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You’ll feel better when …

By Jon Weisman

… Dodger relievers stop walking opposing batters at rates we haven’t seen, as my grandmother would say, in a dog’s age. More specifically, since before the team’s last World Series title.

Reliever walks 1988-2014On the bright side, there’s reason to hope the walks will taper off. Most Dodger relievers are walking more batters than they typically do.

Reliever walks 2014


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  1. Stop Brian Wilson from pitching, he is a has been and everytime he pitches we tend to lose the game even though we are winning at the time.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    Good point Jon, I knew I noticed more walks lately by our bullpen but I didn’t think there was any cause for alarm but I see where I was wrong. You’re right this has to stop. What I noticed also is that the offense, as usual, just isn’t gelling. Kemp and Ethier are a good example, when one is hot the other is cold. It seems the more men we have on base, especially in scoring position, the worse we do. Without the occasional Homerun we’d be nowhere. Have to get a move on before the Giants will be heading for their simi annual world championship.

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