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Jimmy Rollins to guest-manage Dodgers today

By Jon Weisman

Jimmy Rollins will be the guest manager for today’s regular-season finale, and Kenley Jansen will be the guest pitching coach, Don Mattingly told reporters today. The opportunity arose when the Dodgers clinched home-field advantage for the National League Division series, which will now begin Friday at Dodger Stadium (game times to be announced).

Clayton Kershaw is expected to throw roughly 50-60 pitches in his final start. Kershaw needs six strikeouts to become the first pitcher since 2002 with 300, and needs 3 1/3 innings to lead the Majors in innings (which he probably cares more about).

Kershaw lost one milestone Saturday, when Max Scherzer surpassed him with most strikeouts (17) ever in a no-hit, no-walk MLB game.

The Dodgers have not set their NLDS rotation yet, Don Mattingly told reporters today, and will wait until after this week’s workouts to finalize their NLDS roster — including the number of pitchers vs. position players that they will include. Rosters aren’t due until the morning of the first game.


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Clayton 300Kershaw!


  1. I was thinking of when Vin was guest manager and had Fairly try to steal.

    A thought: what is your opinion of starting Alex Wood in one of the first two games? He loooooves Dodger Stadium.

    • You can’t go with anyone other than Kershaw and Greinke the first two games. I would go with Anderson on the road in game 3 however. Wood would be in the pen for me in the NLDS. Now as far as the NLCS, I would prefer Wood getting a start at Dodger Stadium than on the road.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    As usual I missed the game today as my daughter and I went to Citi Field for Fan Appreciation day, which we do every year.
    Next year it doesn’t fall on the last day of the season, as the Mets finish on the road so I’m looking forward to watching the Dodgers’ final game and see Mattingly’s, acting manager and pitching coach.

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