Ever since the 2021 Los Angeles Dodgers started the season 12-2, matching the breakout of the heart-stopping, game-dropping, low-flying, win-defying, mental-lapsing, season-collapsing, legendary 2005 Los Angeles Dodgers, I’ve been comparing these two squads on a game-by-game basis. Because really, how could I not?

At Twitter, you can find a Fun #2005dodgers fact every morning after a Dodger game the previous day. 

Over the past week, I think there have been two particularly remarkable fun facts. First: 

The 2021 vClick here for the box score of the 2005 game, and here for the Dodger Thoughts recap of the game.

Then, this morning, I posted this: 

Just so you can see those standings comparison more easily: 

The 2005 Dodgers and 2021 Dodgers. May the commonalities always be in our favor.

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