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Uribe’s pursuit of Andruwza Line continues

Reds at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Bobby Abreu, LF
Juan Rivera, RF
Adam Kennedy, 2B
James Loney, 1B
Luis Cruz, 3B
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Chris Capuano, P

Juan Uribe’s journey to ignominy looked like it might make another rest stop at the disabled list, with the infielder having sprained his right ankle while getting thrown out on the bases in Monday’s 8-2 Dodger loss to Cincinnati. However, Uribe is back in tonight’s Dodger starting lineup, thrilling legions of Dodger fans.

With Mark Ellis nearing a return from the DL at second base, the timing for a Uribe injury wouldn’t have been so bad (if it could ever be). His 2012 OPS has fallen to .539, below last year’s .557 and only 34 points above the Andruwza Line of .505, established by Andruw Jones in 2008.

In fact, Uribe is ahead of Jones’ pace — the latter came off the disabled list on Independence Day four years ago with a .543 OPS (unless you take into account the entirety of Uribe’s 119-game Dodger career, in which case his OPS skies to .551).

Update: Uribe was scratched from the Dodger lineup shortly before 4 p.m. and replaced at third base by Luis Cruz.

Update 2: Todd Coffey has gone on the disabled list, with Shawn Tolleson headed back to Los Angeles for the time being, according to Dylan Hernandez of the Times. Uribe is day-to-day.

Meanwhile, Andre Ethier is probably headed to the disabled list as soon as Wednesday, according to Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A.

* * *

  • Dodger prospect Raydel Sanchez threw seven innings of no-hit ball for Great Lakes on Monday.
  • The legend of the 21st-century Billy Hamilton grows. In his 78th game of the year Monday, the Reds minor-leaguer stole his 100th base.
  • Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post and Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation provides an update on the Rockies’ attempt to move to a short-outing four-man starting rotation. “Through the first 10 games of the grand experiment,” writes Renck, “the Rockies’ rotation, on a flexible 75-pitch limit that will grow if the starters become more effective and more durable, posted an 8.56 ERA, compared with a 6.28 ERA for the starters in the season’s first 65 games.”


Pedro Astacio: 20 years ago, the epitome of joy


Mark Ellis activated as Andre Ethier heads to DL


  1. jon weisman is on fire today

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t understand – are you saying Uribe has a sprained ankle AND he’s playing tonight?

  3. Yes, but now we’re hearing Cruz will start at third base. 

  4. Anonymous

    Oh man, hopefully news breaks soon that Uribe has been DFA’d

  5. Anonymous

    With Ned on the final year of his contract and new owners with no allegiance to him (and Donnie), it seems like their days as a Dodger are numbered 
    (absent a 2012 playoff spot). 

    • i think don baseball stays Craig

      • But stan kasten took a huge sigh of relief when the dodgers finally started losing. frowning on the outside smiling on the inside. he’s no longer stuck with Ned.

        • Anonymous

          New GM’s like their own guy.

          • you’re absolutely right. however I’m betting that Donny Baseball carries with him a little more, i dunno, substance/presence, i dunno, than the average manager. he may be a little old school, he might sometimes make a mistake but he’s not Joe Torre. He’s got something. substance i dunno. but he handles the players great and that’s something that’s hard to replace with today’s players. i think Stan will make an exception here. unless something unforseen happens  the rest of the year.

          •  I don’t think Mattingly is going anywhere.  He’s widely perceived as a success.

          • Anonymous

            Back to back years of third place finishes (in all likelihood).  Yeah, I guess he could try to make a case to the next GM. But he better talk fast because I think the new owners/GM want to make some BIG moves….

          • don’t get snarky now Craig. there ARE rules.

          • Anonymous

            Back-to-back finishes in 3rd place aside, what he’s been able to accomplish with what he’s had to deal with as far as the former ownership circus last year- and finishing with the best record in baseball over the last, what, month and a half last season. And how got his team off to the best record in baseball most of this season with a team nobody expected to do nearly as well as they did, and then keeping the team (so far) still in the playoff hunt despite being hammered with injuries to key players and having to field a mish-mash of retreads and AAA players? Oh that Don Mattingly? Yeah, not very impressive…. Yeah, he won’t be around next season…. time to pull yer head out, Craig.

