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Bolsinger’s number comes up again

By Jon Weisman

100 02x xxx -- 3
000 200 xxx -- 2
002 00x xxx -- 2
010 014 xxx -- 6

Above are the linescores against Mike Bolsinger in his four starts this year, and as you can see, he’s allowed one crooked number in each of them.

They’ve never been the same inning. One crooked number in the third inning (June 1), one in the fourth (May 24), one in the fifth (May 18) and one in the sixth (tonight).

Tonight brought the biggest crooked man of all, thanks to a three-run home run by Trevor Story in the sixth inning that doubled Colorado’s run total on its way to a 6-1 victory over the Dodgers.

As you can see, the crooks haven’t always broken in at the same point in the game, not always the same trip through the order. But come they have.

Bolsinger has now allowed five home runs in 20 1/3 innings this season.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have scored exactly one run in three of Bolsinger’s four starts. Against Colorado’s Tyler Chatwood, they had one hit in eight innings: Howie Kendrick’s second-inning single that moved Adrian Gonzalez (walk) to third base, from which he scored on Kiké Hernandez’s hard forceout.


Dodgers play righty vs. righty card against Chatwood


Once more unto the breach, dear Vin


  1. paulgarzajr

    The Dodgers may not be scoring for Bolsinger but his pitching is very uninspiring. He appears capable of being a good short man. The second time through the line-up he begins to falter and the third time . . . . .home run heaven.

  2. I think you meant Tyler Chatwood and not Tyler Pomerantz. Perhaps the Dodgers would have had 2 – or dare I say – 3 hits even against Pomerantz.

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