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Kershaw to miss Sunday start

By Jon Weisman

From the Dodgers public relations department:

“This morning in Los Angeles, Clayton Kershaw underwent a MRI of his left upper back that showed inflammation of the Teres Major muscle. This was a result of complaints of tightness while throwing yesterday at the workout. He will be held out of his start on Sunday. His next start will be determined by his progress with his throwing during the next week.”


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  1. Hopefully nothing too serious

  2. leekfink

    I am about to put my head in the oven.

  3. Wonder if it has anything to do with two long plane flights?

  4. messagebear

    It’s all part of what I call the Guggenheim curse – overpaying for a franchise and colluding with Frank McCourt. Their new long term contracts are destined to break their baseball investment; first Kemp, now Kershaw. Their ill-gotten cable deal has turned off the Dodger games for too many in the TV audience, and the Guggenheims don’t deserve any better. Just watch that curse unravel the season.

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