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Mariano and Vin

Yankees at Dodgers 7:10 p.m.


Puig at home


Dodgers do it again … again


  1. Anonymous

    Good to see Loney helping us out vs the D-Backs with an early RBI double

    • KT

      Go BLUE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      To the amazement or perhaps amusement to all here, last year I suggested the Dodgers would be wise to sign Loney to something like 5 years, $50 Million before the trade with Boston.

      • Anonymous

        You may be right, but I think he needed a new start somewhere else and I feel he would not have done as well if he stayed here (also Gonzalez has worked out pretty welI I think)

        • Anonymous

          I agree. I liked Loney a great deal and I still do. He and Kemp both arrived in 2006 and both showed great promise. I took my daughter, then a freshman at UCLA, to Loney’s first game, which was the second game of the 2006 season. It was a drizzly night, traffic was heavy, and we got there a bit late. Loney walked and scored in the first inning and then singled in the third in a win over the Braves. Loney had a very difficult 2012, the pressure seemed to get to him, and he needed a change. I am pleased he is doing so well with Tampa Bay. I hope we meet him in the World Series.

        • Anonymous

          However, it cost the Dodgers what, $75M a year to replace Loney with Crawford, Beckett, Punto, and Gonzalez.

      • Anonymous

        I too was a Loney fan – always felt like he was on the cusp of having a season like he is this year – hitting well over .300 STILL. Figures he would finally put it together the year after leaving. But, yeah, since he’s over in the AL East with the Rays, I wish him well.

  2. KT

    now that the bucs have beat the cards and taken over 1st place…It’s time for the cards to return the favor…still 6.5 back but if the cards win and we win could be 5.5 at the end of the night

  3. Anonymous

    Atlanta now 5-3 up against the Rockies and the Rays have increased their lead. It’s looking like a good day already!

    • Anonymous

      Make that 8-3!!

      • Anonymous

        some people here want the Braves to lose so Dodgers will eventually pass them for best record. I’m on the edge on that currently but starting to agree. Thus, 8-3 what a shame.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe, I’m thinking put the West well and truely behind us, then start chasing those ahead

          • KT

            not that many games left..they won’t be as easy to pass…not like the rest of the NL west

          • Anonymous

            I guess so, all we can do is keep winning and whatever else happens, happens

  4. Anonymous

    Finally made it to a home game after 20+ years. Looks like I chose a good one,

    • Anonymous

      It’s been 22 years for me, but I think I have a reasonable excuse!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t recall my last DS game, but I think it’s when I took my six-year-old daughter to Disneyland (she’s now 25). I have been to five Dodger games in Denver (two in 1994 and three this year), and three forgettable ones last year in Oakland.

  5. Haven’t seen much Angels baseball this year, but what I’m seeing right now is ugly.

  6. KT

    Funny gif of Chad Qualls:

  7. Hurl, definitely a word that came to mind when hearing of today’s signing.

  8. Anonymous

    Everybody in the starting lineup for the Dodgers tonight is hitting at least .260, led by Greinke (.394), Ramirez (.380) and Puig (.372).

  9. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers6m
    “Gracias por jugar con el corazon, ahora a ganarle a los Yankees.” -@TommyLasorda

  10. KT

    Jon Weisman ‏@jonweisman7m
    Mariano and Vin, by @JonSooHoo #dodgers #yankees

  11. Anonymous

    As much as we have disliked Brian Wilson, in my mind there has never been a Giant who was detested more by Dodger fans than Sal Maglie. As a little boy who was born in Brooklyn, I was flabbergasted (although I didn’t know then what the word meant) when we acquired Maglie from Cleveland during the 1956 season. But he went 13-5 in 1956, including a no-hitter as we won the pennant. He then pitched two complete games vs. the Yankees in the World Series, beating Whitey Ford, 6-3, in the first game, and losing, 2-0, to Don Larsen’s perfect game in Game 5. Maglie allowed only five hits. So, who knows with Wilson? Will he replicate the work of Maglie or Schmidt, or something in between?

  12. Nice top of the first …

  13. KT

    Puig!! so close

  14. Puig missed a HR by less than a foot.

  15. KT


  16. Hats off to Hanley

  17. Anonymous

    What, only a RBI single :)

  18. KT

    here is the just missed Hr by Puig:

  19. Overbay over wall.

  20. KT

    Let’s get that run back and more

  21. Anonymous

    Lead didn’t last long but yeah, makes for good entertainment when the Dodgers come back with more – Pettite very hittable these days

  22. KT


  23. Juan got all of that one! Ball is carrying tonight.

  24. Greinke raises his batting average to .412, OBP to .487

  25. KT

    Dodgers PR ‏@DodgersPR 1m

    Estimated distance on Juan Uribe’s home run: 441 feet.

  26. KT

    DP Time

  27. KT

    Good inning Zack

  28. Three hits allowed, four strikeouts for Greinke in first three innings.

  29. Anonymous

    Aside from that strikeout – Cano has some serious offensive numbers for a 2nd baseman.

  30. KT


    • Anonymous

      Well – pitcher due up next….Oh, wait ! ya – terrible move !

  31. Anonymous

    If any of you subscribe to The New Yorker perhaps you would be nice enough to put up this profile of Girardi by Gay Talese at your convenience. Here is what they show for free: I got interested by Vin’s comments.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure how to post this, since it is an e-reader. I suppose I could make pdfs and send them to you if you’re interested.

  32. KT

    Let’s put up a crooked number this inning

  33. Anonymous

    Just back from Camden Yards. The ‘Stros pulled an A’s move and stole home while the O’s southpaw was standing on the mound looking in for a sign. Oh, yeah, Chris Davis hit one out.

  34. KT


  35. KT

    Come on Dre you are due

  36. Anonymous

    Poignant story from Vin on seeing Joe D with a childhood buddy.

  37. KT


  38. Great start for Greinke, get him his 100th win!

  39. Anonymous

    Pettitte was already 31 years old when Soriano last played for the Yanks.

  40. Anonymous

    Grienke should have batted for himself!

  41. Anonymous

    The Dodgers have been winning, but the offense is basically MIA on this homestand, outside of Saturday. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and credit the opposing pitching.

    • Anonymous

      Pettite came in with a 4.39 ERA – granted that’s against the AL and the abominable DH.

  42. KT


  43. KT

    Come on Yasiel start off the rally

  44. Anonymous

    Wild ol’ game in Texas

  45. Mike Trout has now reached base six times in 10 innings.

  46. KT

    side out time to walk this off

  47. KT

    Come on WP

  48. Three-run walkoff for Rangers, 14-11 final

  49. KT


  50. Two walk offs in a row! How often does that happen?

  51. Anonymous

    That’s all she wrote!

  52. Anonymous

    Just tuned in from the Russian River area. WOO HOO!

  53. KT

    Ball Game Dodgers WIN

    27-6 since 6/22

    3.5 ahead of the DBags

  54. Anonymous

    Wow, wow and wow

  55. Anonymous


  56. Anonymous

    Great win. Hopefully Dodgers keep Mariano Rivera off the mound tomorrow night as well.

    • KT

      oh yea when asked what the Dodgers were giving Rivera…they were told two days off

    • Anonymous

      Gotta give the Kid some run support. Zack was a wild pitch or faster Hanley away from a win himself.

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