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Mark Ellis activated as Andre Ethier heads to DL

Reds at Dodgers, 6:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Luis Cruz, 3B
Bobby Abreu, LF
James Loney, 1B
Adam Kennedy, 2B
Scott Van Slyke, RF
Elian Herrera, CF
Matt Treanor, C
Aaron Harang, P

Though he is not in today’s starting lineup, Mark Ellis has been activated, completing a rather remarkable recovery from the leg injury he suffered May 18. Andre Ethier went on the disabled list and will be eligible to return after next week’s All-Star Game.

Todd Coffey has probably pitched his last game as a Dodger – he has a damaged ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow and will have Tommy John surgery that will sideline him for approximately a year. The Dodgers will no doubt pay $300,000 to buy out Coffey’s $2.5 million option for 2013.

Late Tuesday, the Dodgers signed second-round draft choice Steven Rodriguez, a left-handed reliever from Florida. Rodriguez has been pegged by Jonathan Mayo of as one of two 2012 major-league draft picks closest to the majors, with speculation he could be in the bigs as soon as late this season.


Uribe’s pursuit of Andruwza Line continues


What so proudly we hailed


  1. Does anyone know if Uribe has a buy out option of his three year contract?

  2. Chad Billingsley, for example, has a three-year deal with a fourth-year option. 
    3 years/$35M (2012-14), plus 2015 club option: 
    2012:$9M, 2013:$11M, 2014:$12M, 2015:$14M club option ($3M buyout)

  3. So I got this from Phil Gurnee. He said if he was the Padres he’d ask the Dodgers (for Chase H) for EO, Webster, Joc P, Landry. Deal or no deal?

    • I’m loathe to give up Joc, personally, would maybe give up the rest for Headley, throw in someone else other than Joc.  He’s a single A prospect but I just feel he’s really talented, fear losing him to a rival. 

    • Anonymous

      No deal.  That’s a major-league starter plus three top prospects, in exchange for a league-average infielder.  No way in hell.  Now, if the Phillies wanted those four for Cole Hamels, and Hamels could be talked into a long-term contract extension as part of the deal, I might give it serious consideration, despite the high price.  Same for Greinke.

    • Anonymous

      Now, Headley’s overrated, but of course you do the deal if the price is merely one top 100 prospect whose stock is sinking by the day and three fringe pseudo-prospects for a cost-controlled season and a half of an above average major leaguer at a position of need.

  4. Anonymous

    So the DL move is actually a good thing. But after the AS break two moves will have to be made right?

    • Three counting Guerra. 

      • Anonymous

        Things could change between now and then, but as of right now, I’m not sure who would get sent back down.  Van Slyke is an obvious choice when Kemp and Ethier come back, and probably Cruz.  Normally you would send down a reliever (Tolleson, obviously) when another returns, but that would leave us with only a six-man pen, and I’m not sure we would do that.  So Herrera would be the most likely third man out as of right now.  Unless someone wises up and DFA’s Kennedy or Uribe, but there’s been no indication yet that their time has run out.  Much to our chagrin.

        • Anonymous

          Keeping Kennedy over Herrera, especially considering his versatility around the diamond, his speed, and his ability to hit from both sides of the plate, would be sheer lunacy. 

          • Anonymous

            I don’t disagree.  I’m just saying what’s likely, not what makes sense.  ;)

          • Anonymous

            nsx, I think Tiensy meant Uribe as the player who can actually field a position. Thus, I was surprised to see you agree.

          • Anonymous

            How is it lunacy to send down a guy who can’t hit or field over another guy who can’t hit, but can actually field one position?

  5. Anonymous

    Carlos Lee to Miami. So much for his ranch.

    • Yeah, guess he didn’t have much choice for that one?  Florida is also a big cattle ranching state, after Texas.  Florida needed first base upgrade as much as the Dodgers did.  Anyway, that’s fine, we keep a prospect. 

      • Anonymous

        IIRC, Lee had rights of refusing a trade to 15 of the MLB teams.  It’s a safe bet that Miami was part of the other 14, in which case he indeed had no choice. He probably wanted to stay in Houston, but Houston wanted to get something for him before his contract expires at the end of the year.

        • Anonymous

          Possibly the others were joking. You are correct in your safe bet, nsx

      • Anonymous

        Florida would be one of last choices for a place to live, but they do have one of the country’s finest satirical novelists in Carl Hiaasen.