          • Anonymous

            @ Craig – If you really want to blame one person for the back-to-back 3rd place finishes, how about McCourt?  Mattingly seems to be doing just fine with what he has been given.

  6. Updates to this post above on Coffey, Ethier, Tolleson. 

  7. Anonymous

    it seems like just about the whole roster has been on the disabled list at some stage this year

    • Anonymous

      James Loney has been healthy all season. So has Adam Kennedy.

  8. Anonymous

    Good to see Washington up 5-0 over the Gnats after 3 innings (and 11-11 in Milwaukee !! – Brewers led 9-2)

  9. Anonymous

    Lincucum 71 pitches after 3 innings, giving up 3 doubles and a HR (how the mighty have fallen)

    • Anonymous

      His ERA is once again above 6. Hopefully, he can maintain it there, or even work towards 7.

      • Anonymous

        it’s important to have goals in life

  10. I like Mattingly’s style. His eagerness to give up outs, particularly in the early innings, annoys me…but two things:

    1. Managing is not just about in-game tactics…and pretty much every manager will do something tactically that annoys every fan. I mean, by the time Torre left, I was convinced the Yankee years had never happened.
    2. In everything besides in-game tactics, I think Mattingly has done really well. He obviously has the respect of the team, and he is low key yet candid with the media…he doesn’t blow smoke. That’s why he and Ned are such a curious match. Ned, after all, is the King of the Media Schmoozers and the Prince of All Smoke Blowing to Columnists.

    • there isn’t a team more needing to bunt than the dodgers. unfortunately they’re just not good at it. 

    • Anonymous

      I must say, when Donnie was made manager, I was disappointed, because I thought Wallach had earned it and had more experience.  But Donnie has done well, particularly at motivating the team at times when it seemed there was no reason to even try (like the second half of 2011).  So I’m convinced.

      And I also agree with Jon that he’s generally considered a success by most folks.  Even though his corner infielders aren’t.  ;)

  11. Calling Jon on a Rule 1, 6, 7 and 8 violation for this line: ” Uribe is back in tonight’s Dodger starting lineup, thrilling legions of Dodger fans.”

  12. I do wish that one of these minor players would come up and take a spot away from one of our favorite players. 

  13. Anonymous

    Not pitching against the Dodgers tonight, Lincecum gave up 7 earned runs (8 in all) in 3 1/3 innings at Washington.  It’s 8-2 Nationals after 4 1/2.

  14. Anonymous

    Brewers win a wild one 13-12 with a Ramirez walk off 2 run HR with 2 outs

    • Anonymous

      That’s too bad.  I say that because I’d like to see the Brewers stay out of contention so they’ll trade us that starting pitcher who will be a free agent after this season.  :)

      • Anonymous

        I wish a certain other player had come to us from the Brewers instead of heading to Tiger town ;)

  15. Anonymous

    BTW, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but John Ely has been putting up some mighty impressive numbers at ABQ this year.  I don’t know that he’ll ever get another big-league shot (with the Dodgers, anyway), but he’s been pitching well all season long.  Yesterday may have been his best outing yet, but he’s been solid all season.  Stats:

    • the hit and strike out per inning stats are pretty darmn amazing. it would be interesting to see him pitch and see what he’s doing different this year.

      • Anonymous

        He’s also done even better in ABQ than on the road, despite its reputation as a hitter’s paradise.

        • Anonymous

          just in the interest of accuracy, if you look at Ely’s April stats you will see that he got off to a bad start and has not pitched well all season long. It is perhaps even more impressive that he has done so well after a poor start.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, he did pretty well in April too.  His April numbers were hurt because of his first start of the year, when he allowed 7 ER in 3 IP.  The rest of April his ERA was 3.04, with quality starts in 3 of his other 4 starts.  Here’s how he has done in his 17 starts:

            0 ER in each of 4 starts
            1 ER in each of 2 starts
            2 ER in each of 5 starts
            3 ER in each of 3 starts
            4 ER in each of 2 starts
            7 ER in each of 1 start

            So I think it’s safe to say that he has indeed pitched well all season long, even though he had one bad outing and a couple of others that were only so-so.  Pretty darn good!

