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Looking at the Dodger bullpen, game by game

Bullpen log crop

Above is a snapshot of how each member of the Dodger bullpen has performed this season.

  • Green: A successful, no-complaints outing (no runs or inherited runs allowed)
  • Yellow: Under par, but inconsequential (such as mop-up work in a runaway game)
  • Red: Damage done (run or inherited run allowed in a non-runaway)

In 173 separate appearances this season so far, the Dodger bullpen had done its job 76.3 percent of the time, with that figure slightly higher in May.

— Jon Weisman


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  1. Great breakdown, basically they are at the percent I would say is acceptable (75%), just like last year at this time, mainly it’s 2 pitchers doing most of the damage (Hatcher being bad last year as well, before coming around in August). It would be nice though to have a true 8th inning setup guy that can be trusted, and that just isn’t there yet.

  2. Interesting chart,but, there is no true definition by whomever made the chart, of the color code. Green means successful, but in what regard. No runs were given up,,or,,only 2 runs were given up,,,or only 10 HRs were given up. Would have made more sense if runs and/or on base percentage, or hits given up were in the equation. A reference point.

    • Jon Weisman

      I clarified the meanings above.

    • I would assume good would be doing the job, as in, not giving up any runs (sure base hits/runners), yellow would be given up runs, but not the lead, and red is blowing the lead, or making a close situation worse.

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