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Kershaw CLXXVI: Kershawrks and Recreation

Dodgers at Marlins, 9:40 a.m.

Dodgers since June 22
Number of games: 54
Record in those games: 44-10 (.815)
Number of games allowing more than three runs: 17
Record in those games: 12-5 (.706)
Number of games allowing three runs or less: 27
Record in those games: 32-5 (.865)


August 21 game chat


Kershaw brews, Dodgers cruise


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

  2. thescrounger

    Would that perhaps be 9:40 AM?

  3. KT

    Bob Timmermann ‏@bobtimmermann1m
    Houston will be eliminated from AL West contention with their next loss AND if Texas or Oakland win one more game. #mlbdeathwatch

  4. mike_tink

    Jon, 54 games, 44-10.

  5. Every game counts so I know this is silly but I do wish Kershaw or Greinke, at least one of them, were pitching in the Red Sox series since there’ll be such a spotlight on that. The Sox won’t be facing our best two BUT Ryu at home has been excellent. And first, let’s get this one!

    Happy breakfast game everyone.

    • Bob_Hendley

      We going to have a national broadcast for any of the games against the Bosox?

      • KT

        fox saturday and ESPN sunday

        • Bob_Hendley

          Need to gird myself for all the upcoming Puig BS.

          • leekfink

            This is triple-plus ungood. It interleague play, which is awful; the national broadcasts mean Puig navel gazing nonsense (rather than pointing out that after nearly 3 months, he’s obviously for real); and the “national” “broadcasts” (which are either not national or not broadcasts–discuss) means no Vinny.

  6. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers7m
    Breakfast and baseball! #ITFDB

  7. Bob_Hendley


  8. KT

    Nice play Shoe!

  9. scooplew

    Dodgers vs. each division starting with June 22:

    NL WEST 14-4
    Arizona 3-0
    San Diego 2-0
    San Francisco 5-1
    Colorado 4-3

    NL CENTRAL 10-2
    Chicago 4-0
    Cincinnati 3-1
    St. Louis 3-1
    Milwaukee 0-0
    Pittsburgh 0-0

    NL EAST 13-3
    New York 3-0
    Washington 3-0
    Philadelphia 5-2
    MIami 2-1
    Atlanta 0-0

    AL EAST 7-1
    Tampa Bay 3-0
    Toronto 3-0
    New York 1-1
    Baltimore 0-0
    Boston 0-0

  10. KT

    Cut4 ‏@Cut42m
    Jayson Werth completely froze when Carlos Villanueva threw him an Eephus pitch:

    • Bob_Hendley

      Maybe the only thing he can’t hit at this point. NL POM in July and having a torrid August as well.

  11. KT

    Way to get hit in the shoe Shoe

  12. KT

    setting up the DP

  13. Bob_in_Vegas

    Kersh needs an adjustment like Zack made last night.

  14. Bob_Hendley

    On gameday. Can’t tell who is more erratic, the ump or Clayton.

  15. Bob_Hendley

    For those with eyes, shallow flyout to Puig or fear of the gun?

    • KT

      both….would have been out by 30 ft

      • dalegribel

        So he saves a run. There’s now one in the bank for his next “lapse”. Someone please inform Plaschke and Morosi.

  16. Bob_in_Vegas

    One of the many pieces of wisdom I remember from Vinny is ‘It’s sometimes better to be lucky than good.’ . . . Until he gets good again, at least Kersh is lucky.
    Now let’s score some runs!

  17. dalegribel

    Reds strike first. up 1-0.

  18. leekfink

    Now Mattingly has benched Hanley! It’s madness–tomorrow he’ll probably bench Kershaw!

    • mike_tink

      he said before the series that Hanley would start 3 of the 4 games

      • leekfink

        It’s possible that I am violating Rule 7 AND 8, by sarcastically continuing to pick on the Plashke, etc. “Bench Puig” crowd.
        But I am willing to bet he benches Kershaw tomorrow!

  19. RBI

    Is Clayton getting squeezed as much as Gameday says?

  20. Jack Dawkins

    Game day say in play no out, then Puig flies out sharply….which is it?

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Double — thought HR but hit the top of the wall.

      • Jack Dawkins

        Thanks, looks like the 422 mark. Talk about right swing wrong ballpark.

    • KT

      1 foot shy of a hr to dead CF hit the top of the wall ended up a double…he thought he hit it out was running with his head down to 1st base

    • Bob_Hendley

      They had to wait for the official scorer.

  21. scooplew

    According to Gameday, Puig went 2-for-3 on that at bat — single, line out, double.

  22. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, gotta get the run!

  23. KT

    thought they had it

  24. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Juan!

  25. Skip Schumaker is one away from the L.A. Dodgers record of three HBP in a game, 7/3/06 by Nomar Garciaparra.

  26. Jack Dawkins

    Chance for kershaw to show the hitter he was last year.

  27. Bob_in_Vegas

    Help yourself, Kersh!

  28. KT


  29. Bob_in_Vegas

    Kersh: ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.’

  30. Bob_in_Vegas

    I like knowing it’s gonna be good before hearing it!