    •  He was simply being polite. 

      Not really a hard decision make, otherwise.

    • Anonymous

       Lee was unwilling to pay California state income tax rates for the privilege of living here.

  6. July 13 is gonna be a happy day for Dodger fans if all stays on  track. :)  (Day before I return from backpacking trip. Look forward to that weekend’s games.)  Wish Ethier could’ve played in Arizona given he’s done so well there in the past but more important is being set for rest of season and not pushing it. 

    • Anonymous

       Where are you going backpacking?

      • The Sierras, near Yosemite, not too, too far away from civilization this time (was further in the wilderness last time) but far enough to enjoy it. I need some forced time away from the grid. ;)  But will still bring my transistor radio so I can secretly try to pick up the Dodgers radio late at night and see what’s happening. 

        • Anonymous

           Where specfically? The east side, around Mammoth?

          • No, Western side, can’t remember the name but it’s near the Minarets? Not far from Yosemite on that side.

    • KT

      My daughter and I are attending the Saturday the 14th game for our 1st and only game of the season at DS. I definitely had to get good seats section 40ABL row 2 seats 1 & 2…The VIP seats along 3rd base line

  7. Anonymous

    >> Rodriguez has been pegged by Jonathan Mayo of as one of two 2012 major-league draft picks closest to the majors, with speculation he could be in the bigs as soon as late this season.

    While the linked article does indeed say that Mayo has him second closest to the majors, there is no indication there that he could be in the bigs this season.  Logan White is quoted as saying he could be up “toward the end of NEXT year” (emphasis added).

    • Anonymous

      I remember being shocked to see predictions that the player could be in MLB this season at the tme of the draft. Of course, he is getting a late start.

  8. Anonymous

    Time for Big Game James to get his game on. This lineup needs a major leauger some where amongst the AAA’s.

    • Anonymous

      >> This lineup needs a major leauger some where amongst the AAA’s.

      Maybe, but I’m not sure Loney qualifies.

      • Anonymous

        Right now there are 158 position players who qualify for stats this season.  If Loney had enough at bats to qualify, his OPS would rank 145.  Which isn’t very good for anyone, let alone someone at a power position.

  9. KT

    Good inning Aaron
    For those of you who are Laker fans. the Lakers has agreed with the Suns on a sign and trade.

    The person we get for 2 # 1 picks (2013, 2015) and two # 2 picks (2013. 2014) is Steve Nash

    • Anonymous

      Nash for 4 useless picks, not bad.

      • KT

        especially if the picks are the last one in each round ^_^

  10. KT

    Good hit Dee way to start it off
    Come on Cruz

  11. Anonymous

    Conventional double for Dee.

  12. KT

    Good hit Luis!!!

  13. Great start for Dee! 

  14. Anonymous

    Why no bunt?

  15. Anonymous

    Threat of bunt made that successful.

  16. KT

    Nice hit Bobby
    Come on James…Drive them in

  17. KT

    BGJ is hot!!!
    Come on Adam

  18. KT

    Come on WP

  19. Anonymous

    Vin better get his Leake stories in quick.

  20. KT

    Wild throw will due

  21. KT

    Come on Scott

  22. KT

    come on Elian drive adam in

  23. KT

    Come on Matt ducks on the pond

    • Anonymous

      Our Matty for the moment.

      • KT

        I’m trying to hold out on the matty call because the other one is at the station

    • KT

      too bad Matt’s an old catcher…almost anyone else woulld’ve beat that one out

  24. Anonymous

    i’m allowed to listen to my ipod at work, theoretically can a pitcher listed to his ipod “at work” you know, while pitching?

  25. Hey KT. i think you should have the technical ability to throw anyone out of here tonight who brings the negative waves. like the 113 guy or whatever last night. you got the win. you should get to toss some negative folks. everyone in the lineup is a major leaguer – well, svs, well – ok anyway. be in charge KT.

    • KT

      I know most people who come to post here don’t usually have a negative attitude
      The past few weeks even tested my patience…It was very hard being positive at times
      I feel now the team has turned the corner because they see the regulars getting ready to come back and the “weight” has been lifted.
      I see a good series in AZ the busting out of the gates after ASG starting with the Padres

  26. and i don’t want to hear anyone knocking THE BIG SHOW either

  27. KT

    Another good inning Aaron

  28. Anonymous

    Wow!  mlb drawstring bag nite!

