puig (up-to-date)

  46. KT

    Garvey taking in the game…I like how he’s more involved with the team lately

  47. KT

    J.P. Hoornstra ‏@jphoornstra 47s

    Official scoring change gives Juan Uribe an infield single in the fifth inning.

  48. Wow, Cappy just missed that HR. He’s on fire tonight.

  49. KT

    DP Time

  50. KT

    GOOD GAME CAPPY Standing O!!!

  51. Now THAT is just what the doctor ordered. All respect to Vin.

  52. KT

    Nice DP Belli

  53. If only they could play the dbacks every night. Then they’d be in first.

  54. KT


  55. KT

    Puig out of the game

  56. You know who is completely fresh in that bullpen…. yep Brandon League.

  57. KT

    Belli being nasty again!!

  58. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 48s

    Ronald Belisario threw 11 pitches, got 5 outs

  59. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 17s

    Since changing his No. to 54, Ronald Belisario has tossed scoreless relief in five appearances (5 IP) while allowing just one hit and no BB.

  60. KT

    Come on CC

  61. KT

    getting all the breaks

  62. Ellis the butter and egg man tonight!

  63. KT


  64. KT

    Dre for the SAC!

  65. So… Brandon League time?

    • KT

      no…he doesn’t get to play anymore

      • Anonymous

        While I second that, I also remember we were all saying the same thing about Uribe until this year. So maybe we wait two more years for League?

      • Was writing some comment about maybe a number change helping him… and then that happened.

  66. 2 k’s after giving up that bomb… come on Brandon.

  67. KT

    Ball Game!!!!

    Now 16-3

    1 game over .500

    Lead widening over those in the rear view mirror

    Look out AZ we are coming!!!!

  68. I hope Puig is alright. Turns out the All Star break might indeed be a nice rest for him.

  69. KT

    Night all love this streaking!!

  70. KT

  71. Anonymous

    Besides the fact the hits just keep on coming — literally — I’m impressed the Dodgers won this game without starting any of their All Star outfield this 2013 season highlighted.

  72. Anonymous

    Just got home. Great game! Cappy as smooth as silk out there. Weirdest moment? A skunk was loose in our reserve section. Brought in two cops, three stadium security guards, and one cardboard box. Skunk 1: Security patrol 0. Walking out, Animal Rescue truck heading uphill. But what if it’s our lucky skunk?

    • foul tip

      Brings new meaning to getting skunked…

      • Anonymous

        What’s up with the skunks at Dodger Stadium? We sat through a terrible skunk smell a few weeks ago. Don’t they have tomato juice?

  73. Anonymous

    My waffle of 86 wins seems a bit more plausible now. They would need to go 40-31(.563) to reach it.

  74. Anonymous

    Taken from the LA Times :
    In baseball, it’s often said that it’s what a hitter does his second time around the league that is a testament to his abilities. A look at what Yasiel Puig has done against the three teams he has faced in two series this season:

    San Diego (June 3-5) 5 for 12, 2 homers, 5 RBIs .417 avg. San Diego (June 20-23) 4 for 16, 1 homer 1 RBI .250 avg.

    San Francisco (June 24-26) 6 for 12, 1 homer, 2 RBIs .500 avg. San Francisco (July 5-7) 4 for 16, 1 homer 1 RBI .250 avg.

    Arizona (June 10-12) 4 for 7, 0 homers, 0 RBIs .571 avg. Arizona (July 8-10) 4 for 15, 0 homers, 0 RBIs .267 avg.

    First time seeing a team: 15 for 31, 3 homers, 7 RBIs , .484 average

    Second time seeing a team: 12 for 47, 2 homers, 2 RBIs, .255 average

    • Anonymous

      ASW, as I’ll call the above commenter for short, posted a few days ago “I hope he doesn’t turn into Barry freaking Bonds.” His hope seems to have been fulfilled, thank God.

    • Anonymous

      Me thinks its the third time that is the charm, i.e, how he adjusts to their adjustments.

    • Anonymous

      Now that we are winning, one might imagine that without Puig, everyone would be all over Hanley going from last year’s him being a washed up, over paid, lazy guy to now decrying how he dogged it in Miami just because he didn’t want to play 3rd base. Crawford and Gonzo also seem to be flying under the radar of our friends in Boston at this point.

  75. Jack Dawkins

    John from Aus, what say you of the first test? Seems England is building a tough total to chase here.

  76. Anonymous

    Chad Gaudin, at the movies:

  77. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Crawford LF
    Puig RF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ramirez SS
    Ethier CF
    Ellis C
    Ellis 2B
    Uribe 3B
    Kershaw P

  78. Anonymous

    Nicasio’s splits in 16 ML starts this season are
    304/339/491 and
    234/331/405 except they are backwards with RHP doing better vs this RHP in 2013
    All 3 of DM’s possibilities for LF had poor stats vs RHP with Hairston best in BA, Schumaker best in OBP, and SVS way ahead in SLG.
    I think I would switch Uribe and Schu or do the unthinkable and let AJ lead off.

  79. Anonymous

    Dustin Nosler suggests the following trade with the Yankees:

    Kuroda and, say, David Robertson for Joc Pederson and left-hander Chris Reed could be a deal that helps both teams. To sweeten the deal, the Dodgers could add one of two flamethrowing relievers in Chris Withrow or Jose Dominguez. Both hold similar value and would provide New York with a replacement of sorts for Robertson. I’d even be OK with the Dodgers throwing in a fourth prospect if that’s what it took to get the deal done. Robertson has one more year of arbitration remaining, so the Dodgers would have to give enough to convince the Yankees to move the powerful reliever.

    I don’t know that the Yankees are ever sellers, given they have an overpriced stadium to sell out. But I don’t hate this trade. Pederson has no place to play in the Dodgers’ already crowded outfield. Robertson is a stud. Kuroda has been pitching great, but he’s almost beside the point.

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