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If I had a sledgehammer …

I’m trying not to be the person that worries about guys getting hurt when doing good. So moving past that, I think this Habitat for Humanity effort by the Dodgers today is great — and appealingly photogenic.

Roberto Baly of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy and Jon SooHoo of the Dodgers Photog Blog have highlights. Here’s a sampling, featuring Josh and Aurielle Lindblom, Clayton and Ellen Kershaw and Matt Kemp.

© Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers 2012

© Roberto Baly/Vin Scully Is My Homeboy

© Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers 2012

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Juan Uribe, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Aaron Harang, P


Guerrier hits disabled list, Antonini called up


Not losing by much


  1. Anonymous

    Matty has been doing the same to NL pitchers.

  2. Anonymous

    I was at the Habitat event as well (Roberto, were you there?  I didn’t see you.)  I’m the guy in the yellow shirt in the photos on VSIMHB, and in the photos on my site,  

    A highlight of the day was when one of our Habitat staff asked Kemp if was worried that the construction work, especially the sledgehammer, would affect his swing.  His answer:

    “Don’t worry, I work out.”

    • Yes I was there. I was going to ask you if you leave comments here or in True Blue L.A. I’ve seen your face before. Now I know it’s you. Great event! :)

      • Anonymous

        I usually leave comments on Jon’s site.  I can’t keep up with True Blue.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t understand why Rivera is batting this high in the lineup especially when Ethier has been doing fine against lefties 

  4. Anonymous

    OT.  SSS, but hard to believe that they would be “phasing out” Elbert.  He has had a couple of rough outings, not helped by his walks nor by a .462 BAbip, but he is striking guys out at a 10/9 rate.

  5. Anonymous

    Giving back to the community is always good.  Glad to see these guys out there.  I would prefer the off season though. :)

    • Anonymous

      They stayed far away from the roof we were tearing off, and didn’t put themselves in a situation where they could have been hurt.  I was looking out for their safety as much as they were, to be quite honest.  Our safety record at Habitat is excellent.  21 years and no Tommy John surgeries required. LOL

    • Anonymous

      dale, I noticed you posted that you can’t get the dodgers on the radio. Have you checked all their radio affiliates? Last season they had 15 in english in CA alone.

      • Anonymous

         yeah. Vegas is shut out.  Ironic that for over 20 years, they were on one of the most powerful stations in the west.  If I can’t get it on TV, I rely on Yahoo and Dodger Thoughts.  One guess which is quicker and more accurate.

  6. Of course Kemp wore some Jordans to do some home demolishing.

  7. Anonymous

    Rice pitched on Sunday and Monday, 28 pitches on Sunday only 8 yesterday. Also, he gave up at least 1 run in his 3 appearances before last night. I would think they didn’t want him to pitch 3 consecutive days.

  8. Anonymous

    Wow, she sure is purdy!

  9. Anonymous

    Mrs. Lindblom is quite attractive ;)

    • Anonymous

      Funny how wealthy athletes’ wives usually share that feature.

      • Anonymous

        Lindblom ain’t wealthy yet, but she’s indeed an attractive woman in person.  So’s Clayton’s wife. 

        • Anonymous

          He was a 2nd round pick. Guessing the signing bonus was none too shabby. This year salary $483k.

  10. Anonymous

    Hey, tonight’s game is the free game of the day on MLB.TV!

    • Anonymous

      And its a home game, so we get Vin the whole time!

  11. Curse you, Prime Ticket. The Clippers are already in the playoffs, so why are you showing their game instead of the Dodgers?

    That said, I’ll check to see if MLB is showing it to me out here and report back.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a KCAL game in L.A.

      • Grrrh. And so far MLB on cable is showing me the end of the Yankees-Rangers, as I said. I’ll have to wait and see if it automatically goes over to the Dodgers game.

  12. KT

    just found the braves feed is blacked out to me in SD…wow…Hopefully MLB free tv works since I don’t have an account this year…so far so good

    • KT

      just found out it’s on 749-1 mlb extra innings channel with the braves anouncers just in case

  13. KT

    Good defensive alignment to save a run there…come on guys start it off

  14. KT

    They are using the same video feed for both KCAL and the braves feed…the mlb computer feed is about 2-3 seconds ahead

  15. KT

    Juan gone!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    Way to go!!

    • KT

      welcome john

      • Anonymous

        Anyone else tuning in and seeing 2-0 would assume a Kemp 1st innings HR with Dee or Mark on base :)

  17. I need to complain about Rivera’s lack of power more often. It’s about time Juan!

  18. Anonymous

    Who else can we complain on DT about their lack of production , first Uribe follows with a 4-4, now Rivera with his HR :)

  19. KT

    MWP of the LA Lakers received a 7 game suspension…I guess they don’t want LA to make it out of the 2nd round

    • Ron Ron is to blame, nobody else. Such a terrible, classless act. Don’t worry, LA’s other team will do just fine :)

      • KT

        never been a clippers fan…never will be…and they won’t make it to the championship either
        The only reason my brother is a clippers fan is because my dad had season tickets (because he couldn’t get good enough laker tickets) so he could see the other teams that came into town…my brother was so young he didn’t understand he wasn’t there to root for the clippers

      • Yeah, I can’t blame the NBA for that one, that’s what he deserved. Even if he didn’t mean it maliciously, it was still violent and stupid. 

