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Sandy Koufax hit by line drive at Camelback batting practice

Los Angeles Dodgers workout

By Jon Weisman

The prognosis looks good for Sandy Koufax, who was hit in the left side of the forehead by an Andre Ethier drive during batting practice today at Camelback Ranch, but it sure had to come as a huge shock.

“Koufax had a cut but didn’t leave his feet,” reported Ken Gurnick at “He told pitching coach Rick Honeycutt he was OK, but a little dizzy. Koufax was taken by cart to the Minor League clubhouse to be examined, before returning to the Major League clubhouse 15 minutes later.

Update: More from Gurnick:

As if to ease the fears of an entire organization, Sandy Koufax walked into the Dodgers clubhouse after practice Friday.

With sandwich in hand, he was upright, smiling and looking, well, like Sandy Koufax.

“I’m fine,” Koufax said, about an hour after being struck on the forehead by an Andre Ethier line drive during batting practice.

After going for a precautionary CT scan to rule out internal bleeding, Koufax returned to Camelback Ranch and assured reporters that he was healthy. He said this was the first time he had been hit on the head by a ball. He didn’t need stitches on a forehead cut.

“It’s more of a bruise,” he said. “It feels more like a whiplash than anything. It’s not even sore to the touch. I’m a little surprised.”

It looked serious enough when it happened, and the audible thud when the ball struck head was sickening. …



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  1. That is dangerous stuff. Fingers crossed he’ll be OK!

  2. enchantedbeaver

    First lefty Andre’s hit in years.

  3. Scary stuff. It is a wonder it doesn’t happen more often. Maybe it should be mandatory that the new pitchers hats be worn by everyone, players and media, during pregame drills. Not sure if it would have helped Sandy today, but some protection is better than none. Don’t want to see anyone get hurt, particularly the best pitcher I have ever watched during my lifetime

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    It good to know he ‘s O,K,

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