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The mechanics of dating: Lesson 76

By Jon Weisman

With the Dodger Stadium 76 station being re-adapted for use as an event space, starting with Viva Los Dodgers on Sunday, I’ve been looking back at some old 76 ads featuring Murph and the gang that used to air during Dodger games.

So my question is, why couldn’t Jill follow her own advice?


Roy Campanella-Pee Wee Reese bobblehead, July 12


May 8 pregame: Sun, we missed you


  1. leekfink

    Is it completely re-purposed, or does it still have service there? We actually used the Union 76 station–our car broke down on the 110N just past downtown on the way to the Stadium, and we had it towed to the Stadium 76 station.

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