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Next season, Clayton Kershaw could become NL’s youngest with 2,000 K


By Jon Weisman

What historical milestone awaits Clayton Kershaw in 2016, other than hopefully his first World Series title?

If the lefty ace can strike out at least 254 batters by the end of the regular season October 2, he will become the youngest pitcher in National League history to reach 2,000 career strikeouts — by more than a year.

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The Los Angeles Giants?

Clark-JohnsonBy Jon Weisman

Well, there’s a word combination that will make your head spin.

But no, it’s not that the Dodgers’ top rivals are moving into (with apologies to the dearly departed Tom Magliozzi) our fair city. Rather, via Ernest Reyes at Blue Heaven, we find from the site Agate Type that more than 100 years ago, there was a Los Angeles Giants team made up of black baseball players — and future Hall of Famer Walter Johnson faced them in October 1908 while pitching for an Orange County team.

The game went extra innings, and Johnson (a graduate of Fullerton Union High School who had made his Major League debut at age 19 in August 1907) ended up striking out 20 in 10 1/3 innings of a 6-5 loss to the Giants.

Bud Clark allowed two hits in eight innings for the Giants, striking out 10.

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