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Dodger Insider magazine — April 2015 edition

April 2015 magazine cover image

Lighting spread

By Jon Weisman

How do you write the pitcher who has been disssected from seemingly every conceivable angle? For the 2015 regular-season debut of Dodger Insider magazine, our answer was to step out of the way and let the true experts take the lead.

For the April 2015 issue, we asked Vin Scully, Rick Honeycutt, Orel Hershiser and A.J. Ellis for bylined pieces on what, in their minds, makes Kershaw who he is. Here’s how it begins.

Vin segment

The stories are all insightful, with Ellis’ being particularly poignant and affecting. We’ve also transcribed Kershaw’s memorable awards-acceptance speech from January, which is only the more remarkable when you see it laid out in front of you.

April featuresBeyond the Kershaw series, this issue is chock full of features, including but not limited to what you see at right. Here are some more examples:

  • Personally Speaking: Yasmani Grandal primed to prove he’s worth the price.
  • Stadium Ways: For a few moments every spring, Dodger players make screen magic.
  • Broadcast News: Jaime and Jorge Jarrin form a dream team in ’15.
  • Myth and Reality: Even champions usually lack an ideal leadoff man.

Plus an even more expanded History Corner, our usual collection of photos and games, and much more …

The April issue of Dodger Insider is available to purchase in person at the Top of the Park gift shop at Dodger Stadium now and will be at all Dodger team stores starting with Saturday’s Freeway Series game against the Angels.

To subscribe to Dodger Insider, visit Note: Subscriptions received through April 13 will begin with the May issue. Subscribe by April 30, and receive a free copy of the 2015 Dodger Yearbook.

Introducing the 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook: Fernando Valenzuela Commemorative Edition

2015 Yearbook cover image

By Jon Weisman

I’m pleased to reveal that the 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook will be a special Fernando Valenzuela commemorative edition.

Publishing in April (the 34th anniversary of the month that No. 34 took the mound for his first Opening Day and launched Fernandomania), the Yearbook celebrates the life and career of the Dodger legend with a special 21-page section, “The Man Behind the Mania” — entirely in Valenzuela’s words — including some never before-seen photos.

Valenzuela discusses such subjects as playing baseball as a child, how hard he worked to learn the screwball, his feelings about being called up in 1980 and getting that 1981 Opening Day start, what it was like to be in the center of Fernandomania, his approach to all aspects of the game, his greatest memories and his thoughts about the ultimate path of his career.

The 160-page yearbook will also feature the following:

  • Month-by-month review of the Dodgers’ 2014 season
  • Detailed look at the 2015 roster
  • Special salute to NL MVP and Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw
  • “In Memoriam” tributes to members of the Dodger family
  • Photos of celebrities who visited Dodger Stadium in the past year
  • Reports on the new front-office leadership, minor league affiliations and changes at Dodger Stadium and Camelback Ranch
  • A recap of 2014 community efforts by the Dodgers
  • Information about tickets, promotions and more.

The yearbook will be on sale at Dodger Stadium stores in time for the Freeway Series game with the Angels on April 4 for $15. You can also order it online for $20. Best deal: The 2015 Dodger Yearbook is free with a 2015 Dodger Insider subscription (must subscribe by April 30).

Also of note: Dodger Insider magazine and the Yearbook will be polybagged for mailing to subscribers to protect the covers. Online orders received by March 16 will be mailed in early April.


Julio Urias: El Prodigio

Urias feature

Here’s a sneak preview from the March edition of Dodger Insider magazine — Cary Osborne’s feature on Julio Urias and the influence of Urias’ father. Click the image above to enlarge.

The new issue of Dodger Insider will be on sale at Camelback Ranch and Dodger Stadium beginning March 4. Subscription orders will be in the mail that week. You can subscribe to Dodger Insider at Subscription orders received from February 16-March 12, 2015 will begin with the April issue.

