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The most wonderful video of the year

I mean, are you kidding me? Holding your own with “Between Two Ferns?” I’m in heaven.

(First seen on Sons of Steve Garvey.)


Wait, wait, don’t serve me


A tangible reason for the Dodgers’ success: defense


  1. Tonight’s Mad Men was something. 

  2. ROFL that was AWESOME….. the several comedians on  between 2 ferns got nothing on AJ!! lol man this guy is unfreaking-believable

  3. Anonymous

    This made my life.

  4. That video was hilarious.

    Went to see the Isotopes tonight. Fun game. Kemp looked like Kemp, although he never had to really run hard and test the hamstring. The home run was to right field and probably would have been a routine fly out in most MLB parks, maybe all of them but Yankee Stadium. The single was a quality swing that resulted in a hard line drive. Right after the Kemp homer, the opposing pitcher threw high and tight to Rivera, this after Rivera had also homered in his last AB. Pretty clearly intentional. Coincidentally, I was listening to the Baseball Prospectus podcast the other day and they were talking about this very thing; apparently, it’s pretty common for minor leaguers to do this to big league guys down on rehab. Trying to prove they aren’t intimidated or some such. Rivera was visibly ticked off, gesturing toward the pitcher as if to say, “What the hell was that all about?”

    Kemp seemed to be his usual happy-go-lucky self and signed a lot of autographs and interacted with the fans. In the sixth inning the little girl who caught his home run ball came up to the dugout and asked him to sign the ball, which he did, even though it was the middle of an inning. After the game ended he came back on the field to meet the fan who had bid on his jersey in a silent auction the Isotopes were having for charity.

    I’ll be at tomorrow’s game as well and will probably be tweeting updates and photos as I did today. As for the other Isotopes, I was pretty impressed by Cole St. Clair; that is, until he fell apart in his final inning. I think he might be a productive LOOGY for the Dodgers in the near future. Troncoso is still a mess; I’d be surprised if he ever pitches for the big league club again. Miles played shortstop and looked awkward defensively. Glad to see Castellanos back in action. If not for lousy timing, he would probably be in the big leagues right now instead of Herrera.

    One of the nicer moments tonight was when the Albuquerque crowd randomly got an “A.J. El-lis” chant going for no particular reason.

  5. Wow!  Who knew?

  6. Joe Ushindi

    Oh, this was just GREAT! I had to bookmark this one.
    (Who’s that Krenshaw guy, anyway?…LOL)
    (Actually, I WAS laughing out loud.)

  7. Anonymous


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