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Puig at home




Mariano and Vin


  1. KT

    great Photo…I wonder if he has a mounted cameras in the stands

    • Anonymous

      You can see him on the replay holding the camera high on a long stick just behind home plate

  2. Anonymous


  3. KT

    7 games back baby…we got this…#1 seed here we come

  4. Anonymous

    amazing pics

    • Anonymous

      i thought I saw him running in at the end

  5. Anonymous

    Fabulous pix. The slide makes more sense seen from above the happy chaos.

  6. Anonymous

    Dodgers baseball is fun!

  7. Anonymous

    Checking in after two days in Big Sur with no Internet. Can this team get any more fun to follow? What a great two wins to catch up with! Thanks, all.

  8. Anonymous

    When I left Chavez Ravine Thursday night — after experiencing the frustration of lost opportunities — I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about the chances for the rest of the weekend. But now the Blue are back to different heroes stepping up . . . and of players given up for lost coming through to contribute to wins.
    They definitely are a Team. Hopefully they will be Champs.

    • KT

      Bob you know I called for 3 out of 4 before this series started…have the faith…Next forecast calls for a sweep of the Yankees

  9. KT
    Puig says, “Man you got a win” League replies, “I know”

  10. Anonymous

    Wow, what a week – my son and I caught parts of the games in Toronto and those against the Reds on my trusty little transistor radio – in between roasting marshmallows for s’mores – complete with eye rolls from the wife and daughters. After the wins, couldn’t help paying the 3 quarters to pick up a copy of the Santa Barbara News-Press from the stand outside the El Capitan camp store.
    Before leaving I said when I got back, I was sure the Dodgers would be in 1st and extending their lead – glad I was right. What a great season so far.

  11. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 31m

    Happy 29th to No. 58, Chad Billingsley!

  12. KT

    Bill Plunkett ‏@billplunkettocr 35m

    Do you know how good #Dodgers have been? No, really. Here are NL West standings if season started on June 22.

    • KT

      11.5 games since 6/22…great strides, still 7 more to go

  13. Those pictures above, what an awful scene for baseball. He’s terrible for the game. No sense of propriety. ;) (I’m just trying to troll like veteran grit-meisters who want him off their lawn and would like baseball to remain as mute and dull as possible.)

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. What a showboat, waiting all game and then hitting a homer after all his teammates proved incapable of even putting the ball in play.

  14. KT

    got this from MSTI:

    Y-axis is Games Above/Below .500

    X-axis is the entire length of the season

  15. Anonymous

    RIP, Frank Castillo, the only visiting pitcher to give up a home run at Dodger Stadium that left the park. He gave one up to Mike Piazza in 1997 Castillo died in Arizona at age 44 in a drowning accident.

    • Anonymous

      RIP and prayers for the family of George Scott too. Another player for whom my childhood has fond memories.

  16. Anonymous

    “Colletti has been telling anybody who will listen lately that the market
    of available difference-makers is even thinner this year than usual,
    downplaying expectations just in case anyone thinks he’ll land another
    Hanley Ramirez, Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon League, Shane Victorino or Josh
    Beckett.” from Gurnick
    Victorino was a big difference-maker in my blood-pressure; Beckett 7-19 last 2 years

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it will be Nathan from Texas and involve Ethier. Saw that speculation somewhere.

  17. Anonymous

    Wow, what a game a game and finish, but when he slid, Kendrys Morales did go through my mind.

  18. Anonymous

    Old news but just came across it – love the quote from Ethier after last Wed. night’s win. Describing Puig scoring from 1st on Ethier’s 9th inning single to tie the game and send it into extra’s, Andre said, “We got a lucky bounce and were lucky old Crazy Legs was on base and just kept going.”
    That’s gold – good name for him.

  19. KT

    Stl vs Pit for the next 3 games, then Stl plays the Reds and us…tough 3 series in a row for the Cards……seems we will be gaining ground on somebody

  20. KT

    4-0 Pirates

  21. KT

    Roxs beating the Barves 2-0 hard to root for the Roxs but gaining ground is most important

    • Anonymous

      now behind by 1!

      • KT

        this game has been see-sawing back and forth…At least the Pirates are winning 6-1

  22. Anonymous

    Rangers’ beat writer thinks Nathan for Ethier trade is a good idea :

    • KT

      nope…I definitely would trade Ethier this year

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think so either

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you, with all the time Kemp and Crawford have been out of the lineup, Ethier has been invaluable.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure which pitcher gets dropped from the team if Nathan joins Dodgers. Marmol comes to mind though. I like the idea of reducing payroll by trading Ethier and I think he would do well in Texas.

  23. KT

    8-1 Pit

  24. Anonymous

    Cool column one article in this mornings’ Times on 91 yr-old scout George Genovese :,0,4702260.htmlstory#axzz2aUCfQNB9

  25. KT

    1 leader down (cards)… 1 to go…come on Roxs
    6.5 back now

  26. KT

    Dodgers enjoying their off day:

  27. I believe this is the closest the Dodgers have been to the best record in the NL since May 5.

  28. KT

    Clayton Kershaw ‏@ClaytonKersh22 18m

    Thanks @jimmykimmel for having me tonight! “@JimmyKimmelLive: New #JKL tonight @ClaytonKersh22 from the LA #Dodgers”

  29. Anonymous

    So does MLBTraderumors charge more for ad space the last week of July? Sounds like there could be stuff going on with Jake Peavy, Michael Young, and Cliff Lee soon. Do we need to be on Hug Watch?

  30. Anonymous

    Welcome to the Dodgers Brian Wilson! This should be … interesting.

  31. Anonymous

    Ugh. Don’t like Brian Wilson.

  32. KT

    at least 3 weeks to 30 days before we might see him

  33. Anonymous

    Off to Camden Yards…to scout the O’s.

  34. If Brian Wilson shaved his awful beard, was quiet for once in his career, and pitched well… well then I might not loathe him as much.

    • KT

      too bad it’s not a minor league contract that he signed that would take care of the beard but it’s a major league $1 million dollar for the rest of the yr contract…immediately to the DL and a 30 day rehab starting in AZ then going to RC

  35. Anonymous

    Carlos Marmol and Brian Wilson? Perhaps Ned Colletti went to sleep in 2011 and just woke up and got on the phone.

  36. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Crawford LF
    Puig RF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ramirez SS
    Ellis C
    Ethier CF
    Uribe 3B
    Ellis 2B
    Greinke P

    • I wonder if I might suggest you give a hint when you post a link of what it is. Otherwise it looks like spam.

      • KT

        I know some show up automatically…which ones so I know to post something with the others…imgur show up auto on MSTI…just wondering

  37. Anonymous

    Loney’s road game average of .371 highest in Majors by 19 points.

  38. Anonymous

    If the Dodgers trade for Peavy, where would Cappy go?

    • Anonymous

      Judging by the Dodgers this year, someone else will get hurt.

  39. KT

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez3m
    Carl Crawford, who is back in the #Dodgers lineup, said he had a throat infection.

    • Anonymous

      Up until this post, there were a perfect 66 comments on this thread. Oh well, progress waits for no man.

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