  16. First, I have not been easy to please on the subject of Dodger managers, but I think the question is whether anybody else would do better than D. Baseball.  The answer, it seems to me, is no.  A better strategist might not have the personal respect that Mattingly seems to have gained from the team, and thus might cost us as much as if not more than we might gain.  Kasten doesn’t strike me as the type who makes big moves for the sake of making big moves–witness the lack of big turnover in Atlanta.

    That said, I think that every time Uribe’s name comes up, the chances of Ned surviving decline.  I look at it this way:  he recently said that with the McCourts gone, now the Dodgers can compete financially.  When he explains his signings of Jason Schmidt and Juan Uribe, then he can make a comment like that.

    • Anonymous

      I like what you say about Mattingly.  But I don’t think Ned is going to be judged solely by one player.  He’s got a bunch of black marks on his record to be sure (Uribe, Jones, Schmidt), but he’s also done some good things (Capuano, MEllis, Hairston, Abreu this year alone).

      Frankly, I think the biggest reason Ned won’t be around much longer is not his record, but rather, the fact that the new ownership management team includes a GM type guy who can easily take on those responsibilities.  Of course, they may have structured the management team that way because they wanted to replace him, but what I’m saying here is that his departure seemed almost pre-ordained by Kasten’s arrival.

      • Anonymous

        I realize you referred to Kasten as a GM type guy. He has never been GM of a MLB team. “As
         president of the Braves, Kasten, delegated all of the baseball decisions to Atlanta GM John Schuerholz.” quote from Wikipedia. The Dodgers will have a GM and I increasingly fear it will be Colletti. I hope I am wrong.  

        • Anonymous

          Thanks – I wasn’t aware of that aspect of his background.

  17. Anonymous

    Well at least Lincecum wasn’t righted for the rest of the season after dominating the Dodgers woeful batsmen.

  18. Anonymous

    It would be idiotic for the new owners to place any blame on Mattingly for the failings of a team that has been decimated by injuries – I don’t see any chance of it happening, just replying to the absurd statement that Mattingly will be fired at the end of the season (and finishing in 3rd place along the way, apparently). A much more telling view of Mattingly’s job was how the team performed when healthy – the best results in the game.

  19. KT

    It’s I hate Tuesday because of KCAL night
    1st thing out of the reds pregame host is “it’s Dodger stadium where the fans are slowly filling in. They will be here by the 3rd inning and leave by the 7th”
    Every game I go to I’m in the park at least 2 hours before gametime and if I have the good seats which is often I’m in the park 2 1/2 hrs early and I never leave until the last out

    • Anonymous

      particularly this year (even when we were winning) if fans don’t come until the 3rd, they will miss all our scoring ;)

  20. Anonymous

    Eric Stephen is reporting that the Dodgers are planning to play … that song … again at the bottom of the 8th.

    I hope Johnny Cueto throws a no-hitter tonight to put an end to that torture.

    • Jack Dawkins

      If they win, does that mean they keep playing it?  If so this will be quite a dilemma.

      • Anonymous

        They played it last night. That didn’t work out so well.

        • Jack Dawkins

          The only sliver of a silver lining about it is that it really annoys Steve Perry.

  21. Anonymous

    Oswalt just got hammered in Chicago (by Youkilis amoungst others)

    • Yah its interesting to me that they would try and trade for Lee but not Youkilis. In any case his CWS OPS will now be above Uribe’s Dodger OPS. It was .528 heading into tonight.

  22. Anonymous

    looking at the standings i’m a little amazed we’re only 1.5 games back, but i guess we can thank our great start for that. . .

  23. KT

    Come on DP

  24. Anonymous

    Good thing they got 5 innings in  – rain delay in Washington – would have been a shame to wipe out all those runs Lincecum gave up.

    • Anonymous

      So can I clarify, if the rest of the game is a washout, the result so far stands?

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Yes, if a game is called, it becomes “official” after five innings, or 4.5 innings if the home team is ahead.

