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Dodgers part ways with Ted Lilly

A day after activating him from the disabled list, the Dodgers designated Ted Lilly for assignment, calling up Elian Herrera in his place.

Lilly finished his Dodger career with a 3.83 ERA in 341 innings. The Dodgers drafted him in 1996.

Next week is the 15th anniversary of the Dodgers trading Lilly, Peter Bergeron, Wilton Guerrero and Jonathan Tucker to the Expos for Mark Grudzielanek, Hiram Bocachica and Carlos Perez.

Among other things, Lilly leaves with the lowest career batting average, .069, in Los Angeles Dodger history (min. 100 AB). He also has the lowest on-base percentage, .087 — the only one that’s below .100.

Reds at Dodgers 7:10 p.m.


Somehow, Dodgers find the way way forward


Breaks beat the boys, 5-2


  1. Anonymous

    Can I assume they had to activate him before designating for assignment? If not, this move forced Herrera onto the 25 man instead of Van Slyke.

    • They could have done Van Slyke for Kemp and DFAed Lilly if they did it yesterday, I’m pretty sure.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. I knew the Van Slyke for Kemp piece, but thought perhaps a player on the DL could not be DFA’d.

        • Anonymous

          you are correct, dale, iirc, but the team could have activated Lilly yesterday and 1 minute later DFA’ed him.

  2. Anonymous

    Lilly was actually worse at the plate than Eugenio Vélez?

    • Anonymous

      Velez had only 37 AB’s for the Dodgers; Lilly last among those with at least 100 AB’s per Jon

      • Anonymous

        Ah, yes, but even that was 37 too many.

  3. foul tip

    Since they DFAd Guerrier despite his contract, I wondered if they might cut Lilly as well, even tho Lilly’s is much larger.

    Making decisions based on baseball instead of on player contracts is the right way to go, even if it does mean munching on several million dollars. For the Guggenheimers, money doesn’t seem to be much of a consideration. They are the first ownership who would make this kind of move.

    Maybe some outside chance the Dodgers could get something for Lilly. Way, way outside chance.

    Chances are there won’t be many future awful contracts that could devolve into such situations. There’s always risk of injury and player decline, but management is unlikely to be boxed into having to give mediocre talent big contracts.

    • Anonymous

      After Hudson’s injury, Atlanta might take a shot, but he won’t bring anything significant in return.

    • Anonymous

      Money affords teams the opportunity to make mistakes and not suffer too badly. This move would not / could not have happened if McCourt was still the owner.

  4. Anonymous

    After spending so much time on the DL this year and last year, Lilly reminded me of some old cars I have had. These were vehicles that were once reliable, but after so many trips to the mechanic — to replace the water pump or fix the timing chain or put new struts on, etc., it was simply time to sell or junk them.

    • Anonymous

      He had a pretty good career, though. It’s too bad he didn’t spend his prime with the Dodgers, who originally signed him.

  5. Anonymous

    If I remember correctly–and I may not–Lilly had made noise back when the Dodgers supposedly had eight starting pitchers that he had no intention of going to the bullpen. There might have been a discussion like that related to this decision.

    • I think he was willing to go to the bullpen now, but the Dodgers wanted him to stay in the minors for the time being.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. Either way, it suggests to me that Lilly was inclined not to be too accommodating.

  6. Jack Dawkins

    Im repeating a question from last night because I cant figure out how to research this easily myself. I think the dodgers have batted around now in 4 straight games. Made me wonder what the record streak for this is for both the Dodgers and MLB in general.

    • KT

      try it over on TBLA…I’m sure someone there can give you an answer right away

    • KT

      I put it out on MSTI and TBLA and didn’t get a response

  7. KT

    Go Blue!!!!

  8. KT

    DP Time

  9. Shoot, old friend XP hit a home run?

  10. KT

    Time to get that one back…Don’t want to wait until the second inning

  11. KT

    MLB ‏@MLB35s
    Deal to send Alfonso Soriano from @Cubs to @Yankees is “99 percent completed,” but may not be official until Friday:

    Glad Ned didn’t try to get him

  12. KT


  13. Anonymous

    lets hold them

  14. KT

    now we will need a crooked number to win…Let’s get it now

  15. KT

    Nice 1-2-3 inning

  16. KT

    Let’s go, Come on Scratch

  17. KT

    1-2-3 inning please

  18. KT

    1-2-3 again…way to settle down Zack

    Let’s bat around now

  19. KT


  20. Haha I think Puig thought they were letting him go home for a second there..

  21. KT

    There’s 1 back


  22. KT


  23. KT

    Hanley taking the base!

  24. KT

    DP time again

  25. KT

    More Runs Please

  26. KT

    JH jr!

  27. KT

    Turn two guys

  28. KT

    Come on Zack settle down

  29. KT

    Nice turn Zack!

  30. KT

    Alright let’s get them back

  31. Anonymous

    not looking promising today, but at many stages in the last few games, it hasn’t looked promising as well

  32. Anonymous

    heart of the lineup, here is our chance

  33. Brian Prince

    I think Vin is right on the money. The boys in blue must be tired. They must have gotten in very early in the morning. I hope they can pull this one out, but it is not looking good right now.

  34. Anonymous

    rally time!

  35. KT

    Nice eye JH jr

  36. KT

    J.P. Hoornstra ‏@jphoornstra 56s

    53,275 at Dodger Stadium

    Now that is a sell out Gnats

  37. Anonymous

    easy to say from here, but surely you have to put bat on one of those pitches

  38. KT

    another missed call on the stolen base…out by a foot

  39. KT

    Come on CC

  40. KT

    Nice Hanley!

  41. Anonymous

    Experimenting with Marmol in close games doesn’t seem to be working. We’re 0-for-2 in that area. I think Donnie virtually never throws in the towel, but I am not sure what’s up.

  42. Anonymous

    Time for Puig to win it with a homer.

  43. KT

    Good eye Juanito!

  44. KT

    Defensive indifference again! (i hate it when it’s against us)

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