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Vin Scully has always been Easternmost in quality, Westernmost in flavor

Vin Scully gave us more than just Dodger games, of course. His indispensable Farmer John endorsements, his work in other sports and entertainment — it was all part of the Vin Scully Experience. Read more from Mark Langill and Cary Osborne below, via our Dodger Insider tribute to Vin Scully.

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Vin Scully sings at seventh-inning stretch


Kershaw, Dodgers look for anniversary clinch

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  1. Jon, as Vin likes to say, marvelous. A couple of things.

    One, I don’t remember Continental as a Dodger sponsor–it did sponsor the Angels. Was it ever on our broadcasts?

    Two, the best event promotion Vin and Jerry ever did was for a wiffle bat day. In the ad, they ended up hitting each other with the bats. And you all might have thrown in that when David Duchovny left “The X-Files,” the agent who teamed with Scully was named “John Doggett.” I was writing for a now-defunct publication in Las Vegas, where Jerry’s daughter lived, and I was able to interview her briefly, and she said that when the news came out Vin called her about it.

    About Vin’s non-baseball career, he also did a little bit of tennis on CBS and one of those “trashsports” shows, “Challenge of the Sexes.” As for football, Lon Simmons told the story that there was a charity game one time where he and Russ Hodges did a half at the time they were doing the 49ers, and Vin and Jerry did a half. Neither of them had done football for a while, and Lon said Vin sounded like he’d done the game forever. It figures.

    And a beautiful ceremony last night. Vin lost it a couple of times, and that’s unusual.

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