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The Lady Luck vanishes

I wasn’t able to see tonight’s 5-1 Dodger loss to St. Louis, but it was one of those games that obviously Los Angeles was long overdue for amid all the various hot streaks. Tonight it was the Dodgers who hit into the double plays, who couldn’t bail out their starting pitcher, who gave up the late-inning insurance runs out of the bullpen, who didn’t have the managerial magic.

It was as unpleasant as it was inevitable – and obviously vexing in that Clayton Kershaw is winless in his past two starts despite an ERA of 1.29 – but a good team puts it behind them and goes right back after it. Work on the nitty-gritty details but keep an eye on the big picture.


It’s been 85 starts since Clayton Kershaw was knocked out of a game


The summer of bliss


  1. Anonymous

    “It was as unpleasant as it was inevitable.” Well said. A loss hurts more when it is pinned on Kershaw.

  2. Anonymous

    Were you able to see Monday’s game, Jon?

  3. Anonymous

    Not to mention use League very carefully.

    • Anonymous

      That is, only when there’s no alternative.

  4. Anonymous

    I think we will be Ok, but like Bob from Vegas has mentioned, I’m starting to worry that we are reverting to old ways with the bat

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope Hanley can return quickly and turn it around again.

      • Anonymous

        hopefully just a slump where at least we are still finding ways to win most games

  5. Anonymous

    Rubby comes in to pitch bottom of 9th for Boston; team leading 15-10. First ML game this year for him

  6. Anonymous

    Yep – can’t win ’em all, and a game like this was bound to happen, blah, blah, blah…
    Figures it would happen with Kershaw on the mound.
    Hated the bunt call with CC at 2nd, no outs, and Punto up in the 6th after he had already doubled – then he comes up in his next AB and singles. And if you get 4 hits in a single inning and only scratch across one run, you know it ain’t your night.
    Still in 1st place by 5 – go get ’em tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Punto did not double in the game at all. He did double on Monday. When he came up to bunt he was 5 for last 31. But he was hitting LH with a BA of 212 for the season (I have no access to splits except YTD) That is his weak side.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm, my bad – musta imagined that – wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last!

        • Anonymous

          no outs is the reason for the bunt so there are 2 chances to get the run in from 3rd, this is with the 8 hitter up.

          • Anonymous

            Uh ya, Obliviously – but still Punto hitting LH there would be better off hitting it to the right side to get the runner over – then there is also a chance he finds the hole between the 1st and 2nd baseman, or lines it over the infield to score the run, or gets a pitch he can drive in the air deep enough, or… – there are more ways than one to get the runner over, and by swinging away you can get the runner over with the added benefit of possibly not giving away an out, possibly scoring the runner from 2nd, etc, etc

  7. Anonymous

    coming into tonight, where Kershaw ranks in run support :

    • Anonymous

      If we aren’t gonna score much, when the Kid is pitching is the time to do it. In the 13 games he has started that we have scored two runs or less, he has won four (and been tagged with six losses)

  8. Spence

    This felt like it was going to be a loss after Dre swung 3-0 on GIDP. Hopefully Donnie realized tonight that League still sucks and not to use him in close games.

  9. Anonymous

    Ironic that it was only the D-backs who won from the west

  10. Anonymous

    Oh well. Go get em tomorrow.

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