  20. Anonymous

    Per Anthony Jackson: Rivera’s HR was first to reach the Loge level since Adam Dunn in 2010. First Dodger since Kemp in ’07.

  21. Anonymous

    If I was to go on memory alone, I would say Hairston was batting at least .750

  22. KT

    That high inside pitch to the bunters really works…they use the bat to stop the ball…that’s how we got our triple play

  23. KT

    now the feeds are finally different and they are almost in snyc now

  24. Why on earth is an island 2500 miles away blacked out, even on the web? Rats.

    • KT

      Link…I don’t have a current mlb account and I’m considered in the Dodger area even though I live in San Diego and I still get the free game on mlbtv…did you try? or are they only trying to blackout your household  ^_^

  25. KT

    Nice play Juan…saved a run most likely

  26. Rivera’s having a nice game — now picking it with the glove, too. Maybe Donnie’s platoon at 1st (even though we’re not supposed to use the p word) is a good idea after all. 

    Btw, I’m sure Martin Prado appreciates Vin relating the childhood nose-picking story. :)

  27. KT

    Big shift for McCann

  28. I love Vin as much as anybody but I’m not sure I can hear him tell us that Uggla means owl one more time and retain my sanity.

  29. KT

    Nice hit matty…way to start it off

  30. KT

    matty doubled off by maybe 2 inches

  31. Anonymous

    My only real complaint of Mattingly is that he doesn’t get out of the dugout and argue the calls he should. He should take a jog out to first on that last call.

    • KT

      he was out…definitely out by my dvr

      • Anonymous

        OK, but still.. When your player seems adamant about a call you might want to have his back once in a while. I remember having similar thoughts last year of Donnie.

        • KT

          the way I look at it is if you come out all the time they being the umps say oh here he comes again…but if you seldom come out then they take you seriously

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think they ever take you seriously…

  32. Well, happy birthday Chipper Jones. I’ve always liked him, and he grew up a Dodger fan… and that still made me unhappy.

    • Anonymous

      Chipper can have that one, feliz cumpleanos, but we need to get it back.

  33. KT

    my 21 month old son hears the clapping and claps for chippers’ HR…I raise my voice a little saying NO and he stops clapping for 2 seconds the hears the croud and starts clapping again…He still has a lot to learn but he’s trying

  34. KT

    looked like Harang had a shot at third on that bunt attempt

  35. KT

    Come on Aaron

  36. KT

    Well there goes Rivera’s early offense exploits that helped us today…at least his defensive exploits have us still tied

  37. KT

    Not this time Uggla

    • Anonymous

      His enthusiasm may have deterred Bourne for going all out for it (but I don’t have a dvr).

      • KT

        rewound…that would be a definite yes

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, Bourne’s body language suggested such (at least in his own mind).

  38. KT

    Except for the NY and Philly fans Vinny
    Good play Dee

  39. KT

    Harang walking the tightrope and doesn’t get away with it

    • KT

      willd pitch does him in…that ground ball base hit to ellis would have been an easy out at 2nd

  40. KT

    Come on Dee

  41. KT

    Nice Mark
    Come on Matty

  42. KT

    We will take it

  43. KT

    No turn

  44. Anonymous

    Now Donnie comes out, when Kemp is trotting back to the dugout.

  45. Anonymous

    Uh oh, has the old Matt Kemp, Baserunner, returned?  That’s 3 outs on the basepaths in 2 nights.

  46. Kemp can certainly be an airhead at times.  Why he would even think about taking a step toward second at that point is beyond me.

  47. Not sure how taking one step 25ft outside of the lane constitutes a commitment, but I guess the rulebook must be pretty clear.  Heh.

    • KT

      no he made an attempt about 15 ft pass the bag…it was a definite step

      • Anonymous

        Still.. I think that rule should allow for some umpire interpretation.

        • KT

          Did you see the replay…if you did you could see the intent..then the oh S*** stop

    • Anonymous

      Yep doesn’t matter how far past the bag if you make a move to 2nd, you’re live and able to be tagged out.

  48. KT

    At least we are tied again

  49. Anonymous

    Based on where that ball was hit, I was thinking it must have been a homer. Force out still scored Gordon!

  50. KT

    throw strikes Elbert

  51. KT

    Kenley sighting
    Come on Juan

  52. KT

    Nice job AJ

  53. Attendance in the ravine looks high tonight.

  54. Anonymous

    I’m gonna go ahead and say this PRE- Kennedy AB. Time to cut ties. Now prove me wrong, Adam.

  55. KT

    I don’t know why I was expecting anything different from Adam Kenedy…too tough to come off the bench to pinch hit when you haven’t been hitting at all

  56. KT

    For a second there I thought Ethier was going to have to jump for the ball by the way he set up

  57. KT

    Braves replay showed he went but doesn’t matter now except for the extra pitch

  58. Anonymous

    Heyward K, come on Kenley!

