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Greinke shuts down Rockies, two-thirds of the outfield

In Zack Greinke’s 110-pitch two-hit, one-walk, 1-0 shutout of the Rockies today, neither Dodger centerfielder Andre Ethier nor rightfielder Skip Schumaker touched a ball in play.

Greinke got his 27 outs on 14 grounders, nine strikeouts, two popouts, a lineout and a caught stealing. There was a bunt single in the sixth inning by Colorado. The only ball that reached the outfield was a single to left field in the fifth inning.

Schumaker’s leadoff double in the bottom of the first led to the game’s only run. He then could have just as easily joined Andre Ethier in a beachside cabana.


Kershaw CLXIX: Kershawrknado


July 14 game chat


  1. Anonymous

    Wow, that makes the performance even more impressive

  2. Anonymous

    I love the old-school NL 1-0 shutouts. Not very common these days – although making somewhat of a comeback I imagine now that we are in the “post-steroid era.” I’ll take a 1-0 pitcher’s duel over an AL 10-9 fiasco any day, all-day. Awesome game by Greinke. Let’s go Brewers!

    • Anonymous

      Yet another good reason to dump the DH.

  3. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 5m

    LA Dodgers with a shutout & stolen base in same game: Claude Osteen (7/6/66), Orel Hershiser (4/21/85), Zack Greinke (today)

  4. KT

    Have a good day all

  5. KT

    Love that last line Jon

  6. KT

    Great Game by Zack Grienke…Dodgers assured of 2nd place at ASB and at least a .500 record…I’m glad only Clayton is going to the ASG…Let everyone else heal

  7. Anonymous

    And it was almost a “Jon Weismann Perfect Game.” If it wasn’t for the defensive replacement of Van Slyke for Hairston and Punto subbing Mark Ellis after he got injured, then there would have been only 9 Dodgers in the box score for the whole game.

  8. Anonymous

    Dodgers currently 4.5 games back and with no teams between themselves and Cincinnati for the 2nd Wild Card spot.

  9. Anonymous

    Just got home from the game. Amazing that the outfielders didn’t really have to bother trotting out there each inning. I can’t remember a game when there wasn’t a single out retired by an outfielder.

  10. Anonymous

    Padres just a piss-poor team right now. Dirty Snakes just tied up the Brew-crew 1-1.

  11. If it’s your belief that Hanley Ramirez could have run down Todd Helton’s hit before he came around to score, the Dodgers could have won with six players on defense today.

  12. Anonymous

    Brewers – Dbacks on MLB Network for those who get it – Brewers just jumped ahead 3-1 on a 2-run bomb by Lucroy.

  13. Anonymous

    Brewers with a run-differential of -68. OUCH.

  14. Anonymous

    4-1 Brewers on a passed -ball.

  15. Anonymous

    Brewers’ Lohse has given up 2 hits in the game now – both solo homers. 4-2 Brewers now.

  16. Anonymous

    Brewers are as pathetic as the Padres.

    • Anonymous

      And the Dodgers used to be. (Hopefully that IS in the past tense!)

  17. It’s kind of unbelievable that 2013 Tim Lincecum threw a no-hitter. And it only took him 148 pitches! Congrats to him.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, congrats to him. Nevertheless, you would have a hard time convincing me that he pitched a better game last night than Greinke. Lincecum had a better game score (96 to 91) but Greinke threw about 40 less pitches and had 3 fewer walks.

      Who am I kidding? No hitters are still kinda cool to me and wish it had been Greinke or Kershaw or Ryu who had thrown one…

    • Anonymous

      Ask Johan Santana if it was worth it.

  18. Anonymous

    There have been 3 CG 1-0 shutouts by NL pitchers this year: Greinke, Brandon McCarthy (against Miami), and Jordan Zimmermann (against the Cubs).

    The last one by a Dodgers pitcher had been one on 9/14/2010 by Clayton Kerhsaw against the Giants. Prior to that, you have to go back to 1998 when Carlos Perez had a 1-0 shutout over the Giants.

    Dodger pitchers had 28 1-0 shutouts in the 1960s, 9 of them by Sandy Koufax.

  19. Anonymous

    If Garza comes to the Dodgers, who might be leaving? the Cubs reportedly want to move Garza now to maximize the the amount of his salary would be picked up by his new team. Does that mean they want prospects and players like Fife or Van Slyke in return or could Ethier be of interest to them as well?

    Would the Dodgers dare trade Puig for Price?

    • Puig is not getting traded.

      • Anonymous

        Nor is Ethier, given the fragility of other Dodger outfielders.

        • Anonymous

          You don’t think the Dodgers wouldn’t even trade Ethier for Garza straight up?

      • Anonymous

        Probably not but in thinking about it, how would history treat the following trades if they had been made when the players were rookies:

        Koufax for Clemente,

        Koufax for Mays,

        Maddox for Aaron,

        • Asher B. Garber

          Clemente was actually with the Dodgers as a rookie. They stashed him in the minors and on the bench until they couldn’t do it anymore.

          • Onlyatriple

            In a recent interview with Don Newcombe, he told a story about how Willie Mays might also have been a Dodger were it not for a Dodger scout who claimed Mays couldn’t hit the curve ball. Imagine an outfield of Mays, Snider, and Clemente in the 50s and what Tommy or Willie Davis, Mays and Clemente in the 60s.

    • foul tip

      Why would the Dodgers trade a very productive everyday player for a pitcher who can only play every 5 days, no matter how good the pitcher?

      • Anonymous

        Pitching and defense over hopefully 6 hits, 3 RBIs, 1.3 HR, in 20 PAs

        • Anonymous

          One might use WAR in trying to determine this. Puig’s WAR projects to 11.6 over a full season. Say that he is able to sustain only half of this, you get 5.9. Last year Price was at 6.9. At 27 years old, say that he can sustain this level until age 32 and gets you 34.5. Puig at 22 years old, over ten years would get you 59.0. Again, this assumes Price pitching at his peak over 5 years and Puig producing at half his current level over ten years.

        • foul tip

          Those numbers for Puig came after his dinged hip. He won’t keep up the pace of that first explosion onto the scene. But those 20 PAs come with an asterik.

  20. Anonymous

    Why do dodgers still want garza? The combo of Fife Capuano Lilly would seem to be plenty good enough to avoid mortgaging the future.

    • foul tip

      Lilly has signaled willingness to go to the pen, acknowledging that health issues mean he can’t take the workload of a starter any longer….fwiw.

      Theoretically he could be the long man Cap was mentioned as. But in ST DM said he didn’t think Lilly was a good bet for the pen. Likely due to being used to having lots of time to warm up, as starters do.

      Said same about Harang. We know what happened there. Might here, too.

  21. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Schumaker RF,
    Punto 2B,
    Gonzalez 1B,
    Ramirez SS,
    Ethier CF,
    AJ Ellis C,
    Van Slyke LF,
    Hairston 3B,
    Nolasco P.

    • Anonymous

      Makes sense to rest Puig’s hip again. Full 5 days off.

  22. KT

    Anthony Witrado ‏@WitradoSN 11m

    Dodger fans will be disgusted by this: Freddie Freeman, the Braves 1B who beat out Yasiel Puig in Final Vote, out for ASG with thumb injury.

  23. Anonymous

    Interesting game going on now in Detroit.

    • Anonymous

      Mitch Moreland’s double made it a lot less interesting.

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