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Deuces wild

Sorry for the unexcused absence over the past two days. Monday night was spent celebrating my 13th anniversary with the missus.

But I will say I like the moxie of that Schumaker kid on the mound …

Friend of Dodger Thoughts Erin Scot of Robots Took My Medicine tells us what she’s been up to since taking a hiatus from blogging — and also offers for sale this great, Vin Scully-inspired “Deuces are wild” T-shirt. Check it out.

And remember — the “100 Things Dodgers” booksigning is Saturday in Pasadena.

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Nick Punto, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Juan Uribe, 3B
Hyun-Jin Ryu, P

Carl Crawford was a late scratch with tightness in his right hamstring.


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  1. Erin Scot

    Thanks for the plug, Jon! I hope everyone enjoys the shirts. We’ve reached the original goal, so the shirts will definitely be printed, but people can still buy. I still love the idea of seeing as many as possible at Dodger Stadium sometime in the future.

    Oh, and I actually have a new last name since the last time we spoke. It’s Erin Scot now.

    • Erin, a suggestion: post a link to the post with the picture on Dodger Thoughts’ Facebook page. I’m pretty sure that would be fine with Jon.

      Oh, and they’re very good-looking shirts. ;)

      • Erin Scot

        I’ve been trying to market them as best I can, without feeling like a spambot. It’s not easy. Jon probably wouldn’t mind, but I’m still not sure. Maybe when it gets closer to the end of the campaign, I’ll put it out there. Thanks for the tip, though. And the compliment.

  2. Anonymous

    AND the batters’!

  3. Anonymous

    Let’s go with the big guns!

  4. KT

    good start…Come on AGon

  5. Anonymous

    I didn’t have audio, but LOVED to see Gameday “In play, run(s)” for Matt.

    Then the magical voice of Vinny with Agon’s RBI!
    Go, Hanley!

    • KT

      need anything described…just ask

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! Audio came in right after that play. So I just heard Vin’s appreciation of the Punto-Gonzalez play.

  6. KT

    Good SAC!!

  7. KT

    Come on Dre

  8. Anonymous

    1/2 RISP, 2 runs . . . that’s productive for anyone, INCREDIBLE for this year!

  9. Anonymous

    Fun first inning.

  10. KT


  11. KT

    They did the wheel play and AJ stayed anchored to 2nd base and only started to run after the ball was struck…no secondary leadoff

  12. KT

    Nice JH jr…Good hustle Juanito

  13. KT

    Come on Nick…Drive him in…It’s our day for a laugher

  14. KT

    Good inning…2 more runs please

  15. KT

    Hanley !!!! I see you

  16. KT

    All the respect for Juan now with the IBB

  17. Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary, Jon! Good to know your priorities are in order!
    -and as posted earlier, you picked a good one to miss.

  18. Anonymous

    YES!!!! . . .All because of Hanley? Or is this a weak pitcher? Still, they’ve done far less with weak pitchers before.

  19. KT

    RYU!!!…giving away souveniers…then cashes in with the RBI single!!

  20. KT

    There are my 2 runs…I want my laughter to offset yesterday’s blowout

  21. KT

    I forgot Hanley was still wearing a brace…just wait until he’s fully healed

  22. KT


  23. KT


  24. Anonymous

    I haven’t seen him in action and am watching the results on Gameday, but with two outs (and running, I’m presuming) and a double, Adrian can’t score?

    • KT

      I willing to beat Adrian is our slowest guy on the team,

      • Anonymous

        and you are willing to beat him? I hope you mean in a footrace.

        • KT

          I’m even slower the Adrian now with the 2 replaced hips…Haven’t run since 2006 since they told me I can’t…So no I won’t beat him

  25. KT

    Nice RYU 10 K’s

    • Anonymous

      His performance tonight, Kid K’s Sunday, and the good news about Greinke’s progress gives one cause for cautious optimism — at least regarding the starting pitchers. Let’s stay healthy!

  26. KT

    Ryu wisely pulled his hand away from that ball going up the middle

  27. KT

    Good inning

  28. KT

    Cruz hitting the ball better the last couple of at bats but right at somebody

  29. KT

    Good hit Jerry…could use an insurance run here Nicky

    • Anonymous

      Why not League. Surely he can hold a 4 run lead. Don’t like this. Waste of Kenley.

  30. Anonymous

    Jon: Happy Anniversary.

  31. KT

    2 more Kenley

  32. KT

    1 more Kenley

  33. Anonymous

    Good game!

  34. KT

    Ball game .500 april…Here’s to a .750 May

    • Anonymous

      We have actually been fortunate to be at .500, given our runs for and against.

  35. KT

    Great Game by RYU…Night all

  36. Anonymous

    Great game. La Sorda’s face when Psy was doing his moves, priceless. Ryu was outstanding. Hanley! Lots of high points. So great to see the team come out swinging after last night. Punto’s bunt was a work of art. All good. Let’s take another tomorrow.

  37. I was at the game tonight, and apart from Ryu doing a fine job of changing speeds (fastball low 90’s, change low 70s), I was struck by how the Korean community seems to be excited by him. I had thought that after Chan Ho Park’s trailblazing career, they might be a little blasé. But that does not seem to be the case.

    There were two guys wearing Ryu 99 jerseys in front of us. One of them had an app loaded on his iPad that ran a little animation of moving blue Ks, and every time Ryu notched a strike out, he fired up the app and held up his iPad for all to see.

    Psy, of Gangam Style fame, was at the game, too — probably as a VIP guest. They played part of his new video on the scoreboard, then cut to him dancing and doing his shtick in the aisle. Right next to where Tommy Lasorda was sitting. Tommy looked quite bemused by the whole thing.

  38. Anonymous

    So Ryu continues to impress and Hanley makes an impression in his return

  39. I attended last nights game, from
    Las Vegas. besides the walk up music, and the audio saying “now everyone clap” there was a thunder-like audio, many times, kinda startled me. Do you know where that track comes from? It seemed to be after A. gonzalez walk up.

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