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Double-doubled Dodgers go in and out of victory

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By Jon Weisman

Not since that sunny day in San Francisco have we taken such a big bite out of the entire Yasiel Puig experience, but my takeaway from tonight’s 5-by-3 loss is that Puig’s experience is just a drive-thru of everyone’s experience.

Puig comboed his great catch with a double, but was twice grilled onions on the bases. Justin Turner made a cheesy error and hit a two-run home run. Zack Greinke was left unbunned by the Dodgers’ protein-style defense for two unearned runs, but was also served by Puig’s second-inning spread. Daniel Murphy of the Mets had his own glop of animal-style fielding and went 0 for 4, but by July, he could be going to the All-Star Game.

Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s worthless. It’s not chocolate or vanilla – it’s a black-and-white. What matters is whether we taste the good or the bad in the end. For the Dodgers, the good has had the edge, but not enough to satisfy even themselves.

That’s what baseball is all about.


Video: Yasiel Puig’s magnificent catch


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  1. oldbrooklynfan

    It seemed like each team was trying to give the other the victory until the Dodgers made sure of it.

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