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A Happier 9/11

RJEvery year at Dodger Thoughts, I would run this remembrance of the September 11, 1983 game at Dodger Stadium that was, at least until 2006’s 4+1 game (four homers in the ninth, one on the 10th), the most incredible game in Dodger Stadium history. (It’s amazing to me that the story itself is now 11 years old.)

Here is a link to the story.

— Jon Weisman


On switching outfielders


Video: Vin Scully speaking on September 11, 2001


  1. oldbrooklynfan

    In those days I was following the Dodgers mostly by the printed word or on occasion when they happened to be on television in the New York area.
    I guess all I knew about that game was that they won.
    Reading this article makes me a lot happier, thanks to modern technology, I’ll see most of the great Dodger moments, if not all of them.
    I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Well I was at that game. If memory serves me Claudell Washington lost a fly ball in the sun in that 9th inning. Wow 1983!

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