  25. Anonymous

    Brad Penny alert in DC!

  26. Anonymous

    Sure would be nice to give Cap some run support tonight.
    Not going to be easy with Cueto dealing.

    • Anonymous

      can’t help but agree with you AaSsWw, Cueto looks nasty so far. As Vin pionted out, he sports a Louie Tiant motion to go with the nasty movement.

      • Most Dodger starting pitchers have probably felt like they have to give up zero runs to have a chance lately.  And they’ve been facing some very good pitchers. Cueto is yet another, alas. 

  27. Anonymous

    1-2-3 inning, falling asleep already lol

  28. KT

    M. Ellis would have had that one

  29. Live from Rancho Cucamonga in the 1st
    Mark Ellis singles on a ground ball to center fielder James Jones.
    Matt Kemp singles on a ground ball to left fielder Mickey Wiswall. Mark Ellis to 2nd.

  30. Anonymous

    ii don’t work tomorrow WOO!!!

  31. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me when was the last time that the Dodgers reached double figures in hits?

  32. Anonymous

    Good nickname for Cueto would be “The Predator”.

  33. Anonymous

    Safe to say there will only be one 13-12 game today

  34. KT

    good hit Dee

  35. The other day on the way to the gym Steiner announced the name of the person who would win a small prize if the dodgers hit back to back homeruns in that inning. I imagine some 10 year old kid screaming at his dad, “that’s us daddy, woo hoo” and then the daddy just rolling his eyes like ya and pigs fly. With that intro have we hit any back to backs this year?

    • Anonymous

      here’s one from April- first inning. The hitters are not in tonight’s line-up: 

      • Anonymous

        Yup.  There have only been six games all year in which the Dodgers have hit more than one home run.  I think the only other one with two home runs in an inning was the game in Colorado in which Dee hit one in the upper deck, but the two home runs were separated by two singles.

  36. Anonymous

    Cueto laughing at how easy this is as he jogs off the mound.

    • Anonymous

      all kitting aside, AJ went from 0 balls & 2 strikes to 3 balls & 2 strikes in that at bat!! (AMAZING)

      • Anonymous

        he stroke out but if you witnessed the AB you would really appreciated.

  37. KT

    Come on Chris

  38. Anonymous

    Bases loaded, uh oh

  39. Anonymous

    Nice pitching there sir, nice pitching.

  40. Anonymous

    Dumb play by Cruz there, almost didn’t get the out.

  41. KT

    that play was too close at second…I slowed it down and couldn’t tell

  42. KT

    second angle from the reds feed looks like he’s out but according to the reds announcers it looked like hes was safe…As I said too close

  43. Anonymous

    Any truth to the rumor that Colletti is looking to trade Loney for Katie Holmes?

  44. Anonymous

    Jeez, easy inning for Cueto there

  45. Anonymous

    Is this the worst Dodger starting lineup ever?  I can’t remember a more punchless group of hitters.  Kennedy and Cruz and Gordon and Gwynn and Loney all in the same lineup?  Yeesh. 

    • i thought you guys said last night was the worst ever. which is it?

      • Anonymous

        It’s like part 2 of a bad mini-series

      • Anonymous

        In 1968 the Dodgers had Popovich (BA .232), Versalles (.196) and Bailey (.227) starting at 2nd, SS and 3rd for much of the season, backed up by Alcaraz (.151) and Shirley (.181).

        • Anonymous

          So not the worst ever then, I feel better Bob ;)

        • nice. i remember a guy that played 2nd in the early 60s. started with B. Burright or something. he was worse than popovich but not as bad as Versalles. can’t remember his name though.

  46. KT

    Way to peel off Dee

  47. KT

    At least James is hitting the ball hard now

  48. Anonymous

    Hey guys…any word on how Matty is doing in Rancho Cu………  (too lazy to spell it)

  49. KT

    Reds turning in some gems

  50. Anonymous

    these guys have wings on there shoes, that looked pretty.

