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The new Dodger Stadium plazas — so much to take in

Dodger Stadium 03.26.14 027

By Jon Weisman

So we’ve collected a bunch of photos from before and during Thursday’s Dodger Stadium exhibition opener against the Angels to show what life is like in the new outfield plazas.

“Some wonderful changes at Dodger Stadium,” as Vin Scully said Thursday. “You can have something to eat or drink. You can sit there and look down at each bullpen and watch the process of a Major Leaguer getting ready. And of course, a lot of conviviality as people get to know each other and share the experience of coming to Dodger Stadium.

Moving from left field to right, let’s take a gander …

An overhead view of the left-field plaza entry:Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 044


People enter the left-field plaza near one of the new retail stores.

Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 042


Fans enjoy some food with a view from the left-field bullpen overlook:

Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 035


An earlier-in-the-day photo showing that sightline:photo3


Seating near the left-field plaza bar and Think Blue BBQ:Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 040


Lounge beneath a palm tree in the left-field plaza:Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 002


The new “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball” clock sits atop the bar in the left-field plaza:



One of two stops for the Dodger Stadium Express that takes you to and from Union Station (the other is behind the Top Deck):

Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 023


Goliath left his souvenir foam finger in the parking lots behind center field (and it wasn’t turned in to lost and found):

Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 029


Pull up a stool in the Loge Level in right field: LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHEIM VS LOS ANGELES DODGERS


Amble on in to the right-field plaza:Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 018


Earlier, the vantage point from the right-field bullpen overlook:





Seating outside Tommy Lasorda’s Trattoria:Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 014


The challenge of the plazas — what to do first? Come on down and find out … Dodger Stadium 03.27.14 012

Update: This just in …


Stan Kasten and Dodgers disappointed in missing SportsNet LA deals but hopeful


In case you missed it: Scioscia catches Hershiser (smile)


  1. It’s wonderful and sad at the same time. The wonderful part is that this adds so much to going to the games. The sad thing is the number of people who go to a baseball game and then don’t watch the game because they’re too busy doing other things!

    Also, will there be Dodger Dogs in the pasta at the Trattoria?

  2. Although I love Dodger stadium as it is I recognize that the stadium is somewhat “old” compared to the new Camden Yards style parks so the new additions and improvements are far more preferable to tearing down Dodger stadium which is still one of the more xlnt parks in the majors, It would be like tearing down Chicago’s Wrigley Field. (I do remember our own Wrigley Field in L.A. at 43rd & Avalon..remember Steve Bilko?)

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