— Jon Weisman

Dodger Insider magazine — March 2015 edition

March magazine cover

By Jon Weisman

Our first 2015 issue of Dodger Insider magazine is right around the corner, and now’s the time to sign up for your season subscription.

The March issue will be highlighted by our 2015 season preview, as well as stories on the new double-play combination of Jimmy Rollins and Howie Kendrick and up-and-comers Joc Pederson and Julio Urias (in particular, how they were influenced by their baseball-playing dads).

Piece Train spread

Inside the March magazineWe’ll also offers tons of great supplementary content — including several new recurring features that should be a treat for both passionate and casual fans.  Plus, a full complement of outstanding images by Dodger photographers Jon SooHoo, Juan Ocampo and Jill Weisleder — if you enjoy their work online, it’s even better to have it in your hands.

The March issue of Dodger Insider will be available to purchase in person at the Top of the Park gift shop at Dodger Stadium and at Camelback Ranch once Spring Training play begins on March 4.

To subscribe to Dodger Insider, visit A full-year subscription will come with a free copy of the 2015 Dodger Yearbook (and we’ll have more news about that annual publication soon).


  • New for 2015: Dodger Insider subscriptions will be polybagged to protect the magazine in the mail.
  • Subscription orders must be received by February 15 to begin with the March issue.
  • Subscription orders received from February 16-March 12 will begin with the April issue.
  • For any questions or concerns about print subscriptions, email or call 877-258-3062.

Our first anniversary: It’s time again for Dodger Insider

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

By Jon Weisman

Welcome to Year 2 of Dodger Insider.

One year ago today, this blog launched with the hopes of complementing and extending the Dodger coverage on and in the team’s official magazine, which we renamed to underscore our desire to integrate print and digital. The 1,309 posts in the past 365 days testify to the effort, but you readers can judge how well we’ve succeeded.

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Shutter Speed: Great photos of 2014


By Jon Weisman

Each month in Dodger Insider magazine, our Shutter Speed section showcases the best in Dodger photography from the previous month. Enjoy some of my favorites from 2014, thanks to photographers Jon SooHoo, Juan Ocampo, Jill Weisleder and Patrick Gee.

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Dodger Insider magazine — October edition

October 2014 magazine cover

October highlightsBy Jon Weisman

Well, we’ve arrived at the final edition of Dodger Insider magazine for 2014. The October issue, with Smilin’ Matt Kemp on the cover, provides a timely look at the Dodgers at the climax of a successful regular season and the precipice of what they hope will be an unforgettable postseason.

This month’s edition also includes features on closer Kenley Jansen (whose low profile nationally belies his performance), a look inside the Dodgers’ use of video to find an edge at gametime, a nice wrap-up of the progress made by Dodger minor leaguers, and much more.

Buy the magazine at Dodger Stadium during the National League Division Series or order the digital edition (which should be available next week) at, where you can also order subscriptions for 2015.

One more note: If you’ve been a reader of the magazine, this is a perfect time for you to offer your comments below. What’d you like? What could you have lived without? What would you like to see more of?  Constructive feedback is most welcome ahead of November, when we move into planning next year’s editions. But above all, thanks for reading.

Cliffhanger Kids

Dodger Insider magazine — September edition

September cover
September magazine features
By Jon Weisman

The subject of three different stories, including a look at his National League Most Valuable Player candidacy, Clayton Kershaw graces the cover of the September issue of Dodger Insider magazine — which also boasts a feature you’ll want to hang onto for some time to come.

“Take a Number” is a 15-page special section offering the history behind every Dodger uniform number from 00 to 99, with all kinds of information historical and trivial.

Who was the greatest player to wear No. 6, Steve Garvey or Carl Furillo? Who wore No. 39 before Roy Campanella — and after? What is the all-time best Dodger team by numbers? All that and more can be found in this detailed feature. (Preview the first two pages by clicking the image at the bottom of this post.)

