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Our first anniversary: It’s time again for Dodger Insider

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

By Jon Weisman

Welcome to Year 2 of Dodger Insider.

One year ago today, this blog launched with the hopes of complementing and extending the Dodger coverage on and in the team’s official magazine, which we renamed to underscore our desire to integrate print and digital. The 1,309 posts in the past 365 days testify to the effort, but you readers can judge how well we’ve succeeded.

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Shutter Speed: Great photos of 2014


By Jon Weisman

Each month in Dodger Insider magazine, our Shutter Speed section showcases the best in Dodger photography from the previous month. Enjoy some of my favorites from 2014, thanks to photographers Jon SooHoo, Juan Ocampo, Jill Weisleder and Patrick Gee.

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Introducing Dodger Insider magazine

March 2014 cover

By Jon Weisman

I’m pleased to introduce Dodger Insider magazine, the in-depth companion to the Dodger Insider blog.

The first of eight monthly editions in 2014 is on sale now. You can purchase a digital download of a single issue, or subscribe either to the digital (with embedded video links) or print editions.

The print subscription comes with a free 2014 Dodger yearbook which — trust me — you are going to want.

Print editions are also on sale at Camelback Ranch and Dodger Stadium.

As a teaser, we’re presenting “Team on a Mission,” this month’s cover story, online for free. So check that out, but understand that there’s much, much more content in the magazine itself — including great features, news stories, historical pieces, photos and games. The March preseason issue is 72 pages, with next month’s April issue coming in at well over 100.

Get your copy of Dodger Insider today!

Update: Print subscriptions will be available for online order next week, but to order a print subscription by phone today, call (877) BLUE-062.

Morning at Dodger Stadium

Jan. 5

By Jon Weisman

I’m beginning this shortly before 9 a.m. on Sunday at Dodger Stadium, where the club’s seventh annual Winter Development Program is getting underway. On a crisp January morning, the field is nearly empty, which as you might imagine makes it a fairly … oh, let’s make up a word here … exhalative setting. It couldn’t be more relaxing.

That being said, I came down here on a Sunday morning because I’m not relaxed. With Dodger Insider making its official launch, I felt a level of urgency that doesn’t exactly match up with the zen scene on the field. (Maybe that’s why I included the slightly foreboding descending seats at the top of my otherwise lovely shot of the field.)

There is the weight of expectations, and I bring that up mainly because I imagine, as we head into Spring Training, the season-opening sojourn to Australia and then the heart of the regular season, the team itself will feel an exponentially larger burden. Last year, Los Angeles came as close to the World Series as it’s been since 1988, but that’s not a laurel to rest upon. That’s a gauntlet, one that everyone in the organization recognizes.

There are no straight lines between January and October, no steady-as-she-goes escalators. It’s a zig-zag journey, the longest of heavyweight fights where the best you can hope is you’re still standing after absorbing every imaginable face and body blow. You try to win every moment, knowing that you can’t possibly win every moment. And you try to smell the roses, win or lose. (It’s a game, after all, however much it means to us.)

That’s the journey we’re going to chronicle in our print and online publications, and now here at Dodger Insider.

More to come, to say the least …

Our first pitch: It’s time for Dodger Insider

By Jon Weisman

Welcome to Dodger Insider!

We intend for this blog to quickly become a new destination for comprehensive Dodger coverage. Everything in the Dodger universe, from what’s happening on and off the field to the scoop on tickets, promotions and events in the community, you’ll find highlighted here. We’ll have interviews, video highlights, analysis, think pieces and more. We hope to be a reference guide for the casual and hardcore fan alike.

For those who know me from Dodger Thoughts, the big change will be that I’m no longer a one-man band. We’ll have contributions from several in the organization and insider access.

Monday is launch day. Get ready to enjoy the ride.

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