  31. Bob_in_Vegas

    I hope running on the basepaths doesn’t affect the Kid (in this game, can’t really tell!) — but I’m sure he’s glad he was out there running!

    • dalegribel

      This season, I would hope he’s kind of gotten used to it.

  32. KT

    Let’s score more…7 pitch inning

  33. ASW1

    Love the shutdown inning after scoring 3.

  34. Bob_in_Vegas

    Straight A’s get the run — Andre & AJ!

  35. Bob_in_Vegas

    Again, the scoring with 2 outs.

  36. ASW1

    Kershaw 50-0 in his starts when getting 4 or more runs in support.

  37. KT

    go to third AJ WP!

  38. Bob_in_Vegas


  39. Bob_in_Vegas

    I’m getting back a little of that lovin’ feeling from before the back-to-back losses — that the Blue can score from anywhere in the lineup . . . no matter how many outs there are.

  40. KT

    72 pitches after 5…we’re good

    • Bob_Hendley

      Yep. BTW, you looking forward to an appearance by the bearded one?

  41. ASW1

    Took a few innings but Kershaw firmly in the zone now.

    • ASW1

      Even when he’s “off” still can’t score on him.

  42. ASW1

    I wish Collins and Lyons would knock off talking about the Kid throwing no-hitters and perfect games fercryinoutloud – they been harping on it all day. No hitters are nice but fluky – let alone perfect games. Nothing fluky about Kershaw.
    Enough already.

    • WBBsAs

      Don’t expect any insights from Collins and Lyons, and you will not be disappointed.

      • ASW1

        Yeah – listening to these two really makes me miss Vin when the Dodgers hit the road.

        • WBBsAs

          Vin is irreplaceable but, next year, the Guggenheimers will hopefully decide the team needs other announcers commensurate with the Dodgers’ talent.

  43. KT

    nice inning Clayton …for those of you who care 83 pitches

  44. KT

    ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo9m
    Yasiel Puig’s 4th-inning 2B at Marlins Park went 436 ft. Would have been HR at 27 of 30 parks (Marlins Park, Minute Maid Park, Chase Field).

    • ASW1

      That one would have been a Tater in a few parks as well.

      • Bob_Hendley

        On the bright side, the dimensions help reduce the chances of seeing that thing in leftfield light up.

  45. KT

    Puig SAC!!

  46. Bob_Hendley

    Skippy needs to step up to the plate and then step into one. (to achieve Dodger immortality)

    • ASW1

      Signed a 3-yr/21 mil contract this past offseason? Don’t know who his agent is, but he’s good, damned good.

  47. ASW1

    1-1 bottom 8 in Cincy btw

  48. Bob_in_Vegas

    Sure like the DP ball when the Dodgers are on D!

  49. KT

    2-1 reds

  50. ASW1

    Gonna be sweet to be going into the weekend series against the BoSox with a well-rested ‘pen.

  51. ASW1

    Nice short-hop by Shoe there.

  52. J.P. Hoonstra says Wilson is warming up.

  53. Godlschmidt singles to start top of the ninth for Arizona. Tying run on with none out against LeCure.

  54. Bob_in_Vegas

    Did not like the start of the game, but just about everything since: scoring in three different innings . . . with 2 outs . . . nice defensive plays . . . no runs — earned or otherwise — given up by Kersh . . . and, hopefully. a turning of the pond in the standings.

  55. One out later, Aaron Hill singles. Runners on first and second.

  56. Okay, bearded guy, close it out.

  57. btimmer

    The best part is the blue scrunchy in the beard.

  58. KT

    He Gone!

  59. Watching a former Giant come in after a year off due to injury makes me remember Dave Dravecky and that awful image of him collapsing on the mound after throwing a pitch.

  60. Bob_in_Vegas

    Yay, Cincy!

  61. Bob_in_Vegas

    The pond has turned . . . Dodgers once trailed by 9 1/2, now lead by 9 1/2!

  62. KT

    Ball Game Dodgers Win!!!! Still Streaking!!!!

    23 games over .500

    won 22 of last 25 on the road (.880), best road record in NL 38-27

    won 18 of last 21 gms (.857), 28-5 since ASB (.848) , 45-10 since 6/22 (.818),

    9.5 gms ahead of the Dbags, 2nd largest lead by a division leader

    #2 seed, 3 gms back of the #1 seed

    18 straight series win or tie 14-0-4

  63. KT

    Run differential for the Dodgers:

    258-150 since 6/22

    105 – 72 6/22 – ASB

    153 – 78 second half

  64. KT

    Dodgers are in 2nd place in the NL standings.

    Ahead of the Bucs because of head to head.

    3 games behind the Barves….very obtainable…Go BLUE!!!!

  65. Jack Dawkins

    Magic number 27. Seems reasonable it will be below 20 entering September. 95 wins also seems reasonable.

  66. ASW1

    Kershaw season ERA now down to 1.72

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      End-of-season agenda:
      (Hopefully celebrate)
      Lock down the Kid.

  67. foul tip

    Brian Wilson. Harrumph. So…will the Dodgers sign any more Beachboys?

  68. RBI

    Just checked in. Woo hoo!!! Another series.

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