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Chat wrap: Farhan Zaidi on @Dodgers

By Jon Weisman

We had a good time Friday with general manager Farhan Zaidi taking over the Dodgers’ Twitter account for nearly 45 minutes to chat with fans, even if Zaidi couldn’t answer every specific question asked, jokingly or naively, about what deals the Dodgers might do in the future. (That’s not how life works.) Still, Zaidi got in some fun replies along the way. Here’s how it went …

To wrap things on our end this morning, here’s the song Zaidi chose as his walkup music …


Dodger Insider magazine — March 2015 edition


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  1. But Zaidi never answered Drank’s question if he would pet that cat. Sigh

  2. He did really well, and love his sense of humor coming out. Especially for the sillier (or jerkier) questions. Maybe not able to give everyone all the answers they want right now diplomatically, but good stuff.

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