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Dodger retired numbers to be placed opposite World Series banners

A rendering of how the retired numbers will look after repositioning.

A rendering of how the retired numbers will look after repositioning.

By Jon Weisman

The circular displays honoring the 10 retired numbers in Dodger history are being moved from the outfield pavilion overhangs to the left-field club level overhang, in a placement that will mirror the World Series banners on the right-field side of the club level.

In addition, the palm trees known as the Three Sisters, which were temporarily moved to protect them during the renovations beyond the bullpen, will be moved back into position next week, according to Dodger senior vice president of planning and development Janet Marie Smith.


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  1. Nice place to move the numbers,,so half the stadium can’t see them

  2. that looks awful

  3. I don’t think this photoshop picture portrays the new location very well. I’ll withold my opinion until I see it in person.
    QUESTION: Why is #42 different?

    • its different because of Jackie Robinson. They always are in a different color in every single MLB stadium.

    • It’s different because #42 is retired throughout all Major League Baseball. No one has that number in the whole league, but everyone wears it one day out of the year. Not sure if it’s on the anniversary of his first game or his birthday.

  4. For Dodgers Stadium, he was the FIRST retired Jersey, the rest we all know well, and if not rent “42 on Blu Ray”

    • Koufax, Campanella, and Robinson were the first Dodgers to have their numbers retired, in a ceremony at Dodger Stadium on June 4, 1972. This was the year in which Koufax was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame; Robinson and Campanella were already Hall-of-Famers. that day is the earliest memory i have of being at a dodger game.

  5. I agree that other teams should have it designated differently, but we retired it way before them for his play, not just his impact… plus, having his stand out because it is a different color is a bit ironic.

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Looks good.

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