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Thumbs down on Gordon’s health

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.
Elian Herrera, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B
Juan Rivera, 1B
Luis Cruz, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Scott Van Slyke, RF
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Nathan Eovaldi, P

Thumb surgery on a torn ligament in Dee Gordon’s thumb will sideline the Dodger shortstop for approximately six weeks, as Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. notes. Claiming the roster spot is reliever Javy Guerra, who has been activated from the disabled list.

On the night that Mark Ellis makes his first start at second base in nearly seven weeks, the Dodgers will move forward with Luis Cruz at short and joining the ranks of obscure but memorable No. 5 hitters.

Jerry Hairston Jr., who played so well at third base early in the season before declaring he wasn’t comfortable there (he could have fooled me), will make his first start at that position since May 29.

* * *

Below is an 11-minute Forbes interview with Irwin Raij, who advised the Guggenheim group on their Dodger purchase. The link comes from Eric Young, my one-time Stanford Daily colleague and not the former Dodger.


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  1. Anonymous

    6 weeks is not great, but it could have been worse.

    I hope Jerry regains that great 3rd base defense from earlier in the season

  2. Wow Willie three-dog Davis played him some Dodger games.

  3. Giants lead 5-1 in the seventh. 

  4. KT

    Now 5-4 Gnats going to top of 8

  5. KT

    Mark!! Welcome back

  6. Anonymous

    Welcome back Mark Ellis lol

  7. KT

    Nice hit Jerry
    Come on Juan

  8. Anonymous

    1-0! Yeah! Early runs are fun.

  9. KT

    Come on Luis

  10. Anonymous

    This is encouraging.

  11. KT

    Come on AJ

  12. Anonymous

    So many hits!

  13. wow this new guy is so much better than D Sutton.

    • KT

      no matter how much I’m tempted to give him a quick listen, the thought of  having to listen to Grace stops that thought immediately

    • mark sadly still sucks bad. that’s my technical appraisal.

  14. Anonymous

    great start boys!

  15. KT

    good to give U-less some runs from the start…hopefully this will calm him

  16. Not so excited about AJ Ellis lately.  Throw him a curve with two strikes, and he is toast.

      • Hey, I’m psyched about the two runs, but it’s pretty important for AJ to put the ball in play there and have a chance for three runs.  Dude is striking out A LOT in the last month.  He is who he is, and I am a fan, but I would like to see him adjust back (clearly pitchers are have adjusted to him and know to feed him curves with two strikes).  Cheers :-)

        • i know i just can’t say anything about the subject.

        • Anonymous

          i think it’s a little of that, but mostly (at least to me) being a catcher is pretty demanding i would think, he’ll get his 2nd wind come the all-star break…

  17. nothing personal but if eovaldi winged this first diamondback giuy i would be ok with it

  18. you don’t need K if you’re 94 mph heater moves up their bat

  19. KT

    good inning for U-less 13 pitches

  20. Anonymous

    Good start Eovaldi

    • KT

      Morning John…good to see work isn’t getting into the way of  your baseball

      • Anonymous

        The fact we are leading 2-0 will probably mean that baseball will get in the way of work!

        (oh well)

  21. KT

    Miley already @ 40 pitches

  22. mark grace just said law of averages. everyone calm down. jk

  23. young man could use a good changeup

  24. KT

    5-5 gnat tied

  25. Anonymous

     As the Gnats’ bullpen implodes, the Nats are on the point of sweeping them.

  26. KT

    Nats win

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully July for the gnats will be what June was for the Dodgers

  27. KT

    Come on 1-2-3 DP

  28. Anonymous

    The Nats squash the Gnats!

  29. KT

    Vin keeps saying the snakes scored even though he said it was a 1-2-3 DP

  30. KT

    Excellent play jerry for not liking 3rd

  31. KT

    Hey you guys notice I wished for the 1-2-3 and it came true

    • Anonymous

      I wish the Snakes didn’t score and that didn’t come true

      • KT

        but it could have been a lot worse with out the DP

  32. KT

    Come on Mark start it off

  33. Anonymous

    Hairston does not appear to be the best judge of his own ability to play third base.

  34. Anonymous

    Old friend Jonathan Broxton, who picked up his 21st save in Toronto tonight, could be in demand at the trade deadline.

  35. KT


  36. Anonymous


  37. Anonymous

    i think statistacally he might not be good there, i’ve learned thru the years that my eyes can in fact decieve me…

  38. all right someone found SVS’s bat. so so fast ball right down the middle. hope he gets his bat going a little faster because he obviously has big power.

  39. Anonymous

    thanks for the behind Dodgers winning 2b bid video Jon, really cool.

  40. i can’t imagine d sutton getting his job back. but stranger things have happened. this guy classes up their broadcast as much as you can with mark grace.

  41. KT

    Herrera took the circular route to that ball

  42. KT

    U-less at 78 pitches

  43. Anonymous

    Nice play by the Snakes 2nd baseman, I thought it was going to be a hit.

  44. KT

    Nice play Jerry

  45. Anonymous

    Parra a little excited on that hit.  I wonder who he was applauding to?

  46. Anonymous

    Applaud that Parra!

  47. KT

    Luis with the smoking single…I like his bat

  48. Anonymous

    watching the repeat of little Dee dislocating his thumb, man that looks painfull.

