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Koufax’s perfect game, from the eyes of his catcher


Today is the 50th anniversary of Sandy Koufax’s perfect game. In this piece for the September issue of Dodger Insider magazine, Cary Osborne listened to Koufax’s catcher, Jeff Torborg, tell the story from his point of view of the historic event. (Click the image below to enlarge.)

— Jon Weisman



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  1. jpavko

    and Jeff Torborg’s other claim to fame is that his son, Dale is a professional wrestler known as “The Beast”

  2. If you were to ask me what my most favorite, cherished moment with my father was… the answer would be easy. It happened 50 years ago tonight… September 9,1965. I was 10 years old and we lived in Springfield,Illinois. Don’t remember the exact day but it was during the week cause I had to get up and go to school the next day. I got up in what seemed like the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and Dad told me that Sandy Koufax had a perfect game going thru 5 innings. …. I remember not wanting to jinx it so I told Dad to wake me up if he still had it going in the 7th inning. ….. I went to sleep and the next thing I knew, Dad was on the bed with his Zenith Transoceanic Radio with the Cubs broadcast listing to Lou Boudreau and Vince Loyd.We listened to the last 3 innings of Koufax’s Perfect Game without saying a word, building the kind of bond that only a father, son and baseball can have….. I have a copy of Vin Scully’s ninth inning call of that night. Every time i hear “Its 9:46 in the City of Angels.. Sandy into his windup… Here’s the pitch” I go back to being the 10 year old boy on my bed with his Dad. …..Miss you Buddy… THE LOVE AND TRADITION HAS BEEN PASSED ON .

  3. Very memorable game for me as well as a 12 year old. My first game at DS with my big brother driving us out from San Berdoo.

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