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Milestones for Gonzalez, Segedin in Dodger win

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Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 8.47.39 PMBy Jon Weisman

Adrian Gonzalez hit his 300th career home run, while Rob Segedin drove in a club-record (for an MLB debut) four runs, in the Dodgers’ 8-5 victory over Boston tonight.

It’s important to relay the note from the Dodgers’ public-relations department that the previous franchise mark for RBI in a debut of  three was set by Packy Rogers, on July 12, 1938 vs. the Giants.

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Justin Turner became the first Dodger third baseman with 20 homers in a season since Adrian Beltre hit 48 in 2004, and Kenley Jansen struck out the side for the second day in a row, giving him seven consecutive whiffs.

About the only downside of tonight’s game is the mystery with Brandon McCarthy, who is looking for answers after walking a career-high five for the second straight game, in an outing that included multiple pitches miles from home plate.

After waking up exactly two games behind San Francisco in the National League West for eight consecutive mornings, the Dodgers will rise and shine Monday a single game out of first place.



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  1. oldbrooklynfan

    Congrats to all.

  2. McCarthy is starting to remind me of Rick Ankiel. Hopefully he can get things settled pretty quickly.

  3. McCarthy’s problems are NOT mental, this wildness is a side effect of TJ surgery. He needs to be examined to make sure his arm is well and have people quit trying to talk him into a mental problem.

    • You must know him and his mental state pretty well to be so confident

      • Jon Weisman

        Again, the problem isn’t that one person knows everything and the other doesn’t, it’s that either of you are so sure you’re right when neither of you can possibly have all the necessary information.

  4. Will someone please explain to me why Reddick, with his .220ish lifetime average against lefties, was in the lineup against Price? I know he’s trying but he just can’t hit lefties – didn’t yesterday and hasn’t in his career. Puig must have done something really awful for the Dodgers to give up on him and leave themselves this vulnerable against lefties.

    • Segedin certainly didn’t seem at all vulnerable to LHP. He has a history of mashing them. That’s a big part of why he was called up.

  5. Well, if Segedin works out and Reddick starts hitting (at least righties), then I’ll eat whatever comments I’ve said or written. I still think we’re a better team with Puig but I probably don’t know everything. Segedin’s medical history is scary – credit to him for overcoming his problems.

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