  29. That was a double?

    • Anonymous

      Cruz’ cousin is the official scorer tonight.

      • KT

        no he just has pictures on the scorer like Uribe and Velez had on our manager

    • Anonymous

       No other way to score it.

  30. KT

    Good hit Luis

  31. Anonymous

    hopefully at some point in little Dee’s career he’ll be able to handle the bat like Brett Butler (also have his patience) peak years for Brett Butler.

    WAR – 6.6 in 1988 with Giants (boo!)
    OBP – 413 with Dodgers ’92

    • KT

      that would be fantastic…loved the way Brett hit

  32. Anonymous

    Whoa, we need to trade for this Leake guy like right now and stick him in at LF.

  33. Anonymous

    When Mark Ellis returns to the lineup, we won’t see any more plays like that one by Kennedy.

    • Anonymous

      We need to keep him around in case we have another losing streak.
      “In case of emergency, bat this man 5th.”

  34. Anonymous

    even Votto’s outs are loud & hard.

    • Anonymous

      Votto is a beast, I remember that one atbat he had earlier where he stayed in the batters box and psyched out the pitcher.

  35. KT

    Way to hold them Aaron

  36. KT

    Good hit Adam
    Nice play by Bruce

  37. Anonymous

    somebody must a sign there right fellas?

  38. KT

    Adam was actually safe on the late high tag and probably missed sign by SVS

  39. Anonymous

     Ok.  Happy 4th Y’all!

    4th of July  +  Designated BBQer  +  Can’t take your eyes off the game  =  burned burgers!  d:-/

    Now, let’s get back to this one….

    • now stay chill Jonny, Kt is launching negative people tonight.

      • Anonymous

         Sarcasm? … that’s always on the menu.
        Negativity?  … not a chance tonight VODF.  :-)
        BTW, I appreciate the “heads’ up” …

  40. KT

    48 pitches after 4 for Aaron…good job

  41. peter drysdale

    Whose idea was it to start early? Was watching the Rangers vs Sox and saw the score on the crawl. BTW, speaking of that game, wouldn’t it be nice to have Beltre & Konerko on the team?

    • Anonymous

      I am just happy that we are not wearing red caps.

      • KT

        they went to the new design with just the letter(s) being red, white and blue

      • peter drysdale

         It annoys me when people wear pink (or other odd colored) hats or shirts. Wear something that’s the real team colors

  42. The Big Show is Dealing!

  43. jinxed the Big Show. hope he doesn’t come after me

  44. Anonymous

     Just to get my feet wet here….

    1.  Loved those highlights they just showed of Fernando…. I think those are the same glasses he wore in the footage… :-)    Amazing… You’d never see a player caught dead in regular glasses these days… Remember Kent Tekulve?  Tim Foli? 

    2.  Can it be said that Todd Coffey had a “Cup of Coffee?” with the Dodgers?
    (due to his limited number of appearances and contrubutions) … seems like a great guy. 

    • peter drysdale

       Definitely sux to have to undergo a second Tommy John surgery. One must be bad enough.

      • Anonymous

         Yeah. Pete.

        I’m sure he’s a great guy, and full of fun… from all I’ve read about him.
        He’s had  his  injury issues in the past… And, hey…. that’s his  career.
        So, I’m totally bummed for  him as well. 

  45. Anonymous

    Mesoraco is starting to get on my nerves (Ruiz-like).

  46. Anonymous

    How can one not be just a touch negative when you see one of your guys “dogging it” to 1B?
    Hopper deep beyond 1B… took Votto another 3 – 4 steps to gather himself… throws the ball high and off line to a P who isn’t even at the bag yet… who then need to make the catch and the tag 2 seperate actions….. And, they get him? … Come on James…

  47. Anonymous

    Hats off to Harang for a great pitching man.

  48. Anonymous

    Great game by the Harangatang, much better than the start in Oakland.

    • Anonymous

       I was there in Oakland, and haven’t been able to for get it.

  49. KT

    Nice inning Belli!!

  50. Anonymous

    Belisario is a Marcel Of Joy when he’s on. Man, did you guys see that last pitch! i dare you not to be amazed!!

  51. KT

    Way to get on Dee
    Come on Luis insurance run

  52. Anonymous

    i hope he steels 3rd base…

  53. Anonymous

    Baserunners and infielders have been swatting at gnats (rather than Gnats) the entire evening.