  49. Anonymous

    that was a very impressive strike out, inside corner with movement….

  50. Anonymous

    i like the way Mark Ellis dues his moves.

  51. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t Juan Uribe ever tear a ligament in his thumb? Would it make any difference?

  52. Anonymous

    Wade Miley’s press photo expression is probably one i’d have if i was a major leaguer…

  53. KT

    Elian!!!! 1st Hr of his LB career according to Vinny

  54. Anonymous

    Love it :)

  55. Anonymous


  56. Anonymous

    right down the pipe & Elian Herrera gave it a ride! he came close one or twice before, glad he finally got it out of the way…

  57. Anonymous

    Congrats Herrera!

  58. Anonymous

    you guys know the record for plate apperances with out a dinger?

  59. long run i don’t know if that’s good for elian. he’s got to cut his swing down some.

  60. Anonymous

    Uribe and Herrera are both rally-killers.

    • Anonymous

      When everyone else is back on deck, I know who I would rather be playing 3rd for us ;)

    • KT

      ^_^ except Herrera does it the right way by hitting it over the fence

  61. Anonymous

    Gotta love the fact that the ball goes over the fence, and when they pan to Herrera rounding the bases, he’s already rounding 3B…. I like that kind of hustle.  

    • KT

      me too doesn’t show up the pitcher at all

  62. Anonymous

    If you had said to me before the game we would get 2 HR today, I would not have believed you (certainly not Hererra)

    • KT

      AZ is an offensive park where no lead is safe…Like Colorado

      • Anonymous

        well we had better get some more then !

  63. Anonymous

    Speaking of home run trots…. I heard about Hanley Ramirez’ 30 second – plus trot last night…
    Did any of you catch that story?  Some say he’s pouting over the move to 3B….

  64. KT

    Nice catch Elian…this time he took the right route

  65. Anonymous

     Way to “take an angle” Elian!

  66. Anonymous

    Pour it on!

  67. KT

    Good inning Scott
    He’s been pitching so much better of late

    • Anonymous

      That was a fantastic pitch for the called third strike

  68. Anonymous

    glad Scott Elber got his arm troubles out of the way early in his career.

  69. where are we on days in a row pitched with the two big guys?

  70. Belisario in his third game in a row and fourth out of five. 

    • Anonymous

      I think he might be Ok though due to his very low pitch count each outing

  71. Anonymous

    Back in the 90’s when I went to school in the Bay Area, I once went to a Giants game at Candlestick vs. the D-backs…

    Just to taunt the D-backs, they put an elevated, inflatable pseudo-hot tub / pool area just over the right-centerfield fence…

    I noted 2 things….
    1.  I thought it was very tacky, and kind of a cheap shot.
    2.  For the Bay Area, the chicks they had in it were actually pretty hot.  (surprisingly enough)
    Now, as Vinny says, “Let’s get back to this one”… :-)

  72. KT

    Fantastic play Jerry!!

  73. Anonymous

    Nice play Hairston, nice play. at 3rd.

  74. Anonymous

    I dislocated my thumb on a tag play at third about 15 years ago, and it’s never completely recovered. I had difficulty opening and closing the glove thereafter.

    • KT

      it’s definitely not fun and it as you said it can be a nagging injury

      • KT i’m going to be at the game tomorrow so i need you to check in on WBB to make sure he’s feeling Ok after his surgery.

        • KT

          Anything you say….you know I always respect my elders ^_^

          • Anonymous

            His not so old, he was in his nappies when I was at DS to see Sandy’s perfecto in 65.

          • KT

            I was following intensly (actually listened to that game) in 65…He was still in nappies then I’m older

          • i wasn’t in nappies dammit. i was making a transistor radio dance.

          • Anonymous

            No, I was listening on the radio in Tacoma (after the sun went down, KFI boomed in from the Southland).

  75. KT

    Another fantastic inning by Belli…He’s money

  76. KT

    Nice line drive hit James

  77. KT

    Come on Elian drive him in

  78. Anonymous

    NL Division Leaders, DC, Pitt and our Bums.  Who would have thunk it?

    • KT

       you must be happy…The team you root for, the local team and perreneal cellar dwellers

      • Anonymous

        Like what the locals did tonight with the sweep.  Going to see Strasburg tomorrow night.

  79. Anonymous

    Those are two extremes: Jansen or Wright

  80. Anonymous

    Trivia Time!

    Why haven’t the Dodgers ever played at Yankee Stadium in interleague play?

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good question.  We’ve played in Boston, Tampa, Toronto.  Not sure about Baltimore though.

      • Anonymous

         I suppose I shouldn’t have called it ‘triva’ since I have no answer…

        But, could it be said that should the Yankees and Dodgers meet in this years’ World Series….that the last time the Dodgers, as a team, set foot on that field was 1981 as they walked off the field after defeating the Yanks in the WS?

  81. Anonymous

    Why don’t they let Beli pitch the 9th?

    • KT

      He pitched in 4 of the previous 5 games…why push it

  82. arizona announcers are talking about the word on the street regarding Kenley’s loss of velocity

  83. KT

    Kenley’s money also 9 out of 11 pitches are strikes

  84. KT you brought another one home. Congratulations

  85. KT

    3 game win streak
    Kershaw on the mound tomorrow…looking good

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