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Andre Ethier’s return to be delayed

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Andre Ethier’s recovery from a March 18 right tibia fracture has slowed, and his expected June return has been delayed, Dave Roberts told reporters today.

Roberts said that there isn’t much new with Ethier, who hasn’t been running at full body weight. Roberts added that he has exchanged texts with Ethier and that he is anxious to get back to action.

— Jon Weisman


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  1. That’s too bad, would like to see him back before before July to get a good read on if trading Puig would be a possibility by the deadline.

  2. i wonder why dave roberts doesnt use jansen in save spots like he should. is this a ploy to cut down his saves so they dont have to pay him that much on a new contract at the end of the year.i bet the front office doesnt resign him at the end of the year. is this going to be another front office screw up.of all the money they spent on arm surgery pitchers they could of got one starting pitcher in free agency.

    • If, as you say, they don’t plan on resigning him why would they care how many saves he gets. In any event, evaluating a reliever on how many saves he gets is a fool’s game and doubt that any FO in the majors that would be competing for his services puts much stock in it.

    • Roberts has used him in every 9th inning, and some 8th inning save situations this year, so unless you think he can do more than 4 out saves all the time, not sure what you’re basing that thinking on. Last night, once the Dodgers made it 5-0, the 9th wasn’t a save situation any longer for example.
      Now I do agree about them not re-signing him, as I believe the payroll will continue to be reduced wherever possible, and this FO may not want to spend the 15M a year it may take on a closer.

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