  51. Anonymous

    i wonder what’s going through Capuano’s head on the mound at the moment, must be frustrating for all Dodger pitchers (no matter how much you are a great team first kind of guy)

  52. At the end of 6, Mark Ellis has gone 2 for 4, Matt Kemp 1 for 2 with a walk and a strike out.

    Interesting to me that Matt’s DHing this game.

    • Anonymous

      Save us Mark, take that number 2 spot back

  53. KT

    Nice save James

  54. Anonymous

    Great pitching by Cap tonight – c’mon Blue, give him a couple runs.

  55. KT

    Cappy gone after 98 pitches

  56. Nice to see that hit!

  57. KT

    Nice hit Elian

  58. KT

    Nice SAC bunt Dee
    Come on AJ

  59. That was a mighty heater there…

    • Anonymous

      the previous pitch made that pitch that much harder… yeah, it was nasty.

  60. KT

    Come on Bobby

  61. KT

    Balk…Now wild pitch him home

  62. Anonymous

    Jon Weisman… do you keep DT stats?
    As in… what is the highest number of comments ever given on DT during a game?

    • Anonymous

      I recall that the Manny deal evoked posts in the thousands.  Not sure about the most for a game chat, but it could be over a thousand.

  63. KT

    BOBBY!!! Tie ball game

  64. Anonymous

    2 outs …. Abreau…. Clutch.

  65. Anonymous

    No shutout!

  66. KT

    Come on Juan

  67. Anonymous

    Bobby, I love you!

    • Anonymous

      Bob, hold the love for the player who gives us the lead :)

      • Anonymous

        Before you lead, you gots to tie!

        • Anonymous

          Some teams don’t bother with that, but I guess we only usually get 1 at a time

    • Anonymous

       (waving index finger to and fro….)
      Back off  Bob…. Didn’t you read  last night’s comments? …. Juanny’s mine… :-)  ha.

  68. Anonymous

    Well done Bobby

    • Anonymous

      that thing was a screamer (looney tunes style) it was smoked man, yikes!

  69. bobby aint what he use to be but he still has almost 2500 hits. his muscle memory can get more hits than most of the isotopes with the big new mexico stats.

  70. Anonymous

    This Day In Baesball History
    1906 – At Cleveland, the Naps top the Tigers, 5 – 0, in game called after six innings on account of rain. To underscore the soggy conditions, Detroit outfielder Germany Schaefer plays the last few innings wearing a raincoat over his uniform.

  71. Anonymous

    Big task ahead for Scotty.

  72. Anonymous

    I see Bobby has been rewarded with a seat on the bench, I hope that means Donnie is confident we will bat down to at least position 9 next half innings

  73. In the bottom of the 7th Matt Kemp singled and then advanced to second on a wild pitch, where he was stranded. 

    Somebody might want to remind him that he’s in the Home Run Derby and not the Singles and get Stranded Derby.

  74. Anonymous

    Get ready for the 1968 version of our lineup

  75. KT

    swung at ball 4

  76. Anonymous

    hey adam kennedy — that piitch was almost in Mary Harts lap.

  77. KT

    There you go James

  78. KT

    NICE CRUZ!!!

    Way to hustle BGJ!!!

  79. KT

    way to add an insurance run

  80. Anonymous

    Where are you Bob, someone new to love ;)

  81. Anonymous

    Loney made it from first and scored wooooo!!
    Wild pitch run! Double woo!

  82. KT

    Cruz with the stolen base

  83. Anonymous


  84. Anonymous

    Loney could have gotten hurt on that play man…

    • Anonymous

       Loney … I love the guy… needs to either slide or level  the catcher…

      To quote Jerry Seinfeld, “No tippy toes…”  :-)

      • Anonymous

        From what I saw, if he tried to level the guy he would have moved into the tag and he couldn’t slide because Hanagan’s leg was blocking the plate.

        • KT

          but Hanagan trapped the ball between his glove and his leg, ahard hit would have knocked it loose

          • Anonymous

            Sure, but Loney was almost passed him when the ball arrived.  Why run to the ball?  I just find it hard to be critical of the option he chose.