Overall, there are more than two dozen stories in this edition of Dodger Insider — the biggest of the year — including a feature on how deeply Zack Greinke is a student of the game, the myth and reality behind new defensive stats, inside-the-game and historical stories, photos, games for all ages and much more.

Buy it at Dodger Stadium or by going to The digital version of the issue should be available next week.

Take a Number preview

Dodger Insider magazine — August edition

August cover

August highlightsBy Jon Weisman

Cool features abound in the August issue of Dodger Insider magazine — on sale beginning today throughout the ballpark and now on its way to subscribers.

One thing that will immediately capture your attention is a collection of questionnaires some of the Dodgers filled out with pen on paper, which we reprint in the magazine. In their own writing, you’ll see such Dodgers as Josh Beckett, Dee Gordon and Justin Turner talk about their earliest baseball memories, how they got the news of their first call up to the big leagues, and more. It’s not “Remembrance of Things Past,” but it’s fun.

Also, in addition to our Shutter Speed series of top photos of the month, we’ve included a Shutter Speed Extra that goes back through the entire season leading up to the All-Star Break and highlights the top moments of the Dodgers run to first place.

There’s an eyecatching midseason report on Dodger minor-leaguers, as well as a cool piece that looks at how pitchers like Clayton Kershaw and J.P. Howell developed their idiosyncratic pitching styles.

And topping it all off is Cary Osborne’s cover package on Hyun-Jin Ryu, tracing his journey from Korea to the U.S. and exploring what it has meant to all involved.

There’s tons more in the magazine – over two dozen stories in all. Buy it at Dodger Stadium or by going to The digital version of the issue should be next week.

Dodger Insider magazine — July edition

July coverInside JulyBy Jon Weisman

We’re overflowing with great stuff in the July edition of Dodger Insider magazine — our biggest issue yet this year — on sale beginning today throughout the ballpark and now on its way to subscribers.

Our cover package focuses on Yasiel Puig and looks at how he is maturing as a ballplayer even as he keeps the kid inside him alive. But also among the more than 25 pieces in Dodger Insider are a detailed look at Josh Beckett’s remarkable return from 2013 surgery, follow-ups on the no-hitters by Beckett and Clayton Kershaw, an inside-the-room view of the Dodgers’ 2014 draft and the return of Dee Gordon and Brandon League from challenging 2013 seasons.

There are also several historical pieces, including a fun spotlight on Dodger All-Star history, as well as Dixie Walker’s journey from “The People’s Cherce” to the people’s pariah, only to return years later as team batting coach.

We also have some terrific photos, including a 12-shot spread of Gordon stealing second that almost presents like a flip book. So make sure you get you hands on a copy, either at the ballpark or by going to And – the digital version of the issue should be posted today.

From the magazine: ‘Father’s Daze’

Ahead of Father’s Day, I talked to several Dodgers about how they remained connected with their families when they spend so much of their lives away from home.  Below, the reprint from this month’s Dodger Insider magazine (click each page to enlarge):

— Jon Weisman

Father's Daze 1

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‘Where the Action Is’: Dodger catchers’ roundtable

[mlbvideo id=”33699075″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]

CatchersRoundtableStills_04By Jon Weisman

Our big story in the June issue of Dodger Insider magazine was a roundtable with catchers A.J. Ellis, Drew Butera and Tim Federowicz about all the ins and outs of their position.

It’s an interesting, far-ranging and often funny chat, filmed while Ellis was on the disabled list and Butera and Federowicz were both on the active roster.

Thanks to the Dodger video production team for putting together the highlight package above, and thanks to Ellis, Butera and Federowicz for their time.

Below, the full print version of the big magazine feature (click pages to enlarge a bit). There’s more great content like this every month in Dodger Insider magazine.

