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Rags to Royals to riches

Congrats to Kansas City. With apologies for creating a false dichotomy, whose past 27 seasons (1989-2015) would you rather have, those of the Royals or those of the Dodgers?

— Jon Weisman


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Vin Scully in Variety, January 1950


  1. I’ll take the Royals last 27. The last 2 made up for the previous 25. Sorry but Division Titles aren’t enough for this Dodger fan.

  2. I’ll happily take the Dodgers’ 27 years. Near consistent relevance provides more engagement than stumbling into a lucky roll of the post-season dice. Looking forward for a decade, I’d take ten divisional titles and no crowns over nine sub-.500 finishes and one crown.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    I didn’t follow the Royals that much but I wouldn’t change this time, following the Dodgers, with anything.

  4. I find it interesting that Ned Yost is almost universally criticized for his managing … and yet somehow the players won. Hm.

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