  59. KT

    Come on Dee

  60. KT

    Brave telecast showed dee’s foot in Harangs size 15 shoe…looked like my son trying to wear my shoes

  61. KT

    Do you walk him?

  62. KT

    throw it away pitcher

  63. Anonymous

    Let’s go, WGJ!

  64. KT

    Come on DP

  65. KT

    Nice Javy…1 more

  66. KT

    Kemp played that ball poorly

  67. Anonymous

    That’s not very Gold Glovish..

  68. Anonymous

    Matt’s gotta shake this jumping act, that in the last few series alone, has interfered with his ability to make running catches that I think he would expect himself to make. That looks like the case on that one.

    •  Yeah, that ball should have been caught.  Hate to pile on the MVP tonight, but he is kind of in la-la land tonight.

  69. He didnt need to jump… way to pretty much cost us the game…. oh btw javy, your fast ball isnt the greatest in the world have some respect for your opponent…. 2 strikes on Pastornicky and Prado and only throwing your fastball… mix it up.

  70. KT

    Come on Dre

  71. Anonymous

    Vin: Ethier at bat in the bottom of the 9th, down by a run, is not the time for a human interest story on the pitcher.

  72. thats game…. f-ing annoying that they lose like that in that manner

    • KT

      My game is still on…what one are you talking about…Is it over?

      Oh I get it now you just gave up

  73. KT

    Nice Jerry

  74. come on Uribe, if you swing extra hard u can win this thing 

  75. Jibin Park

    Green light, AJ.  Two-run walk-off bomb!

  76. KT

    Come on Tony…Have a good eye

  77. KT

    Night all

  78. Anonymous

    We wanted it less than they did tonight.

  79. Kemp lost it for us…He’ll win more games for us then lose but its just the reality…

  80. Guerra allowing the lead off hitter on hurt. Couldn’t agree more that he shoulda changed up his pitches instead of high fastball after high fastball. It was only a matter of time before the damage was going to be done. And Kemp’s error….unbelievable. Won’t happen often, but definitely cost us the game tonight.

  81. Anonymous

    Maybe the ceiling in the photo actually came down on Matt’s head, causing a temporary loss of abilities :)

  82. Anonymous

    Interesting criticism of Kemp’s defense last night on a play which, IMO, was much more difficult than his flubbed throw to home last week.

  83. I think this has been at least three games that Kemp has made bonehead mistakes on the bases. Torre and Bowa must be shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. Regarding his defense, we all know that Kemp is not a natural born CF and therefore a true Golden Glove outfielder. He is probably a better RF with his arm. He doesn’t get a natural jump on the ball and is more athlete than ball player, but, hey, let’s nick pick about the best player in baseball right?!?

    • Anonymous

      I love the position of CF. It is such a difficult position. Applause to those who make it look easy. And overall I think Kemp is one of the best in the game.

  84. Anonymous

    I thought Matty made a great attempt. But it looked like he hesitated for a split second when the bat made contact and that was enough. I’d like to think Pete Reiser makes that catch. But if Matty tries to emulate ol Pete that will bring all sorts of “headaches “.

  85. I think the Kemp catch looks like one that should be made – except I don’t think most of us can imagine what it’s like to have the wall right there. I think it takes a special fielder not to let that affect you.

    It was disappointing that he didn’t catch it, but there’s a reason it’s not ruled an error. The biggest disappointment for me was watching that .170-hitting shortstop reach base four times.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      That really bugged me too, starting with his first AB.  I know bona fide major leaguers are always dangerous at the plate, but three hits and a walk are a week’s worth for him.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if the Braves felt the same way about Uribe after Monday night’s game?

  86. Anonymous

    Any information released on the severity of Juan Rivera’s injury?  All I’ve seen is Mattingly saying he doesn’t excpect him to play on Wednesday.

  87. Juan Rivera just when you showed power?
    LF 3b & 1b needs a serious upgrade.
    Ned move: Garrett Jones
    Reason I say this is Ned never gets a real hitter.  Don’t tell me Manny. Mccourt wanted Manny.

  88. Anonymous

    I blame Habitat for the loss.  If Kemp hadn’t been swinging the sledgehammer so hard yesterday morning, he woulda had more energy to track down that ball.

  89. Anonymous

    Could be the SVS callup we’ve been waiting for?

  90. Anonymous

    The Pirates split a doubleheader with the Rockies. They lost the first game 2-1 and won the second 5-1. That means the Pirates have gone 18 straight games to start the season without scoring more than 5 runs or giving up more than 5 runs.

    From what the Pirates announcers said, that broke the mark set by the 1943 Tigers. 
    In Game 18 for the Tigers that season, they lost 7-6 to the A’s. 

    In that game, A’s starting pitcher Lum Harris went all 12 innings and scattered 16 hits. There was a war going on! Relief pitchers were needed on the front!

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