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Kershaw CLXIX: Kershawrknado

I mean, might as well get that one out of the way.

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

The Dodgers have won 13 straight games started by A.J. Ellis.


July 11 game chat


Greinke shuts down Rockies, two-thirds of the outfield


  1. Anonymous

    as nsx used to point out, tonight’s game is free to watch on MLB.TV; see if that will help you.

  2. Anonymous

    Lineup, anybody?

    • Schumaker LF
      Puig RF
      Gonzalez 1B
      Ramirez SS
      Ethier CF
      Ellis C
      Ellis 2B
      Uribe 3B
      Kershaw P

      Crawford was leading off in left but was scratched due to back stiffness.

  3. I’ve been trying (and failing) to avoid the “Sharknado” on twitter and elsewhere, but it’s even at DT! I guess you had to do it Jon ;)

  4. KT

    good throw had him

  5. Gotta get em back boys!

  6. 12-pitch double by Blackmon. That smarts.

  7. Anonymous

    Time to score!

  8. 48 pitches through 2 does not bode well.

    • Anonymous

      Not a very Kershaw-like start so far.

    • KT

      he had more than that on the night I saw him at DS…it was Matt Kemp bobble head night…he ended up pitching 8 and 2/3rds 129 pitches

  9. KT

    Crocked number please

  10. Anonymous

    Vin, apparently, has no hitting stats on Nicasio for this season as the 5 hits were in 2011 and 2012 combined. He is 4 for 27 this year.
    I don’t understand why the Dodgers don’t have a person there to provide information to Vin; not necessarily in the booth but able to come in between innings.

  11. Two nights in a row?

  12. Anonymous

    Well, Kershaw’s pitching so the hitters might just decide to take the night off…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t they vote on that at the beginning of the year?
      Sure seems like it.

  13. KT

    Come on MEllis

  14. First time I’ve ever seen Puig jog to first base.

  15. Jack Dawkins

    Both groundouts Puig jogged on tonight.

  16. KT

    He did earlier in the game also…He needs to rest

  17. peedro

    Who is this Gary Jeter that Scully keeps talking about? Is he the old USC lineman?

    • KT

      Give him a break…I like to see you do as good of a job at his age

      • peedro

        No excuse for not knowing the name of future HOFer

        • KT

          He knows his name he has his moments of dementia…I been watching/listening to him since 1963 and I have seen the gradual decrease in his excellence…still better than any other announcer out there

  18. Kershaw has really reigned in that pitch count the last couple innings.

    • KT

      Just like he did on Matt Kemp bobble head night…one more less than 10 and we’re good

  19. KT


  20. Anonymous

    Thought Ethier had all of that one.

  21. They should shut Puig down til after the break.

  22. Lookin’ like the Dodgers of old. Making mediocre pitchers look great.

  23. KT

    Let’s scratch this inning

  24. KT

    Come on Gonzo

  25. Anonymous

    I think this is day-late tiredness after the 3am arrival home post 14 inning game.

  26. Even AJ is off tonight.

    • KT

      well if you going to have a bad game it might as well include everyone having a bad game

  27. Anonymous

    Nicasio throwing the game of his life.

    • Anonymous

      Seems pitchers bring their A game when Kershaw’s on the mound.

      • Anonymous

        Dodgers don’t seem to give Kershaw much run support more often than not.

        • Anonymous

          Over 19 starts he has received run support of 2 or less in 9 of them. In comparison, Ryu over 18 starts has received run support of 2 or less in only 2 games.

          • Anonymous

            Make that 10 out of 20. But he has won 3 of them, so there is that.

  28. Anonymous

    Dbacks and Giants both heading towards a win.

  29. KT

    DP time

  30. KT

    SD had bases loaded and no outs…couldn’t score…remind you of anyone

  31. Anonymous


  32. KT

    AZ won

  33. Anonymous

    It keeps us in the hunt!

    • Jack Dawkins

      John, Im reading of cricket kerfuffles. Should Broad have walked?

      • Anonymous

        He probably should have, but I understand why he didn’t. Trott didn’t deserve to be given out, so these things usually balance themselves out in the end. A gripping and exciting test match in progress though, with many ebbs and flows.

        • Jack Dawkins

          Was funny to read the justifications, that Australia never does. But the comments on the BBc were all saying Broad let down the game. Interesting how the home side fans were the most critical. I think it would be nice if he did, as its one of the few true sporting gestures left that I know of.

        • Jack Dawkins

          Either way , tomorrow should be a good one.

          • Anonymous

            If we can keep the lead to around 300, we have a chance (especially with our new number 11 batter Agar!)

  34. How slow is Hairston? Yeesh.

  35. KT


  36. KT

    Rally time

  37. KT

    Night all

  38. Seems they used up all their hits for the week.

  39. Anonymous

    Sure hoping they bounce back and go to the break strong . . . they’ve been notoriously slow after the ASB.

  40. KT

    20 minutes to game time…Let’s get this one guys

  41. KT


  42. KT

    Way to get on MEllis

  43. KT

    Way to get him home Hanley

  44. KT

    Efficient inning Zack

  45. KT

    DodgersBeat ‏@DodgersBeat 3m

    First Look: #Dodgers @MagicJohnson Bobblehead to be given out September 12 against #SFGiants

  46. KT

    Zack rolling along after 3

  47. KT

    Great inning again Zack…34 pitches through 4

  48. KT

    Let’s put up a crocked number

  49. KT

    Nice Hanley!

  50. Anonymous

    so much potential, so little runs!

  51. KT

    well there goes the no-no

  52. KT

    DP time

  53. KT

    Still a good inning Zack

  54. KT

    Come on Zack

  55. KT

    Nice Zack

  56. Anonymous

    nice steal!

  57. KT

    Taking Second…way to go Zack

  58. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 1m

    The last Dodgers pitcher to steal a base (before Zack Greinke today) was Ted Lilly, on June 11, 2011…also against the Rockies

  59. KT

    DP time

  60. KT

    Nice AJ

  61. KT

    well we got the delayed DP

  62. KT

    Great inning Zack

  63. Anonymous

    Time to give Zack the run support he deserves

  64. KT

    Zack Attack

  65. Anonymous

    Come on, Uribear!

  66. KT

    DP time again

  67. Anonymous

    well pitched Zack!

  68. Anonymous

    Who is the injury delay for?

  69. Anonymous

    Did Ellis’ injury look bad?

  70. Anonymous

    2 to go!

  71. Anonymous

    1 more

  72. KT

    Ball Game

    back to a game over .500

    assured of 2nd place at ASB!!!!

  73. Anonymous

    hats off to Zack!

  74. Anonymous

    Fantastic pitcher’s duel, with the right result!

  75. Anonymous

    with a Espn gamescore of 91, Grienke puts in the best performance by a Dodger this year, just beating Ryu’s 90 vs Angels earlier in the year

  76. Anonymous

    I love the old-school NL 1-0 shutouts. Not very common these days – although making somewhat of a comeback I imagine now that we are in the “post-steroid era.” I’ll take a 1-0 pitcher’s duel over an AL 10-9 fiasco any day, all-day. Awesome game by Greinke.

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