          • KT

            Oh I think he made the right choice…His slide was akward though

  85. Anonymous

    calling gordon homer now

  86. KT

    Good hit Elian…Come on Dee move him around

  87. Anonymous

    I’m at work so I can’t see any highlights, can’t wait to get home later to see the steal of home!

    • Anonymous



    • KT

      Very high pitch that if the catcher caught Cruz would have been out
      Tony tried to bunt and in the last moment pulled the bat back…I think it blocked the catchers view…ball went to the backstop

    • Anonymous

      it was an odd play John_From-Aus, you’ll appreciated more when you see it…

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, should it be called a wild pitch rather than a steal of home?

  88. foul tip

    Gameday says Cruz stole home?  Vot es?

  89. Anonymous

    Bruce can catch that popfly but can’t catch one against the gnats, hmmm.

  90. Matt Kemp is batting .667. He’s ready!

  91. Anonymous

    How come there isn’t a rule that says that nobody except Jon can post… ‘NPUT’????

    • Anonymous

       See? … total rule #11 violation right there…. ha.

    • KT

      If you can put a new post up then I guess you can type NPUT

  92. KT

    Good inning Belli

  93. KT

    Good Eye SVS

  94. Anonymous

    very impressed with Belisario again, only 7 pitches for the complete half innings

    • KT

      Me too

      • Anonymous

        Once we get everyone back on board/ start hitting regularly, with Belli and Kenley as our 8 and 9 guys, we are going to be a real threat to everyone the rest of the season

        • KT

          Don’t forget Lindblum as #7

          • Anonymous

            not as confident with him, but on the whole he has been pretty good

          • KT

            He’s been under a lot of pressure to be perfect….the others haven’t been used much

  95. KT i’m putting this potential win on you for your neverending positive waves. congratulations.

    • KT

      thank you but i’ve been trying this for the last couple of weeks
      I say BGJ deserves this one…He’s coming around finally

      • and you’re so humble too. what a guy. 

        • KT

          I been doing everything including wearing different shirts and playing different games

          • Anonymous

            OK, but now you can’t change your underwear.  We are on a roll!

          • KT

            I’ve been going Commando so I’m ok

  96. When was the last save Jansen earned?

  97. KT

    Great Catch Juan

  98. KT

    Half Game Back with a 5 game lead over the Snakes

  99. Anonymous

    cyber hugs!

  100. Anonymous

    Dodgers win, Gnats lose, 0.5 back from 1st. Feels good man.

  101. Anonymous

    Scotty the Vulture!

  102. That’s what I call a natural mood elevator. 

  103. Anonymous

    Beautiful. I’ll take a well-played 3 to 1 game over a 13 to 12 fiasco any day, all day.

  104. Anonymous

    Two out of three for the first time in a long time!  We begin the second half of the season in style.

    I should have posted this earlier:  Ian Desmond went 2-for-2 against Lincecum tonight, with a single and a homer, and drove in a pair.  For his career, Desmond is now 9-for-11 against Lincecum — batting average of .818, OBP of .818, slugging of 1.273 and OPS of 2.091.

  105. Anonymous

    First time that we’ve played and gained on the Giants since June 17.

    • KT

      San Diego and Colo are only 13.5 back now…coming back to the pack

  106. Anonymous

    love it that Elbert gets the win by throwing 2 pitches

  107. Anonymous

    At least you should all sleep well before your big day of celebrations tomorrow. I may not be able to get on DT tomorrow, so if I don’t ‘Happy 4th July’ to you all

    • KT

      Thanks John

    • Anonymous

      Yes, thanks John – Family, BBQ, Dodgers game, and fireworks. What more can you ask for on a Holiday?

  108. KT

    Good Night/Day all

  109. A win! Woo hoo, unlike yesterday all the pitchers held their own. And key contributions from Loney (!) and Cruz!

    Meanwhile, video on Matt Kemp’s rehab start:

    Ellis tomorrow, Kemp next week, along with Ethier hopefully… If Dodgers can just be a game or 2 behind at the worst, I’m feeling okay about things.

  110. Anonymous

    Breakfast at Nationals Stadium? Nachos al caballo!  Nats taking BP for 11am start against the giants.

