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Not losing by much

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
James Loney, 1B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B
Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
A.J. Ellis, C
Ted Lilly, P

In their first 18 games, the Dodgers have lost only two of them by more than one run. That is the best mark in franchise history since the 1981 Dodgers, whose second loss by more than one run didn’t come until their 28th game.


If I had a sledgehammer …


Lilly takes over NL ERA lead, but Dodgers fall in ninth


  1. Anonymous

    White Sox took a 4-2 lead on Oakland in the top of the 14th. And the A’s tied it up.

  2. Anonymous

    And then won it 5-4.

  3. Anonymous

    The weather isn’t looking too good for tonight’s game.  A rainout would be the first in what, something around 970 or so games at DS.  Since this is the only trip for the Braves to DS this year and both teams are idle tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if a rainout got rescheduled for then.  Tomorrow’s forecast has rain but ending by 11 am, so that would work.

  4. Anonymous

    Eovaldi 1 inning again 1-2-3 GO’s to third, 14 pitches after 12 pitches on the 19th.

    • Anonymous

      What’s up with that?  Any idea?  Limiting his innings now so he can pitch later in the season for the big club?

    • Anonymous

      Are we speculating that Billz groin is going to take 15 days or more to heal?

      • Anonymous

        If he were, I would expect them to give the start to the starter who’s already there (i.e. Antonini).

        • Anonymous

           One start maybe, but I see Antonini as a second lefty until a move is forced.  For making more than one start, Eovaldi is in line.  No sense EO sitting the bench when Antonini can be used in relief.

  5. Anonymous

    Pineda’s out for the season.

  6. Anonymous

    Are we having a game tonight?
    No threat of a rainout?

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks, nsxtasy. Hadn’t seen your comment.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m not a betting man. But I would bet on the game being played tonight.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, maybe not.  National Weather Service forecast: “Tonight: Showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Low around 54. South wind between 5 and 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%.”  Ref:
      Watching a radar animation, the system seems to be moving northerly, with the area south of L.A. showing showers building.  Based on the radar, it looks like it will be raining on and off throughout the evening.  Which means they might play, they might not.  Obviously this isn’t one of those forecasts where it’s so obviously bad that they call the game off several hours (or more) in advance.  But it’s not going to be a nice night to be at the ballpark, that’s for sure.

  9. Anonymous

    That’s nice to know!

  10. Anonymous

    I some of our devoted fans getting on the dodger express. Hopefully they can catch a good ball game.

  11. Paul Konerko hit his 400th HR in that White Sox-Athletics game. Remind me who we got in return for trading him?

    • Anonymous

      Jeff Shaw, who was pretty good in his four years with the Blue, with two All-Star appearances. Maybe not the best of trades, but far from the worst!

    • Anonymous

      22yo when traded, he OPSed over 1000 in 1997 for Alb. and was doing it again in 1998. Dodgers traded him and Dennys Reyes to Cinn. for 32yo Jeff Shaw. Shaw had 3.5 very good seasons for the team. Reyes12 more ML seasons, Konerko still playing.

      • Anonymous

        If Dennys Reyes plays for one more team, he’ll tie Mike Morgan by playing for 12 different MLB teams, a longtime record broken earlier this month by old friend Octavio Dotel with 13.

  12. KT

    My professional forecast is 2 hrs 45 to 3 hrs before the scattered showers hit…longer for the main portion of the rain to hit

  13. KT

    good call by the ump

  14. Anonymous

    I have been really impressed with Ellis’ throwing out of would be base stealers this year

    • Anonymous

      Wow, someone got caught stealing with Lilly on the mound – amazing!

      • Anonymous

        Which gives even more praise for Ellis’ arm :)

  15. KT

    Good shot Mark

  16. KT

    2 called strike 3’s that were definitely strikes…come on boys get the bats off your shoulders

  17. KT

    If  I was at my home in Morocco right now I could still be watching this game…of course it would be after midnight

    • Anonymous

      lunchtime here :)

      • KT

        yea I know I’ve visited your great country (Sydney, Brisbane) for a month arriving in Sydney March 4 1991 of course it was still march 3 in LA and Rodney King was being beaten by LA finest 
        Had a great time…The girls just loved our accent ^_^

  18. Anonymous

    So far this year, A. J. Ellis is 11th among MLB catchers (min 10 games) in OPS at .855, just behind old friend / new millionaire Carlos Santana at 10th. A.J. is also third on the Dodgers now.

  19. KT

    Nice Ted

  20. Anonymous

    Does Ted ever smile?

  21. KT

    I like that trade…Gordon for Lilly on the basepaths

  22. KT

    Nice PLAY Dee!!

  23. Anonymous

    Still no smile.

  24. Anonymous

    The Angels are 8 1/2 games out of first.

  25. KT

    Nice Dre!!

  26. KT

    I just had to take my belt off to keep my 22 month old son from standing inside the refrigerator

  27. KT

    The front is traveling through the channel islands now…about another 1.5 hrs until the initial rain hits

  28. KT

    The pirates now have the mlb record for not scoring or allowing 5 runs a game

  29. KT

    The winds to left and centerfields should be picking up soon

  30. KT

    good job tony…we need to score this inning

  31. KT

    good hit AJ
    Come on Ted…good sac

  32. Anonymous

    Coffey and Belisario pitched innings 1 and 2 resp. for Rancho C. Each gave up a run. Coffey on a double and a single, Beli. on a double, GO, SF.
    Chattanooga won 8-7 with 3 runs in the bottom of the 12th. Walk off ground out to first with a runner on third scoring.

