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More stats you won’t believe about Clayton Kershaw’s scoreless streak

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By Jon Weisman

What’s the best part of Clayton Kershaw’s 36-inning scoreless streak, now the third-longest in Dodger history after his latest magical act, taming Coors Field in a 9-0 Dodger victory?

  • That he’s struck out 35 percent of the batters he has faced?
  • That opponents have an OPS against him – not batting average, but OPS – of .292?
  • That 18 of the 36 innings have been perfect innings?
  • That while opponents are batting .124 against him, Kershaw has hit .273 against his opponents?

For me, I think it’s this:

Not only have no runners scored in Kershaw’s past 36 innings, but only three have reached third base – two of those thanks to errors. Kershaw has faced 129 batters, and only one has reached third base via hits or walks.

Only six other runners have reached second base. That means in 36 innings, a grand total of nine runners have been in scoring position. Even if all nine of those runners scored, Kershaw’s ERA in this period would only be 2.25.

Instead, of course, it’s 0.00.

For all this data and more, click on this batter-by-batter breakdown of Kershaw’s streak below to enlarge.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.18.31 PM


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  1. Interesting to see that 16 times during the streak Kershaw started with a strikeout. Only 5 times did the inning start with the first batter reaching base. That’s the way to reduce runs being scored!
    Speaking of 16, only 16 times does an outfielder record the out.
    That’s what stands out to me.

  2. Jon, I hope you read this, because I am about to hand you a piece of trivia on a silver platter. In 1988, Orel Hershiser broke Don Drysdale’s record, and the photo of Big D greeting him is a cherished one. Big D was there because that was his first year as a Dodger broadcaster. And in 2014, as Kershaw tries to climb his mountain (I must invoke The Vin), who is a new broadcaster for the Dodgers?

    • Jon Weisman

      Thanks, MIchael, but you can’t think I hadn’t made that connection, can you? :)

      • No, I shoulda known better! No one is going to beat you on this. But I can’t wait to hear The Vin say it out loud!

  3. berkowit28

    This is a bit like the old Minotaur days on Dodger thoughts in 2006, when I first joined DT, and 2007. Walk softly, don’t speak loudly so as not to jinx it, but there’s this great pitcher on his way to possibly stupendous achievement.

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    This is all simply amazing.

  5. Excellent job by you Jon pointing all these about Kershaw. I was disappointed with today’s LA times coverage. Soccer and the Angels coverage is larger.

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