  111. Anonymous

    Happy Independence Day!

  112. Anonymous

    Gnats jumped off to a 3-0 lead in the first inning in D.C.  However, in the 6th, the Nats lead the Gnats, 7-3.

  113. Anonymous

    Old Friend Edwin Jackson leaves with a 7-4 lead.

  114. KT

    9-4 Nats in the bottom of 8th

  115. Looks like Coffey will be out for the year with Tommy John surgery.

  116. KT

    Nats win 9-4…time to take over 1st place

  117. Happy 4th of July to us! The Dodgers are tied for first with a chance to take the lead tonight!

  118. Anonymous

    First-Place Fives – All Around..

  119. Anonymous

    Time to retake first place tonight.

    • where have you been WBB?

      • Anonymous

        I have spent a week in the hospital. Got home yesterday, and feeling much better. Some of the games I saw on the iPad, but commenting was difficult.

  120. foul tip

    We’re here with baseball expert without parallel manager Jim Tracy of the Rockies…

    Since he does so well asking himself questions, we’ll get out of his way:

    “How’s my new strategy for a 4-man rotation and 75-pitch limit working out?  Well, could be better.  But is it worth continuing?  I think so.  Is it likely to take a while before the wisdom of it becomes apparent?  I believe so.  It’s a long season…VERY long, come to think of it.  Can miracles happen?  Absolutely, they can…sometimes…you just have to believe, that’s all. 

    “And, what was there to lose?  Not much.  Did I need to be seen trying something to fix the pitching?  Yes, yes. I absolutely did  Have I fixed it?  Yes, REAL good.

    “What’s that?  Is it true that my groundbreaking strategy is being named the Jim Tracy Rotation Wrecker & Bullpen Exploder theory?   Why, I hadn’t heard that.

    “Would it be quite a honor if it became widely adopted and I was given credit for it?  Why, yes…..yes, I think it would.  I’m touched…touched by the suggestion, that is.” 


    • Am I impressed by the creativity? Yes, I am.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, I think it’s a real accomplishment to drop down into a tie with the Madres!  :)

  121. Anonymous

    Alex Castellanos continues to mash when he’s on the road rather than in hitter-friendly ABQ.  Yesterday he hit a three-run bomb in Omaha and scored three runs, after going 3 for 6 the night before.  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him in L.A.

    • I’d like to see them bring him up and say, “Ok, we’re going to play him every day for a month and see what we’ve got”.

      • Anonymous

        I think the reason they haven’t done that is that they want to be comfortable with him playing second base, and he’s not there yet.

        • Agreed…but with Ellis coming back, his position would be LF….so maybe it would be impossible anyway.

        • Anonymous

          Ellis is owned $5.25 million in 2013 and a $1 million buy-out or $5.75 million in 2014.
          just the facts

  122. Anonymous

    Mike Leake has hit two home runs this season.  When’s the last time a Dodger pitcher has done that in a season?  (I know Randy Wolf did it once but for the Phillies, before he became a Dodger.)  Has any Dodger done it since Fernando hit 3 in ’84?

  123. Anonymous

    Is it legal for a fielder to trip a runner, like Hannigan did last night?

    • Anonymous

      Since Hanigan was in the act of fielding the ball, he got away with it. If he wasn’t, the answer would be no. It would be considered obstruction.

  124. Anonymous

    Happy independance day everyone. Hope you all have a great day. I think the Dodgers reclaiming first place would be appropriate on such an important day!

  125. Ok I’m curious. What’s the most – in dodger assets – that you yahoos would give up for Babe Headley?

  126. Anonymous

    Happy Fourth, everyone! Here’s to a two-game winning streak.

  127. Anonymous doesn’t mention Ethier going on the DL.  In fact they mention him being ready after the all star break.  I assume that to be July 13th. 

    Oh I see the potential of Ellis coming of the DL may force them to put Ethier on the DL.  Why can’t they put Uribe on the “2 year” disabled list?

    • Anonymous

      It’s official now. Ethier is on the DL and M Ellis is activated. Since Ethier hasn’t played since June 27, he would be eligible to play when the season restarts on July 13.

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