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Clayton Kershaw supreme again (and Adrian Gonzalez is hot)

By Jon Weisman

There’s a risk of taking Clayton Kershaw for granted, which I sincerely do not do. No matter my expectations, I genuinely take pleasure each and every time he fulfills and surpasses them, as he did in tonight’s 5-0 victory over San Francisco.

Coming off what — ridiculously — was his worst start since May, a seven-inning, three-run no decision at St. Louis, Kershaw came back and simply put the Giants to sleep. He went nine innings on 113 pitches, allowing two hits and one walk while striking out seven.

The lefty magician threw his ninth career shutout and third career two-hitter.

Kershaw went to ball three on the second and third batters he faced tonight. He gave up a 3-1 single to Gregor Blanco, and then, on a 3-2 pitch, induced a double-play grounder from Buster Posey. And that was all but it. Kershaw retired 25 of the last 28 batters, allowing only a single, a walk and a runner to reach base on an error, and went to ball three on merely six batters all game.

Since June 1, Kershaw has thrown 77 innings in 10 starts, allowing eight runs for a 0.94 ERA. He has allowed 39 hits, walked eight and struck out 95.

But while celebrating Kershaw without fail, we can risk overlooking some other players. And to that end, let me just say this: Isn’t it nice when Adrian Gonzalez gets on a roll?

Gonzalez had three more hits tonight, including two doubles (admittedly one that Hunter Pence lost in the sun, though it was still well-struck). Since the All-Star Break, Gonzalez has appeared rejuvenated, going 13 for 31 with four doubles, a homer and five walks. That’s a .486 on-base percentage and .645 slugging percentage. That’s good stuff.

[mlbvideo id=”34837415″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]

OK, so I ended up writing more about Kershaw than Gonzalez. Sometimes, it’s hard to ignore the best on the planet.

And I almost forgot to tell you. The Dodgers are in first place.


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  1. Hey Jon. Kershaw ended up with a pitch count of 113 for the complete game shutout. Nevermind, you have cleaned that up.
    Still love reading your writing!

  2. Adrian Gonzalez is doing well since the all-star break maybe Mattingley should consider using Van Slyke more against lefties to give Adrian more rest and keep him fresh.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    A magnificent performance by the great one and AGon is the man with his 68 RBI.

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