  33. KT

    YES!! tie game

  34. KT

    Come on Mark get the go ahead before the rain

  35. Anonymous

    Out of the hole in advance of the rain. I’ll take it.

  36. KT

    Damm missed my initial forecast by 6 minutes…I’m rusty…Haven’t forecasted in almost 4 years now

  37. KT

    soon those balls are going to be going out

  38. KT

    Come on Matty let’s untie this game

  39. KT

    MATTY!!!! to LF

  40. Anonymous


  41. KT

    He didn’t need the wind to help him

  42. Anonymous

    Oh my Matty!

  43. Anonymous

    Now they can call the game!!!!
    What a bomb!!!!

  44. KT

    Tied Sheffield for the most HR’s in April

  45. KT

    Nice hustle Dre

  46. KT

    Braves announcers are saying I thought the weather forecaters were calling for heavy rain…It’s now only a misting swirlling rain…I say give it some time <45 minutes

  47. Anonymous

    Remember, the Dodgers have not played a weather-shortened home game since they moved to L.A. The only game that was shortened for any reason was the 1995 forfeit against the Cardinals and that happened in the 9th inning anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I can`t remember that game, but I do remember a game against the Padres (about 6 or 8 years ago) where it rained so hard it had to be postponed. We didn`t even play it man…

      • Anonymous

        Does it only rain in LA during the off season :)

    • Anonymous

      The ball night fiasco

      • Anonymous

        That was the game where Mondesi struck out swinging after the umpire called strike two on a pitch that was a foot outside?  I think it was in the 8th inning.

  48. Anonymous

    Terry Pendleton (the Braves 1st coach) had a minus WAR of 0.6 in 1990, he was then traded to the Braves where he had a plus WAR OF 6.1

    I remember watching him back when he was with the Cardinals make a play that to this day just blows my mind. I was at the stadium which made me appreciate the play that much more…

  49. KT

    Lindblom sighting

  50. KT

    Nice PLAY Jerry!!

  51. Anonymous

    Another great snag by Jerry

  52. KT

    I might have to put my son to bed soon…hate to leave the couch with the game not being securely in hand

  53. Anonymous

    yeah, we don`t use the tarps that often.

  54. Anonymous

    I don`t blame you Braves pitcher for not wanting a peace of Kemp.

  55. KT

    Come on Dre

  56. T.M. Brown

    Two good friends of mine (one from Philly, one from ATL) always said the best outfield would have been Heyward, Kemp, and Dominic Brown in terms of athleticism. I’m a huge Heyward fan cause he reminds me so much of Kemp, but like Vinny said tonight there’s always that stadium where a player will tell you he just doesn’t see the ball well and Dodger Stadium seems to be that way for Heyward. 

  57. KT

    The SS strikes again

  58. Anonymous

    That gosh darn Pastornicky!

  59. Anonymous

    It says on Gameday that Kenley always throws cutters. Is that true and in theory shouldn’t make him easy to hit?

    • Anonymous

      Seems that he gets some movement on his fastball to me.

    • KT

      One was definitely a cutter but it moved from 1 side of the plate to the other moving in on the batter

  60. KT

    1 more Kenley

  61. Anonymous

    I`m starting to appreciate AJ Ellis game a lot more these days.

  62. KT

    Come on Javy…no lead off batter this time

  63. KT

    2 more Javy…hurry up my son is fading fast

  64. T.M. Brown

    Oy, a little return to sender action. 

  65. KT

    Nice mark on his chin…good stop by Dee…come on let’s go….son’s in almost a meltdown

  66. KT

    Come on DP

  67. KT

    night to put the little one to bed

  68. T.M. Brown

    No shame giving up hits to the Owl and Chipper but I think Guerra may be switching places with Kenley in the not-so-distant future.

  69. Anonymous

    they’re hitting him hard… like he’s tipping his pitches or something

  70. Anonymous

    Is that Todd Worrell pitching the 9th?

  71. Anonymous

    Maybe this is that dreaded “javy Guerra loses his closing gig” night..

  72. As this game started to head into the late innings, I had major worries about our using Guerra in back-to-back games, particularly after what happened last night.  Unfortunately, my worries were realized.

  73. Anonymous

    I should have written this earlier, why did Lilly come out?

  74. Fastball after fastball, it just doesn’t work. Jansen needs to be the dude to go to in the 9th. At least when he throws fastball after fastball it’s more difficult to catch up to.

  75. Anonymous

    Awful collapse.

  76. Anonymous

    Jansen for close…NOW!

  77. Anonymous

    I don’t know why he was in there after last night.  I don’t know why he stayed in after he took the line drive off his face. 

    if it wasn’t for the miracle triple play against SD, his ERA would be even more alarming than it already is.

  78. Anonymous

    All the teams in the NL west lost the past 2 nights (rox won 1 of a dh today) so we coulda gained ground but instead we stay put, Jansen needs to be the closer yesterday!

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