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Dodger Insider magazine — June edition

June 2014 magazine cover

June 2014 highlightsBy Jon Weisman

“Where the Action Is,” a catchers’ roundtable featuring A.J. Ellis, Drew Butera and Tim Federowicz in which the trio converse in depth about baseball’s most challenging position, is the featured story in June’s Dodger Insider magazine, on sale now and also featuring a cover story on slugging first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

Dodger Insider offers more than two dozen stories, including inside-the-game pieces on platooning, the cut fastball, basestealing (with Dee Gordon) and player development, as well as a special Father’s Day-themed piece on how Dodger players stay in touch with their families while on the road.

This month’s “Shutter Speed” photo gallery, featuring the work of Jon SooHoo and Juan Ocampo, is also striking. And Mark Langill contributed a story on memorable June moments in Dodger history, along with his monthly trivia challenge.

In all, there’s tons of content, so don’t miss out. Copies of the magazine are going out in the mail to subscribers starting today, and the digital version of this issue should be uploaded later this week.

Also, stay tuned for a video feature from the catchers’ roundtable, coming soon this month.

Video: ‘Dodgers Roadshow’ highlights rare goodies

Dodgers Roadshow

By Jon Weisman

The centerpiece of the May issue of Dodger Insider magazine is our Dodgers Roadshow (excerpted above, click to enlarge). Team historian Mark Langill discussed the history behind 20 pieces of Dodger memorabilia, few if any of which you’ve ever seen before.

In the videos that follow, Langill devotes even more time to these strange and wonderful artifacts. Enjoy!

[mlbvideo id=”33008893″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]

[mlbvideo id=”33008913″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]

Dodger Insider magazine — May edition (and a word to subscribers)

May 2014 magazine coverBy Jon Weisman

First, a word to Dodger Insider subscribers. I have recently heard that confirmation e-mails have said that it only takes two weeks to process a subscription order. The reality is that it normally takes four to six weeks  — that’s a timeframe common to the magazine industry, particularly for a monthly. In other words, if you ordered your subscription in late March or early April, your subscription would begin with the May issue, as was noted last month. (I’m having the wording on the confirmation e-mails adjusted.)

Also please note that these issues are timed to be printed for the first home game of the month. With the Dodgers not playing their first home game of May until tonight, that created the possibility of a later timetable for the May issue.

That being said, I still want to apologize for the tardiness of this month’s delivery. There was a timing issue that cost us about eight days in the delivery cycle. I understand your frustration, and I really do appreciate your patience. Believe me — no one is more eager than me to get every issue of Dodger Insider in your hands. But the issue is coming. And I have taken steps to make sure the June issue is delivered in as rapidly as possible.

If you have any subscription issues or questions, please call the magazine’s subscription fulfillment center at (877) 258-3062. If for some reason that doesn’t help, please leave a message in the comments section of this post. I am bookmarking it and will check it daily.

To order the magazine, either in print or digital form, you can visit our magazine page. And of course, it’s available for sale throughout Dodger Stadium.

* * *

Inside May 2014With that out of the way …

The May issue of Dodger Insider has several great features, including our cover story that examines in-depth the challenges Matt Kemp faced in coming back from his many serious injuries. Kemp, who before play Thursday had exactly 100 at-bats, a .250 batting average and .800 OPS, isn’t quite where he wants to be, but the power remains encouraging — and rather remarkable given all he’s been through.

Among the other news and feature stories are an interview with Dodger general manager Ned Colletti, analyses of defensive shifts and pitch counts (the latter by Mike Petriello of Dodgers Digest), a feature on 17-year-old pitching prodigy Julio Urias, a 40th-anniversary retrospective on the 1974 Dodgers — the winningest team in Los Angeles history — and much, much more.

As always, the magazine showcases the great photography of Jon SooHoo, Juan Ocampo and Jill Weisleder, and also has numerous fun games and challenges for kids ages 1 to immortal.

But the real treat of this month’s issue is “Dodgers Roadshow,” where Dodger team historian Mark Langill takes us through nearly a century of strange and wonderful Dodger memorabilia, most of which I expect you’ve never seen before much less imagined. It’s really fun stuff.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do, because there’s more to come in June and beyond.

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