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SportsNet LA officially set for February 25 launch

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By Jon Weisman

Today brings the official announcement that the new 24/7 Dodgers channel, SportsNet LA, will launch February 25, along with the official introduction of its on-air talent team: Orel Hershiser, Nomar Garciaparra, Charley Steiner, Jerry Hairston, Alanna Rizzo and John Hartung, along with of course the previously announced master of it all, Vin Scully.

In addition to televising more than 140 live regular season games and every Spring Training game (with the exception of split squads) in its inaugural season, SportsNet LA will air classic games, live studio shows, numerous original programs and more.

Scully will call all Dodger home games and road games for SportsNet LA in California and Arizona. Steiner and Hershiser will team up on the other SportsNet LA games, with Hershiser appearing on the pregame and postgame shows when Scully is broadcasting.

Steiner and Rick Monday will be the radio team for Dodger games that Scully is manning for television, following the simulcast portion.

Garciaparra (who will provide color commentary next to Monday’s play-by-play on the remaining road radio games) and Hairston will contribute to the pregame and postgame. Rizzo will host those shows from Dodger Stadium, while also serving as an in-game reporter for the Steiner-Hershiser telecasts.

Hartung will be the in-studio host for Sports Net LA’s live studio shows.

Time Warner Cable is committed to carrying SportsNetLA when it launches, and discussions are taking place with other distributors, such as DirecTV. To make your voice heard on this matter, visit or call your provider to tell them you need the network.

In the meantime, you can follow SportsNet LA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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  1. Are they no longer simulcasting Vin on the radio?

  2. Great picture! Thanks for the breakdown Jon. Who will do the Spanish games on TV?

  3. So the games Vin is doing, Rick gets the day off?

  4. “Steiner and Hershiser will be the radio team for Dodger games that Scully is manning for television, following the simulcast portion.”

  5. Will the Dodgers still be part of the MLB Extra Innings Package?

  6. All Home games/west coast road games(excluding Colorado) = TV-Vin; RADIO-Vin(3 innings) Steiner and Hershiser (rest of game)

    All Road games= TV- Steiner and Hershiser; RADIO- Monday and Garciaparra

  7. Yes need to know will MLB Extra Innings Package feature the Dodgers for us fans who do not live in the LA area? It would be a shame to not see our TEAM! Go Dodgers!

  8. Just called Directv and told them I’ll be leaving if they don’t pick up Sports Net LA. #ineedmydodgers

  9. Hope they get agreements with other providers other than Time Warner BEFORE the season starts.

  10. Wait, Rick Monday is no longer doing the radio??? NOOOOO!

  11. What happened to Steve Lyons?? He’s the best, next to Vin and Rick Monday..

  12. Jerry Hairston landed on his feet, huh? Good for him.

  13. atxnole

    Any chance that TWC bit will refer to areas outside of LA as well? The concept of getting to see most all Dodgers games here in Austin would be amazing. (TWC subscriber)

  14. I read what you posted, Jon, but I’ve also seen conflicting reports re: Monday’s roll on games Vin is working TV. Will radio be Steiner/Hershiser in those games, as you posted, or will it be Seiner and Monday?

  15. Jon Weisman

    So yes, I did have a mistake. Steiner-Monday will do radio on every game that Steiner isn’t on TV. When Steiner is on TV, it’s Monday-Garciaparra.

  16. What is situation with DirectTV?

  17. Is there any chance of an online subscription for those who don’t have the channel available in their area or don’t want the super extended deluxe package? I really hate how these media companies make me pay hundreds each month for thousands of channels when the only thing I want to see on television is the Dodgers.

  18. Jon Weisman

    All online baseball viewing goes through the existing MLB packages and is subject to local blackout restrictions.

    As for the second point, it’s just the way it is. It’s not much different than paying taxes to help maintain all the roads in a given area, even if you only use a certain amount.

    With an a la carte viewing model, lots of smaller channels would disappear, and the cost of the remaining channels would skyrocket. Some wouldn’t mind that, but you’re never going to make everyone happy.

  19. Will the Dodgers be on Cox Communication in San Diego County ?

  20. And what of all us DishTv viewers? It will be a damn shame if Dodger supporters like myself – a 50 year supporter – can not see the games! I feel the Dodgers are letting us down as they SHOULD have received from Dish/Direct as well as from TWC, that all of us will be able to see our beloved Dodgers! If they really cared about us, & not the 8 bil(6 after MLB fees), this would have happened already!
    I hope my point is moot, but if not? shame on them all!

  21. This is what I got from the Submission of my name & Dish Tv:”As of now, Dish is not carrying SportsNet LA. The good news is that SportsNet LA is available on Time Warner Cable (1-866-744-1678) in your area.”!

    This may change but Dish already lost the Lakers, so I doubt it ! Angers me to no end, they haggle over millions & more, at our expense, yet it is us who pays their bills !

    and the Dodgers insider’s attitude of it’s just the way it is, is BS as it doesn’t have to be like this, as now not only do the cable/satellite providers use us viewers as pawns, now the Dodgers are too!

  22. Any news on FIOS carrying the channel yet?

  23. I live in Israel how can I see the Dodgers on line here? need my fix after 3 years

  24. As long as Direct TV carries the channel, it’s all good. If they don’t, I’ll be VERY angry.

  25. trublu4ever

    Me too! It would suck for those of us who don’t live in L.A.

  26. A shame Steve Lyons was not retained as he doesn’t sugar coat it, he knows the game & offers some wonderful insight ! I know Charlie is a Play by play man, but I still would have kept Steve over Charlie!
    Love to hear Monday & may be only choice as Dodgers screwed this whole thing up, so far! I preferred Eric over Charlie, Orel is fine & Nomar? Jury still out.

  27. Agree with you Jane! Assume the Dodgers brass didn’t like his objectivity & honesty!

  28. I will miss Steve Lyons very much. He told it how it is. What a waste not having him. His interviews were down to earth and very interesting.

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