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Adrian Gonzalez homered in four straight at-bats

San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgers

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Adrian Gonzalez’s season to date
First inning: Lined to third
Fourth inning: Homered to right
Fifth inning: Singled to right
Seventh inning: Doubled to right
Eighth inning: Struck out swinging
First inning: Called out on strikes
Fourth inning: Singled to left
Sixth inning: Doubled to center
Eighth inning: Homered to right-center
First inning: Homered to right-center
Third inning: Homered to right-center
Fifth inning: Homered to right-center
Sixth inning: Singled to center

By Jon Weisman

Adrian Gonzalez set a Major League record by hitting five home runs in his first three games, but you can this to his feats: Gonzalez became the 23rd player to homer in four consecutive at-bats. The most recent was another Gonzalez, Carlos of the Rockies, in 2012.

The Dodger first baseman’s streak began with his eighth-inning homer Tuesday and continued through his blasts in the first, third and fifth innings Wednesday — all to right-center field.

The funny thing about Gonzalez’s streak is that it is bracketed by hits — his sixth-inning double Tuesday and his sixth-inning single Wednesday. Heading into today’s off day for the Dodgers, Gonzalez has hits in seven consecutive at-bats.

For the season, Gonzalez is 10 for 13 with three singles, two doubles and five homers, for a .769 batting average and on-base percentage and a brain-shattering 2.077 slugging percentage — he is averaging more than two bases per at-bat. He has yet to ground out or fly out. In his first at-bat of the season, he lined the opposite way to third base, then struck out once in each of his first two games.

Shawn Green is the last Dodger to hit four homers in a game, on May 23, 2002, but they were preceded by a first-inning double and interrupted by an eighth-inning single. Starting that day, Green homered seven times in three games, and in the next month also hit five homers in a three-game stretch.


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  1. oldbrooklynfan

    This is what you call having a big series. Very big.

  2. rbloom1

    4 HRs in 4 straight at-bats is a Big Deal. It’s been done just 23 times. That’s the same as the number of perfect games in MLB history.
    !Viva El Mariachi Loco!

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