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Dodger Insider magazine — May edition (and a word to subscribers)

May 2014 magazine coverBy Jon Weisman

First, a word to Dodger Insider subscribers. I have recently heard that confirmation e-mails have said that it only takes two weeks to process a subscription order. The reality is that it normally takes four to six weeks  — that’s a timeframe common to the magazine industry, particularly for a monthly. In other words, if you ordered your subscription in late March or early April, your subscription would begin with the May issue, as was noted last month. (I’m having the wording on the confirmation e-mails adjusted.)

Also please note that these issues are timed to be printed for the first home game of the month. With the Dodgers not playing their first home game of May until tonight, that created the possibility of a later timetable for the May issue.

That being said, I still want to apologize for the tardiness of this month’s delivery. There was a timing issue that cost us about eight days in the delivery cycle. I understand your frustration, and I really do appreciate your patience. Believe me — no one is more eager than me to get every issue of Dodger Insider in your hands. But the issue is coming. And I have taken steps to make sure the June issue is delivered in as rapidly as possible.

If you have any subscription issues or questions, please call the magazine’s subscription fulfillment center at (877) 258-3062. If for some reason that doesn’t help, please leave a message in the comments section of this post. I am bookmarking it and will check it daily.

To order the magazine, either in print or digital form, you can visit our magazine page. And of course, it’s available for sale throughout Dodger Stadium.

* * *

Inside May 2014With that out of the way …

The May issue of Dodger Insider has several great features, including our cover story that examines in-depth the challenges Matt Kemp faced in coming back from his many serious injuries. Kemp, who before play Thursday had exactly 100 at-bats, a .250 batting average and .800 OPS, isn’t quite where he wants to be, but the power remains encouraging — and rather remarkable given all he’s been through.

Among the other news and feature stories are an interview with Dodger general manager Ned Colletti, analyses of defensive shifts and pitch counts (the latter by Mike Petriello of Dodgers Digest), a feature on 17-year-old pitching prodigy Julio Urias, a 40th-anniversary retrospective on the 1974 Dodgers — the winningest team in Los Angeles history — and much, much more.

As always, the magazine showcases the great photography of Jon SooHoo, Juan Ocampo and Jill Weisleder, and also has numerous fun games and challenges for kids ages 1 to immortal.

But the real treat of this month’s issue is “Dodgers Roadshow,” where Dodger team historian Mark Langill takes us through nearly a century of strange and wonderful Dodger memorabilia, most of which I expect you’ve never seen before much less imagined. It’s really fun stuff.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do, because there’s more to come in June and beyond.


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  1. I ordered a subscription in March, but never got any confirm. I did see the charge was taken out of my bank account. How can I check my status? I want to be sure I am all set and will receive the mag/yearbook whenever it is sent. I called the # but just had the lady take my name and number. Thanks.

    • Jon Weisman

      I see you on the mailing list starting with the May issue, Eric. Thanks.

  2. We have a print subscription. How do we access the digital copy?

    • Jon Weisman

      You can go to – but the print and digital subscriptions are a separate fee (at least for now).

      • Thanks, Jon. That would certainly explain my experience trying to read the digital copy – but as useful as we find Dodger Insider, we’ll just have to stay old school and read the print copy rather than pony up another $24.95 (after paying $40 with our season tix renewal for the print copy). One can only hope that Dodger Insider someday follows the model of every other periodical and daily to which we subscribe and includes digital access with print subscriptions.

  3. I received confirmation of my print subscription, and that’s fine. But my impression, Jon, was that my subscription would start with the issue that featured Vin. That hasn’t arrived.

    • Jon Weisman

      Vin is featured in the 2014 yearbook. That should also be on its way to you now (finally) and arriving in the next 7-10 days.

  4. Thank you Jon! I appreciate the help.

  5. Jon Weisman

    I hear you, Larry.

  6. I received my confirmation email and to date, no first issue. Its a shame they are sending the May edition as the first copy. We should be entitled to the April edition as well (hello.. Clayton edition!). I have sent an email to the email address handling the issues and I hope this get resolved very soon. After going to the every homestand to date, I could very easily have purchased every magazine INCLUDING the yearbook which is everywhere throughout the stadium. I’m kinda regretting purchasing the subscription now.

    • Jon Weisman

      Hi Gilda –

      Your subscription order was received in late March. By then, we had already processed the mailing of the April issue. As explained above, the subscription takes 4-6 weeks to process typically (and unfortunately, in the case of the May issue, about a week longer than that).

      The first issue of the year was actually the March issue, with Hanley Ramirez on the cover. We start each person’s subscriptions as quickly as we can, but because the mailings are in bulk, we can’t process them just as they come.

      You should be receiving the May issue imminently. It has been mailed. If you don’t get it this week, please contact me again here. I apologize for the delay.

  7. tobysaloga

    Hi Jon,

    I subscribed 54 days ago (March 23), and not expecting anything to show up today (Saturday), that will make Monday over 8 weeks. I haven’t received anything (ordered the yearbook & media guide, along with the magazine). Before you mentioned that it was 4-6 weeks to process the subscription, I had emailed twice (the email address that was included in this website when the magazine was introduced to us), and received no response. I then called (3 weeks ago) to the number that was in that same post, and 2 weeks ago was called back by a gentleman stating that my subscription started with the May issue (to my disappointment), and that I would be receiving it in about a week. That week passed, and now this week has passed, and I have still not received the magazine. He mentioned in the voicemail, that I would receive the yearbook at a later date (does that mean the all star break), but mentioned nothing about the Media guide. I guess I’m questioning why the March & April issue was previewed on here, but am wondering who actually received those print issues.

    • Jon Weisman

      I’m very sorry about these poor results. If you leave me your full name, I will check specifically on what is happening with you.

      To answer your last question, the March and April issues were previewed for those who were already subscribers and who might be buying individual issues, at the ballpark for example.

      • tobysaloga

        Hi Jon,

        Thanks for getting back to me quickly. My full name is Toby Saloga. Sorry about the rant in the previous post, but was just frustrated at the timeline of this process. I realize I’m from out-of-state, (Oregon) and mail may take 2-3 days to get here, but it’s really just more anxiousness than anything. By the way, that really was a great book, (100 things Dodgers Fans…) and I recommend it to any Dodgers fan. Thanks again.

  8. Jon Weisman

    Thanks, Toby. I’ll have a response to you by Monday afternoon.

  9. Jon Weisman

    Toby – You should have received the May issue by now. We are assuming something must have happened in transit. We are sending you a fresh copy of the May issue today, and I’m very hopeful that the June issue will arrive for you in a much more timely fashion. Thanks again for your patience – I know it’s frustrating.

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