  54. Anonymous

    oh no, hope it’s nothing bad…

    • KT

      so you were the one egging him onto 3rd…Way To Go Blue (joking)

  55. KT

    dee was actually out…he stumbled taking off from second
    He hurt his throwing hand
    Hand and wrist got bent back

  56. Anonymous

    looks like little Dee jammed his thumb from what i can tell.

  57. peter drysdale

    Good Lord, how many injuries can one team get in a season? Frustrating.

  58. Anonymous

    I may or  may not have mentioned this before….but, how about some DT T-SHIRTS?

    Long-sleeve…short-sleeve…no-sleeve…cut-offs….the whole line. :-)

    • Anonymous

      no kidding, i’d be all for it… to this day when ever i wear my long sleeve white DT shirt people tell me it’s really nice where did i buy it…

  59. Anonymous

    they should ban that head first slide!!!

  60. KT

    Good job Mark

  61. Anonymous

    Mark Ellis is game rusty, hey, at least we have runners on 3rd on 2nd now.

    • not rusty. he did just what he was suppose to do. stay out of dp. keep defense occupied so runners get to 2nd and 3rd

  62. Anonymous

    i’ll do the robot if Kennedy hits a granny.

  63. KT

    Good SAC Adam

  64. Anonymous

    4-1, c’mon Kenley close this one out

  65. Anonymous

    as my Dad use too say (RIP) sierra lo con brocha de oro! with this part of the lineup it will be tough though.

  66. Anonymous

    Ahhhh Deeee…..  Anybody know how bad it is/looked?

    • KT

      didn’t look pretty…won’t know until post game

  67. KT

    1 more Kenley

  68. Anonymous

    3-1 in July. Screw you June!

  69. KT

    1st place again Baby!!!

  70. Anonymous

    This time, first place should be for the rest of the season.

  71. Anonymous

    Happy 4th of July everybody!

  72. Anonymous

    First place baby!!!

  73. KT another good job. Keep an eye on Jonny though he has a little trouble keeping it positive. WBB hope you feel better.

     Hopefully all the DEE haters can stop hating for awhile now.

    • Anonymous

      Luis Cruz before tonight: .200/.167/.400/.567
      Luis Cruz after tonight: .375/.400/.625/1.025

  74. peter drysdale

    WOOHOO! back to back wins for first time in a long time

  75. Anonymous

    Happy happy happy!

    Happy 4th everyone :)

  76. Anonymous

    More first-place fives all around!

    Happy 4th.  Think Blue, Go America.

  77. Anonymous

    The Snakes are trailing 4-3 top ‘o 8th… There going to be tuff man.

    • KT

      I see 4-4 end of 7

      • Anonymous

        yeah, i just saw that, i guess i didn’t refresh my browser…

        Let’s go Pads!

      • And if they lose it they’ll have lost 3 straight to Padres.  They are still going to be tough, and hungry, but at least Dodgers will still be ahead of them no matter what happens in that series. 

      • Anonymous

        Two-run home run for Madres in top of eighth.

  78. KT

    Dee injury update: Nothing broken just dislocated

  79. Argh, can’t we have one night where one injured player returns and another one doesn’t go down injured in their place? :(   Dislocated thumb for Gordon. Better than broken or something worse, though, I guess.

    Meanwhile, yay, Dodgers at least. For winning a series again!  Happy days.

    And Matt Kemp with a line drive single just drove in another run. 2 more hits for him tonight. Now batting .571 as a Quake! ;) 

    Are we suuuuuuure we can’t call him up this weekend?

  80. Anonymous

    Belisario leads the NL in ERA now, with 0.99

  81. Anonymous

    So the three division leading teams in the NL now are the Dodgers and two perennial doormats.  :)

  82. KT

    7-4 Padres

  83. KT

    8-4 Padres

  84. KT

    8-6 now Padres

  85. KT

    How sweep it is..Padres win 8-6

  86. KT

    Dodgers 10-0 when Adam Kennedy bats 5th

  87. Anonymous

    Just got home – got to see most of the game at my Sisters’ place – love the pitching performances we’ve been getting – feels great to take a series finally. The Boys have turned the corner – 1st place to stay! Hope everyone had a great 4th. Bring on the dirty Snakes.

  88. Anonymous

    Been at training at work all day, tuned in to great news (hope Dee is ok). A few more wins before the break and then watch out for us after the break when we get Kemp and Eithier back. No stopping us!

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